Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Our New Normal

Where to begin?

Life is so different.  Busier?  More full?  More to love?  More work to be done?  All of the above!

The days are LOOOONG.  My mom often says, "The days are long, but the years are short."  But right now, that year is feeling long too.  😂

But.  It is long in a way I have always dreamed and wished for.  Days where little hands and feet are constantly at my hands and feet.  Where my cheeks are sticky from kisses.  Where toys are strewn everywhere and dirty dishes are overflowing.  Where my heart leaps with joy when I hear the garage open as Jared's car pulls in from work.  As I give him a kiss and welcome him home, to our messy, loud home, but where he can feel loved, accepted, and be fed.  Where I feel like all I do is feed, change, discipline, love, repeat, all day long.  Where I long for a break, but where the break doesn't come till 8:30pm.  Where I never knew the joy that would come from watching my toddler follow me into the baby's room each time it's baby's nap time, with toys and books in his arms and hands, him settling on the ground while I sing to the baby, and he too joining in to sing "I Love To See the Temple" to baby Carter.  Where today, when my baby turned five months old, I thought my heart might burst as I put my two boys on the couch and took pictures and video of them.  Where now, while they're both peacefully sleeping and bedtime took far too long and I couldn't wait a minute longer to put them down, I'm watching videos of them on my phone and grinning ear to ear.  Where there is so much exhaustion but SO MUCH LOVE!

(How do people have more than two kids?!)

^^^There are many freak out moments like that each day.  But gratefully, as my dear friend once told me, "Time is either a mom's best friend or worst enemy...but usually best friend."  And boy is she right.  Life is so much easier than it was when Carter was a newborn.  I am slowly but surely adjusting to being a mother of two.  I feel like I'm finally emerging from trying to survive and just feed and clothe everyone.  We are in a good groove now.  We are getting sleep.  And actually, it's the toddler challenging us instead of the baby.  😂  Hitting, attitude, testing limits, all that fun toddler stuff.  He also is looooving the new freedom of a twin bed and greeting us at 7am each morning.  Or 12:30am, take your pick.  Oh and naps?  Gone.

But, I will take this job any day of the week.

And, this article gave me such a good slap in the face that I think I may read it every day.

Some recent pockets of sunshine:

"Mom, I'm going to make the ants happy."

"Look mom, Carter's an astronaut!"

My sweet boys, oh and the Thomas the Train Engine book that entertained all of us all day long.  
Want me to sing all the songs for you?  "There's two, there's four, there's six, there's eight..."

I love them!

My sweet, sweet, sweet Grandpa Stephenson passed away yesterday.  What an INCREDIBLE man!  A man who loved til the very end.  A man who filled his retirement days with memorizing Book of Mormon chapter headings in his spare time and could recite any of them at any time.  A man who, after being married for a while, realized the importance of serving a mission and left his pregnant wife to serve the Lord.  A decision that changed the course of his eternity and his posterity's eternity.  A man who made me feel like a million bucks - who made each of his grandchildren feel like a million bucks - but to me, I was his million bucks.  A man who loved Big Band jazz music, a man who loved his Hill Cumorah mission with Grandma so much that they created a "Sacred Grove" room in their home painted like the Sacred Grove.  I love the memory of he and grandma coming to my and Jared's wedding.  They didn't travel much at that time and it meant so much to me that they were there.  One time he and grandma visited us while we were living in Germany.  For some random reason, I was singing the National Anthem in my room.  (?!)  At the very end, I heard clapping and "Bravo!!"  Grandpa!!  😂  He had been eavesdropping.  He was always encouraging.  He also was so encouraging with his faith.  I loved talking to him and grandma on the phone.  He would always make me feel like we were living right, to keep going, and to never give up.  To always rely on the Lord, and that "Everything will work out with Him on your side."  A man who gave me MY dad who is the best of the best.  Oh how I love my Grandpa Stephenson.  (Here is his obituary.)

I'll be seeing you!

I am so grateful I was able to see him in June of last year at the Stephenson family reunion.


  1. I am glad you are back! I have missed hearing from you. Your boys are darling and you are a great mother!

  2. What a sweet tribute to Grandpa. We missed you but knew you were there in spirit. I loved loved all your pictures! Such cute boys! They are going to be buds just like my boys are. I know exactly how you feel sista! I love how you expressed it so well. What a crazy but wonderful time of life! Love you!

  3. Carly! Yay you're back! Your little guy is sooo cute!!