Monday, August 7, 2017

July 2017

July was a great month!

One thing I greatly benefited from this month was a free three-hour marriage webinar by Ramona Zabriskie.   She is amazing and I really believe her calling in life is to do exactly what she's doing - helping women improve their marriages, by starting first with themselves.
Here is the webinar: (The best thing for me was to download the audio file and listen as I cleaned, etc, much easier than sitting in front of my computer for three hours - which you can access once watching the webinar; just scroll down the page to see the option)
But if that link doesn't work then sign up for the webinar at:

Ollie loves watching daddy do yard work and he loved being able to go outside to "help" him. 

My little birdie waiting for the good stuff

Emma hosted a super fun 4th of July playdate!
We made flags out of graham cracker/frosting/fruit and let the kids run wild.

Then later that night we hosted a party here!
It was so fun to have so many friends in our home.
They truly are our family away from family and we are so grateful for them.

Poor Ollie has been going through a "scared of many things" stage and did not want to be near the fireworks.  So he and I chilled inside and he loved eating a popsicle while saying, "Fireworks?  Scary?  Daddy put away?"

Love this 

Fun painting mutual activity!


Bought an annual pass to Crayola Experience and it's a win win for mom and son - AC and lots to play on. :)

Color on anything you want??  A little kids' dream come true :)

Had fun making these for sacrament meeting toddler activites.

And some of these.

And laminating pictures from the Gospel Art Book so that I can use them in FHEs and tape them on the wall to reinforce during the week (this wasn't very possible previously since they come in a spiral bound book.)
Thank goodness for a good friend who lets you use their laminator and chit chat for hours.

Nice photography, Ollie!

Have you ever tried these?  They are amazing.

Love finding little "Ollie's been here" around the house

Love this adorable swing our sweet neighbor made for Ollie.

Grateful for visiting teachees who help with Ollie for a morning.

Trying a new restaurant and sadly not loving the food (dry and cold-ish).


Go, Goldie, go!  164,000 and going strong.
(Jared was driving as I took the picture, don't worry :))

Ollie had his first dentist appointment! 
These pediatric dentists really know how to do it right.
TVs on the ceiling, the best bedside manner, not much pressure, & prizes at the end.

Sister Buys always does the best job with Personal Progress activities.

Love the quotes by Elder Packer & Elder Nelson.

The process of chosing which color to paint the house...

We ended up going with the far left color.  
I love it!

Our friend Eric is so selfless and spent a whole day helping us paint.  And has helped other days too.

LOVE!  Makes the house feel so much warmer.

Made the easy version of this ice cream cookie pie by the fabulous Pioneer Woman.
Just did a store bought graham cracker crust, vanilla ice cream with chopped up Butterfinger and Reeses stirred in, and then jarred caramel sauce on top.

Love this challenge from our stake presidency.

One of the best feelings in the world...72-hour kits completed and up to date!
It's been on my to-do list for like five years. 🙈

Ollie in his new "inja turtle" floatie. :)

Angels in the form of friends. ❤️

Went to the hospital to pre-register and prepay for baby #2's birth.
It was Ollie's first time back to the hospital since his birth and it was so surreal thinking we'll be welcoming a new baby boy in that same sacred place so soon!

Cute friends.
The iPad is our babysitter during piano lessons.

Need to try this

Another house project - planting plants out front!


(It was THE hottest day and Jared was such a good sport to spend five whole hours planting those things.  I don't think I've ever seen him so spent.  The heat is exhausting.  We love how the yard looks now!)


Love these good people.

My amazing friends threw me a baby sprinkle.  ❤️

Super excited about the Ergo baby carrier!


Love my cute friend Lindsey.  
We were pregnant at the same time with our last babies too! 

Most adorable decorations

I am still amazed at that diaper bouquet!

Love these two.
They've gotten so close recently; I love it.  Makes my heart happy.

So cute 😍


The ward pioneer day party was really fun!  
Devotional, hot dogs, popsicles, volleyball, little kids loving all the balls in the gym, and chatting.

Jared continued to grateful for him.

Cookies and milk with my buddy.

Ollie found my German music box and was fascinated by it :)

Finally got caught up on Ollie's scrapbook and loved looking back on so many gems :)

LOVE these three!!



One day...I will have this picture in our home.  (Sadly, no, it's not $0...)

These were soooo yummy!  And easy. 👏🏻

These were heavenly.

My belly was measuring 34 weeks instead of 36 weeks so my doctor wanted me to get an ultrasound to check my amniotic fluid and the size of the baby.
It was so amazing to see baby boy again!  This was at 37 weeks.
To me, he looks so similar to Ollie.
Amniotic fluid was fine and they estimated he was 7 lb 5 oz.
(Same thing happened with Ollie's pregnancy.  I think I just measure small because I'm tall?  Or position of the baby.)

We had a fun night trying a new pizza place (Marco's Pizza) with some good friends!

Trying to find answers to parenting/discipline soul-searching questions...

But good thing he's cute. :)
I think this is my favorite picture of Ollie, ever. ❤️

7/9/17 - 34 weeks - baby boy the size of a pineapple.

7/16/17 - 35 weeks - baby boy the size of a canteloupe.

7/23/17 - 36 weeks - baby boy the size of a head of romaine lettuce.

7/30/17 - 37 weeks - baby boy the size of four grapefruits.