Tuesday, October 31, 2017

October 2017

Yummy pumpkin pancakes

Early morning snuggles

Cutie! Trying on Halloween costumes

Ollie sharing his toys 😂

One of my dear friends, Monica, and her darling son Luca came to town!

First day back to church.  We did it!

For some reason when Carter turned five weeks old nursing went south.  It's like he forgot how to nurse.  His latch kept coming off, he'd choke on milk, get air in his tummy, he'd cry, I'd cry.  Repeat several times a day.  Out of desperation I called a lactation consultant and she came to our home (lactation consultants are amazing!!).  After evaluating us she found he had an upper lip tie inhibiting his upper lip to fully flange out.  She referred me to a pediatric dentist.  We saw him a few days later and upon his evaluation he found Carter had a tongue tie. (!!)  He was able to do a quick laser procedure right then and there to clip the lip and tongue ties.  All of this happened so quickly over a short span of a few days and I really felt like we were guided and guidedly quickly.  I am so grateful and recognize the blessings we experienced.  It took a few weeks for things to get back to normal (or to a new normal?  Not sure - he was fine with nursing up until five weeks.  Maybe his mouth just developed more and made the ties worse).

^^^You know you have an amazing friend when she has this delivered to your door after hearing about your stressful day.  Man, I have learned so much in this postpartum time - I can't wait to pay all this service forward!

Trying on daddy's blessing outfit

And then...the Reids came to town!!  We stayed at some amazing treehouses on Disney property and then went to Vero Beach for a few days.  I was still emotionally recovering from the past few weeks and so I stayed at the treehouse with Carter while the family went to Disney for a few days.  Ollie was thrilled to be out of the house and to have quality time with daddy and cousins and grandparents.

Gardner & Ruth meeting Carter for the first time.

First day out and about with baby.  
Love these fall decorations!

We have a picture almost identical to this of them with Ollie when he was that age :)

In fact, here it is:
(Feb 2015)

The new Pandora (Avatar) ride

First time using this cadillac ;)

I felt like I hadn't had much time with this little guy so it was good to go on a walk with him.

We were able to bless Carter boy while they were here!

My sweet friend Lisa came to his blessing ❤️

So very happy they could be here for this special day!

Me and Carter :)

Hanging at the treehouse

Then, on our way to Vero Beach, we stopped at Wild Florida!

Love this man

Meanwhile, the youth had a great temple outing.

Eight weeks of sweetness

Love my boys!!

Ugh.  Could he be any cuter?!

So many fun cousins to play with!

Luke (8 months) and Carter (2 months)

We love the Reids!!!!

Love this adorable hat from my friend Lisa. ^^^

These are so funny:

Pumpkin chocolate chip cookie time.

Sweet two month old.

One of my favorite pictures ever. ❤️
Halloween 2017

THE BEST costume award goes to my sis and brother-in-law!!  So incredible!

"Mom, take a picture of me wearing Carter's shirt."

Orange and black Halloween dinner