Thursday, November 30, 2017

November 2017

Our awesome YW at the temple grounds after church one Sunday

A cute oldie (2008ish?)
Aly, Mikele, Carly, Lauren

More cute oldies:
Easter in San Antonio (1997 maybe?)

Family pics in Holland :) I love this so much

Pumpkin picking in Germany, 2000
(The them!!)

Aly & Mikele in San Antonio (1996 maybe??)

Love these boys so much!

Love that last quote

Tummy time!  Not so fun in the beginning but now he's a pro.

Thought this was the coolest idea!

Dads do the funniest things

Sticks.  Sticks sticks stick!

Love this:

^^^My heart is melting

Love this too:

Playdough.  Sometimes it lasts 20 minutes.  Sometimes 20 seconds.

Love this pic of my bestie Emily and my momma.  Emily was in SLC visiting from Albany.

Downtown Disney fun

Turkey Bowl on Thanksgiving morning

On our way to Thanksgiving dinner with friends!
(Love Ollie's constant screwdriver ❤️)

First day out of the bassinet and into a crib, and first day out of the swaddle and the Zipadeezip.  Oh how I love that invention!

Putting daddy to sleep

Love this tradition of visiting Disney's Grand Floridian Resort the Monday after Thanksigiving.  Their giant Christmas tree and life-size gingerbread house will never get old to me!  They are spectacular.

YW in Excellence.  Love these girls!

Love this little three month old!

Setting up the Christmas tree.
A little behind on taking the last holiday down though. :)


I love how toddlers are always working on a project.

Working on this...^^^

First day back at weekly park playdates.  To say Ollie was thrilled would be an understatement!!

Putting up Christmas decorations

Dad visited Grandpa & Grandma in St. George.  Love these two!

A lady in my parents' ward made these and my mom passed on some extras.  I just love them!

Love this sight!!!  ❤️