Saturday, September 2, 2017

The birth of Carter Brent Reid

I had a dr appt that morning and she stripped my membranes.  (Finally!)  She’d been asking if I wanted to forever because the baby had been low and I’d been dilated for weeks.  But my mom didn’t arrive until yesterday (8/23/17 – three days past my due date) so I told the dr no-sir-ee until my mom was here.  So she did the quick procedure and I felt a little cramping but not much.  I got home and suggested to mom that we walk around the mall to get this pregnant body in business.  We walked around the mall for two hours.  Walked walked walked…carried my 40 pound toddler on my baby bump…hmm...what else can I do?  Let’s get this baby out!  Once we got home I put Ollie down for a nap and tried to lay down myself, but I just couldn’t relax. I had a nagging thought to start packing…but I tried to push it off because I wanted to rest.  Well, for good reason I just couldn’t rest and so decided to pack my and Jared’s bags.  I had felt some cramping while trying to lay down but once I got up and started packing (around 4pm) I started to feel pretty consistent contractions about seven minutes apart.  I called Jared at work to inform him of their frequency and he said he’d be on his way soon but I told him not to rush; he had a night event he was supposed to stay and help with and I didn’t think these contractions meant business yet.  Well, jokes on me because around 6pm they started to be 4 min apart, so I called Jared and he raced home, my mom helped me carry our bags out to the driveway and I literally waited for him on the driveway like you wait for a cab driver.  Haha!  At 6:45pm we rushed off to the hospital.  Man, why does the car ride to the hospital have to be so long and also SO bumpy??  It felt that way with Ollie too.  We park at the hospital and walk down the hallway to triage and I notice the chairs in the hallway leading to the triage room were all full…I thought, “Hm, that’s interesting, there must be a lot of family members waiting around...” but then as soon as we got to the triage room, BOOM, both sides were absolutely full.  Packed.  Later I found out there were 38 WOMEN in front of me waiting to be admitted.  I tried to calmly tell the nurse my contractions were four minutes apart…but to which she said, “We are so sorry but we don't even have a triage room open (can you say I related to Mary and no room in the inn in that instance??-I actually feel closer to her now).  So we sat.  And labored.  Me physically and Jared mentally.  Poor guy.  He helplessly rubbed my back and probably wondered what on earth we were going to do.  We sat in the triage waiting room from 7:20pm-9:20pm.  There was so much fast food around me and the smells were making me nauseous.  Every few minutes I saw my clipboard on the wall slowly being moved up as women in front of me were being admitted.  All I could do was sway back and forth in my chair, focus on the mint flavor (quickly dissipating) gum in my mouth, and pray and tell myself my clipboard would be next.  Women around me were swearing at the nurses saying they’d been waiting for hours and were bleeding and needed a room.  (Later I was told this was a super busy night, mostly because it’s the second busiest women and babies hospital in the nation, summer months are busy, and weekend nights are busy.  When I delivered Ollie here in the winter time there was no wait.)  Finally at 9:20pm my name was called.  They brought me to a triage room, checked me (amidst such painful contractions!) and said I was AT A NINE.  I asked for the epidural and the nurse said, “I am so sorry, but I think you just need to push."  I groaned out of "Noooooo.  Please no!" and also “AHHHHH!  HOW DOES ONE DELIVER A BABY NATURALLY?!?”  They wheeled me up to the delivery floor, a dr in the elevator no joke said, "I'm here just in case" (!!!), got to a delivery room at 9:50pm, they hooked an IV up, I asked if I could push and two pushes later at 9:57pm our 8 lb 3 oz 21 in baby boy shot out like a “slippery watermelon” according to Jared.  And just like that, our sweet little “Carter Speedracer” (his name according to the midwife who delivered him) was born and he has brought so much love and joy into our family.  We love you, Carter Brent Reid!

Walking at the mall

Meanwhile, Jared is experiencing a suprise baby shower at work...but soon gets my phone call and heads home!

Ok.  The meals at this hospital are so good.  One of our favorite parts of delivering a baby :)

Also, the extra bed is awesome :)

Dark hair!

One of my favorite moments ever, Ollie meeting Carter.

Heading home!

Daddy took Ollie on a little Disney date

Classic sword-man pose

Driving to a dr appt and realizing I have two kids and two carseats 😱

My mom.  There are no words for her!!  I am so in debt to her for all she did while she was here.  She cooked, cleaned, organized, rocked, played, comforted, and reassured.  One day, I hope to be like her!  She is a hero to me.

The tiniest details meant the most to me.  Like her buying Biscoff cookies for me at Costco. :)  And Ghiradelli brownies.  

One of my favorite roasts she makes.  I always fail when making it (meat is tough).  But twice she has helped me make it while visiting me, and it has turned out.  Must just be her touch!

She bought this from Target a few times and man did it cure any hormones and sleep-less nights.   So yummy!

Saying goodbye to her was so hard!  I love you, momma.

Welcome to the world, Carter boy!


  1. Such sweet pictures! So happy for you guys!

  2. Love this and love you guys and LOVE CARTER!! This makes me want to have a baby tomorrow.