Saturday, March 31, 2018

March 2018

The day Ollie discovered where I hide the toys. :(
(I follow my mom's wonderful practice of rotating toys.  I bring out different ones every few days and he gets so excited to see them again)

I have now moved them here:

My parents are re-doing their backyard.  Looks so different!

What happens in the five minutes while a mom showers...
(I try to shower while they're sleeping but didn't this day and...)

Glue and googly eyes

Craft box


Wrapping paper

Lesson learned.

My bestie Macy randomly went to Lauren's carwash, whom she didn't know worked there!

Love these two boys!!

My handsome man

I love my little family!!!

I have really wanted to go on dates, but with nursing and not loving pumping, they don't happen often.
So we agreed to rotate each week who plans an at-home date. 
And then whomever's off week it is, plans the FHE for that week.
It has worked out great!

Love this oldie pic.

^^^Really loving this webiste and their podcasts.

This little one joined the potty trained club!
(Well, working on #2 but...#1 is awesome)
I followed Lora Jensen's "Three Day Potty Training" method and I recommend it to anyone.  
I bought her ebook on Google for $8. 

Mr. Elephant was our example, Kool-Aid and salty snacks and M&Ms were our best friends, and we didn't leave the house for three days.  😝
(Her reasoning is to be near a toilet so if they start to have an accident, you rush them to the toilet so they assosicate where it goes.  It makes for a long three days but is very effective.)

Cute little Carter was our cheerleader

^Love this

Didn't get a good pic of this meal but wanted to remember how amazing it was! ^

Yard work with daddy

Can you even?? 😍

Jace turned 15 and my mom sent some cute oldies:

Greek cruise, 2003?

Easter Sunday in Germany, 2004?

So handome!

"Mom, I'm going to put Rexy [his dinosaur] to sleep."

A sweet couple in the ward offered to babysit.  So after the boys were in bed we went on a date (!!) and tried a new edible cookie dough place.  Yum!

Easter 🐣

Want to read all these books

Had a fun, full day watching my friend's boys while she went to girl's camp.  Her boys were so well-behaved, Ollie was so happy to have friends, I was so happy he had friends, and I learned what it would be like to have quintuplets!

Trying baby cereal for the first time!
His smile is deceiving ;)

His crossed feet 😍

Love this perspective on visiting teaching

He loves smoothies, don't let him convince you otherwise :)

Happy baby!

He's mobile now...
My floors definitely aren't as clean as I though they were...

It is all worth it! 
All the hard work motherhood, marriage, and trying to live a good life is all worth it for this joy❤️

Seven months!

Then it was my mom's birthday, so we took over her role of sending pictures and suprised her with some:

So darling!

Gorgeous momma

Love this momma of mine so much!!

This was so good, and definitely didn't look as pretty as it was supposed to:

Caught ya!  Sneaking pancakes :)

How he feels about green beans :/

Quickly discovered baby on driveway is not a good idea.  Shortly after this he choked on a leaf, even though I thought I had cleared everything out of his reach.  I had to do the baby heimlich maneuver and everything :(

How brotherly loves translates over here...

Love this little boy so much. Please stay little forever.