Monday, July 2, 2018

Family Newsletter June 2018

Hi family!

We were able to visit Utah last month. It was so fun to see our families and many of you. Jared came for the first week then flew back for work and the boys and I stayed for another week. One of my sisters flew back with me and we loved having her with us for four days. Two days after she left the boys and I accompanied Jared to a work conference in Naples, Florida. We enjoyed the pool and not cooking dinner and watching Carter officially get the hang of real crawling instead of the army crawl. The boys are so fun and I love watching their interaction as Carter gets older. As he grows and gets more mobile he gets into Ollie’s business more and thus I feel like I break up a lot of bullying and squabbles, but all the giggles and brotherly moments make up for it. Jared is doing well and this summer has been better at work than last due to good staffing. The ward is doing well and we have witnessed a lot of miracles. We wish we could join you all at the ranch next week. We love you!

Jared, Carly, Oliver, and Carter

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