Monday, April 30, 2018

April 2018

We started out the month with the best and most important day of the year!  Easter Sunday.
I am so very grateful to my Savior for volunteering Himself and allowing this mortal life to happen, for being the ultimate sacrifice which will allow me one day (after a lot of hard work and sacrifice in this life!) to take these eternal loves of mine with me into eternity, and that His grace is unending and always propelling me forward when things are hard.  I love Him!

And them!  So so much.

We celebrated with our Florida family - the Barwick and Bench family.
Only the kids on the far left and far right existed when we all moved here five years ago.
Tayli, Ayden, Ollie, Seth, Matthew, James

These two ladies will be two of my best friends forever and have helped me in more ways than I will ever be able to describe.  I love them so much!
Lindsey, Carly, Emma

Jared, Carter, Quinn, Ronnie

We played the "hot, cold" game to find Ollie's Easter basket!

Loved seeing my cute sibs and their Easter fun back home.

We (I) made Resurrection Rolls inbetween General Conference sessions and they were delicious!
I thought for sure Ollie would be into making them but...nope.

This little sneaker is so mobile now and will army crawl into naughty places so quickly!
Like the sliding door floor pane thing that has dirt and bugs and other things that a baby shouldn't eat...

That little tongue and that cute belly!

Ollie really wanted to go to the library and how could I deny that cute face?

Mostly he just wanted to play on the big kid computers :)

Another normal day here:


Yes, that would be nice!

A Sunday walk and Ollie was so excited that someone's sprinklers came on.  Cutie!

A yummy peach pie!!  It was sooo yummy.  And storebought crust πŸ™ŒπŸ»

Daddy took Ollie to Sea World.  
I went there all the time as a child so it's so fun to see him go there!

Ollie, you melt my heart.

I am already witnessing sibling love and I just can't get enough of it!
(Although the many moments where Ollie takes Carter's toys or maneuvers him from one place to the next by grabbing by his feet and dragging him backwards while Carter screams often make me crazy, BUT, these moments here make it all worth it :))

One day we were outside and the sweetest garbage truck man waved, stopped his truck, came out, and invited Ollie to take a look inside his truck!
The man then turned to me and said, "You're welcome, mom.  Now he'll never bug you about the garbage truck again." πŸ˜‚

I really really loved this article.  What an amazing woman!

Loved throwing a baby shower for our sweet friend Ashley.
She will be such a great mom!
Aren't those flowers Emma made unreal??

My little bro got his EAGLE SCOUT!
So proud of you, Jacey!

Love that last sentence. ^

When you ask yourself, "HOW did this happen?" ^

Love this sight. ^

Ollie is really into superheroes these days.
Each morning he asks me to tie on his superhero cape (his blanket) and to "Pull it down so I can zoom, mom." (Pull the blanket down so it's tight around his shoulders and goes down as far as it will go so he can have more material to fly in the wind 😊)

I love how he slaps the highchair repeatedly as he waits for his food.

Love this duo so much!!
Power couple.

We thought we'd made Ollie's dream come true and let Amazon Prime make us a superhero family.
Ollie loved the idea for a few hours then asked me to tie his blanket back on and hasn't touched the new masks or capes since. πŸ˜‚

A pouting time post-church.
He was sad he couldn't get chocolate from dad's office since someone was in there with him.

Inviting people over for Sunday dinners are so fun.  I love getting to know people better and connect with people and form deeper friendships.
But I also agree with my mom that hosting dinners/parties are a three day event.  The day before to plan and prepare, the actual day to serve and host, and the next day to clean up. πŸ˜‚

Can't get enough of his pre-bedtime happiness!

He is so in need of a haircut and I just love his Chinese bangs right now πŸ˜‚

A whole new experience with two kids instead of one.  But still worth it and so fun :)

Pure joy!!!

Pulled pork sandwiches with coleslaw on top may be my next favorite meal second to pizza.  
But to make it even better??  
Make this glaze and put it on top of the pork before you put the coleslaw on:

Ollie was so excited to go back to "the jumpoline place." 

Jared's Uncle Dave, Aunt Tracy, and cousin Kyle flew from Dallas to Orlando one morning, went on an airboat ride with Jared at Wild Florida, then flew home that night.
How fun is that??  

This beauty of a gal graduated from BYU.
I am so proud of her!!
College is HARD and she did it.  She found her passion in sociology and has such a caring and inclusive heart.
Also, boys, look out.


His tongue and his cute panting will always be a favorite memory of mine.


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  1. I will miss Carter's chinese bangs!! hahahaha and I love that picture of Carter in his high chair looking out the window looking like he is contemplating you guys so much!