Saturday, September 30, 2017

September 2017

The day after my mom left I was so lucky to have one of my best friends, Macy, fly out for the long Labor Day weekend!  Oh man was she an angel.  She is such an amazing cook, held Carter and played with Ollie, kept me company, filled our freezer with freezer meals...I am so in debt to her!!

Watching the baby, cooking like five freezer meals at once - rockstar!!

German food holds a special place in our hearts since we lived there at the same time while our dads were in the military.  While here she did some grocery shopping at Aldi which was originally founded/started in Germany (our moms used to shop there in Germany!) and so she found some yummy German food and made spaetzle and bratwurst with sauerkraut.  So good!

So grateful she was able to visit and for all her help!  Love you, Mace!

Had some fun visits from friends and this special friend came over to meet Carter and also tell us she's pregnant!!!  Such a beautiful miracle!

The owners of Wild Florida were able to go help with hurricane rescue efforts in Houston.  It was really neat to hear about their experiences.

So, Carter looks a lot like I did as a baby!  So fun!

Life with two kids :)

This water table is amazing!!  Keeps him entertained for a long time.

My sanity-saver.
I am such a schedule person and this book is all about getting your baby on a schedule. 👏🏻

Hurricane Irma...
Where to even begin?!
Such a roller-coaster of emotions!
I am really grateful I felt prompted to get our 72 hour kits up to date before Carter was born.  
If we hadn't had those, I would have been in the crazy house by the time the hurricane hit us.

See what I mean about roller-coaster??  

Laying out sandbags to prep for the hurricane.
Below is a throwback to last year:

Some comedic relief amidst the stress:

But this was the most stressful part:

So into the window-less laundry room we went!
I had Jared drag our 72 hour kits and basically our whole house in there because I had no idea how long we'd be in there or if we'd have to escape to our van or something.  Ah it was so scary!

Scriptures were giving me comfort.

As the eye of the storm approached (doesn't that sound so scary?  Have I mentioned this was STRESSFUL!??!) we decided to pull two cribs into the laundry room and made a little padded bed for me.  Jared insisted on being on the couch watching the news coverage and watching our windows rattle and fence flirt with falling over and trees bend in half.  😂

Not much sleeping going on :)

Haha dad

We were so blessed.  No damage to our home, it was the neighbors' fence that fell down, and power stayed on.  

The mayor had instituted a curfew during the hurricane and once it was lifted we were very happy to get some fresh air!

Cute youth helping with cleanup efforts for mutual a few days later

Love these people at ward temple night

Wild Florida was closed for about two weeks to repair lots of water damage there.
Employees went in for a few days to work on the damage (once the water went down) and one day Jared took Ollie to work.  Ollie was in heaven!!  He still talks about all the alligators he saw and what they did that day.

"Hi Carter, look at my picture."

Love this boy so much!!

Chasing kitty cats on walks

My sweet grandpa's health started to decline.

What would I do without best friends who know that sometimes the best cure is chocolate? 

One month of this sweet boy!

Sticks and stones 👦🏼

So funny

General Conference.
Which is a totally different experience.  Than watching it with one child.  Than watching it without children.

Fall...don't you just love it??

I love this squishy little bum giving baby Carter a kiss, and I also LOVE these bats Emma made for me.  Love love love!