Wednesday, March 7, 2018

How to Porn-Proof Our Kids - Power of Families

I am soooooo grateful for people who are dedicating their lives to helping parents be parents!  It is a hard job and one that needs a lot of support and guidance.  I am in love with the website Power of Moms and recently one of the co-founders started another website called Power of Families.  Each week they have a new podcast and while making breakfast this morning I listened to this podcast.  A while ago my friend (who I look up to so much and try to follow her example as she raises her three boys) told me about this book and this book and as I listened to this podcast I was reminded of them.  I will be ordering them soon and I am so grateful to know I can arm my little boys' spirits and minds with protection as they grow up in this "hyper-sexualized world."  As the lady in the podcast says, "Sooner is safer" to educate and prepare and arm and so that I will do.