Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Jan 2018

On January 1st this cutie pie turned three years old!!  
Where has the time gone??
This little boy loves dinosaurs, construction tools, being outside with his green stick and riding his trike, and kicking and hitting balls.

We celebrated by eating and playing at Chik Fil A!

He quickly cared less about the food and wanted to just play :)

Sleeping children ❤️

Our sweet prophet passed away.  I loved this pic of him and his wife and Christ ❤️

Ollie helped us dissasemble and reassemble his crib into Carter's room.  Good little helper!

Then he got a new bed!!

We experienced a cold snap that lasted for many weeks.  It was a few weeks late (it would have been perfect for Christmas :)) but we enjoyed it while it was here!

Love him!

Happy baby

Love that^^^

Not amused

Adventures with the Instapot!!  This lentil sausage soup was so good.

As was this chocolate eclair pie

Daddy tuck-ins

One of my new favorite talks ^

YW ice skating

Ugh I love him

Trying on winter clothes for our upcoming SLC trip.  Haha cutie pie.

Warmer days at the park

Ollie was so thrilled to play with friends!  We had been hermits up until this point.  I was still trying to get a grip on life with two kids. 😝

Felt good to be back at the temple!  We started the "switch again."  Where I go in and do initiatories and Jared stays with the boys, then we switch.  Oh how I love the temple.

The boys digging into our glamorous traditional temple meal of mac n cheese :)

Ollie pics

First day as a Sunbeam ❤️

We sustained a new prophet.  I fully believe this quote and I know he is a prophet called by God.

Sporting daddy's boots

This Instapot is winning me over.  I have always steered away from cooking turkey because I'm afriad it will come out dry.  But this turned out sooooo moist!

I wish I could remember what that was...

"Do the work, Carly!"

He and I eat Greek yogurt and graham crackers together every afternoon ❤️

"Look mom, Carter's an astronaut!"

Evening walks

This was so good!

Whenever we're outside and daddy drives up from work, he let's Ollie "drive" down the street to get the mail with him.  It's one of my favorite memories of them. 

It was a bittersweet day when our YW presidency was released.  I worked with Beth (on the left) for four years.  Luckily I get to stay on as YW secretary.  Best calling ever!

Houseparty!  That app is great.


Picnics are good for the soul.

My sweet grandpa passed away.  I love and miss him a lot.

My grandma is so faithful and devoted to him.  I learn a lot from her.

Love this tribute Aly paid to him:

Two veterans ❤️

My view many times a day ^ ❤️

So squishy and kissable!!

Love my boys so much.

Walk to see the ducks

Love this ward family

I finally bought a temple print for our home.  I love it so much!

We celebrated this handsome man!!  He requested these burritos and sheet cake.

Love my little family!!

I surprised him with Wicked Good Cupcakes.  They were so delicious and even more, it was so fun to buy him a gift from our favorite show, Shark Tank!

When you wish you could bottle up time ❤️

^Love those quotes

Life is good!!