Monday, April 30, 2018

Feb 2018

After a few months of very picky eating and lots of stressing on my end, he got a lot better and started eating everything in sight.

A messy, normal day.  I always try to be grateful for normal days.

The afternoon ritual.  A show, Greek yogurt, and graham cracker.

Silly boy

Then, we were off to Utah for 12 days!!!!!

We had such a great time!  The day after we arrived we went to Jared's cousin's cabin for a family party with his mom's side of the family.  It was Ollie's first real experience in the snow and he was the cutest snow bunny ever.

My heart!

Loved seeing Jared and his cousin Jason catch up.

Bedtime snuggles at Grandma Ruth's

Love those mountains

Loved going to Stake Conference with Jared's parents and seeing so many people we love!  Here are two sisters of one of my best friends, Emily.

Watching my boys with their grandparents made me so happy.

We have an identical picture of Ollie in that walker:

(May 2015)

Uncle Bud is always so fun with the kids.

We celebrated Gardner's 60th birthday!  Ruth put on a delicious dinner and party with party favors and all.

Love love love seeing these cousins together.

Really loved visiting Grandpa & Grandma Grant.

^ This picture reminded me of a picture I have of Grandpa Grant and Ollie from a few years ago:

Playtime with Grandma Ruth

Ollie got to go to Grandma Ruth's preschool, which was amazing in and of itself!  But so cool also is that she teaches at the Reid School, which Jared's grandparents founded, and which is where Jared went to school.

Loved seeing Grandpa & Grandma Reid too.

Carter meeting Bella :)

Ollie LOVES my parents' deck.  He loves exploring out there and I love knowing he's safe and confined.  :)

We headed down to UVU so Ollie could get his teeth cleaned at Mikele's student dental clinic.  Ollie never falls asleep in the car so this was a rare sight.

Jace playing games with Ollie

Cutest hygienist!  Now Ollie all the time talks about how "Mikele cleaned my teeth and I got dinosaurs from the treasure box."  

Loved being able to meet up with my bester Tay.  Miss her.

Fun times in the backyard

Introduced Ollie to some childhood Disney classics...fuzzy VHS quality and all.  :)

Fun sister walks.  I am so grateful for my siblings!

One of my favorite things is just hanging in the backyard.

Aunty time.  Love this!

Pizza night will always be my favorite family tradition.

My mom put on the CUTEST Valentines Day party.  We played Minute to Win It games and decorated sugar cookies. 💞

Me & Carter at six months.  Resemblance?

Fort time with Papa

Ollie LOOOOVED the sandbox at Grandma Ruth's

Sweet grandma & Carter

Papa was the baby whisperer and got Carter to sleep at church

But then he woke up too soon so I did lots of laps around the gym trying to get him back to sleep...

Loved having a family dinner with the Ehlerts!  Love them so much.

LOVED seeing my birth bud, Kenna.  So much!!!  

Olympics watching

Had a fun time taking Jacey boy out to lunch.  Love him so much.

Facetimed Aunt Sharon & Grandma Stephenson was time to say goodbye 😭

My momma had a piano recital.  My dad sent a video and I am just constantly amazed at how much she is improving!  She is so dedicated to learning this skill and has taught me a lot about pushing myself and not giving up.

Finally, four months after the hurricane, the neighbors' new fence went up.  It's really nice!

First time running errands with these two.  It took me a LONG time to get to this point, so this was a big occasion!

I am not crafty so on Valentines Day we baked instead.  And took many shortcuts.  Peanut butter dough from the store and Reeses hearts.  And pizza for dinner.

Love my Valentines.

Ollie you are so cute

Set up this bouncy seat for Carter and he LOVES it.

Lots of warmer weather and this is how we felt about it!


Love this water table.

Now this was my first time doing a BIG grocery shop with both boys.  It.  Was.  Nuts!!!!  I have repented of my over-ambition and am back to my old ways of shopping at night when the boys are asleep. :)

This chicken pot pie recipe was so.good.

Valentines Day FHE

I want to bottle this age up!

Carter, you are so cute!

Love that pic ^

"Mom, I'm going to go mow the lawn."

These are pics of pics but I looooove these pics we got taken of the boys.

So impressed with that man.

Happy six months to my sweet little boy!

Daddy took Ollie to Sea World and he talked about it for days after.  ❤️

Love that last comment ^