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June 2017

June was a fulllll month!  We started out the month with Girl's Camp June 7-10.  It was amazing.  And hard.  And hard.  And amazing.  Our theme was "Daughters of a King" and we focused on our divine nature and how we are destined to become queens.  Also, it was my first time ever leaving Ollie.  Two and a half years and I've never gone a day without him.  That was hard!  I just was worried he would think I abandoned him.  But we both survived, and he had so much fun at friends' houses and with Jared.
Prior to camp, we had a few adventures.
Ollie LOVES tractors.  He amazes me with his ability to remember/recognize where certain people/things are when we start driving.  If we're driving down a certain road, he'll say, "James' house?" and most of the time he's right.  If we're driving in another direction, he'll remember tractors are there, and ask, "See tractors, momma?"  Usually we're in a rush to get somewhere, but I decided to pull off the road on our way home from the store and we sat and watched his tractors.

Love this:

Damon stayed with us for a few days while his parents were chaperones at youth conference.  Damon is one of Ollie's favorite people on the earth.  So for him to even spend the night??  Ollie was in heaven.

Our ward at youth conference

Our stake

Prepping handouts for girl's camp

I found a way better option for compression socks - ones that don't cover my toes and are a little more lightweight.  Yay!

This Samoa Cookie Pie was delicious.
I laugh at my food photography vs. hers though.  Ha!  One day...maybe...

Had a fun family date night at Cheesecake Factory

Love that little profile

I really loved these quotes that this blogger shared in this post.

Here are all the pics from girl's camp:

A few from while I was away at camp:

Love these boys.  
That smile!!

From when our friend Rose watched Ollie and Emma's kids.
They had a small white dog and a HUGE brown dog (that they kept away, but showed to Ollie since he asked about it) and even a month later, Ollie still says timidly, "Brown dog scary."  Haha poor thing.

He insisted on wearing my flower crown after picking him up after I got home from camp.
It was a joyous reunion!

Love these necklaces we gave to the YW

The Sunday after girl's camp, Anzli earned her Personal Progress YW Medallion award.
We are so proud of her!

It was also her last Sunday before moving away to college :(

Meanwhile, my dad and Jace were in HAWAII picking up Lauren from BYU-H!

The moment when Jared watched the new Beauty & the Beast and now Ollie is hooked.  Haha.

Ollie and I would be in Utah for Father's Day, so we made sure to leave a little surprise for Jared in our garage fridge. 

Then Ollie and I went to Utah for a visit!  We were able to go to St George for a reunion on my dad's side.  The last reunion was five years ago right before we moved to Florida so it was so fun to see that side of the family again.  That was a for a few days and then the following week Ollie and I hung at my parent's house and enjoyed visiting my grandma, visiting friends, visiting Jared's family, playing on the trampoline, playing with Bella, eating our favorite foods (Zupas, Shivers, Cafe Rio, Papa Murphy's), and basking in family!

I love his love for airplanes.
He is constantly pointing them out in the sky.
"Mama, look! Airplane!"

The blessed day has finally come when he sits still for movies :)
We sat next to a missionary who was returning from Brazil to SLC.
Ollie is fascinated with missionaries,  He loves to sing and watch the "missionary song" "I hope they call me on a mission."
So needless to say, when we sat next to an actual missionary, Ollie was a little star struck. :)

A happy reunion in Salt Lake!!

My varicose veins decided to give me a little scare.  After the flight, my leg got quite warm and my varicose veins got more purple and pronounced than they ever had before...I was thinking it was a blood clot.  And my dad thought the same thing.  He rarely shows nervousness...but he did at this moment, over the phone from Hawaii, which was a sign to me of "GO."  So I raced to an imaging center and received an ultrasound on my leg.

A little slice of heaven.

Starting off the road trip to St. George!
We had quite a few laughs about how L   O    N    G it took us to get out of SLC.  
We had to:
1.  Drop off a wedding gift to a friend
2.  Get a prescription from the grocery store
3.  Drop Bella off at the pet hotel
4.  Get lunch for the hangry pregnant lady
5.  Stop at Kohls to get something for dad for Father's day
And THEN we were off.  

Cafe Rio!!

How Ollie wears headphones :)

It was so fun meeting up with everyone for the first night of the reunion at this splash pad.
Oh how I love this family!
They are so loving and inclusive.

Each family stayed at their own place.  My dad rented this awesome Airbnb.  It was amazing!!  
Sent these pictures to Mikele who wasn't there yet.

Ollie with cousin Jake

This is genius

My favorite people

That afternoon we went to Pine Valley for some fun games and dinner.

Ollie got so dirty and he loved every second.

Loving the water spout

Had to send this pic to Jared.
Last reunion (five years ago) Jared was there and we played the hilarious came of "Hey cow!" at this same spot.
Basically you drive along and yell "Hey cow!!" to the cows and you get points according to how many cows turn their head and look at you.  Haha!

Meanwhile, Jared attended ward temple night and three men from our ward received their endowments that night.
So special!!!

Loving the red rock.
It's crazy how much you take for granted when you actually live by it.
Now when I come home to SLC and while in St. George, I can NOT get over the mountains or the red rock.

Mikele & Seth were at a dental convention in Florida for the first day of the reunion.  They finally reunited with us and it was so joyous to see them!  Here's Kel showing off her loot from the convention. :)

That night we gathered at my grandparents' church building for a service project and dinner.
My grandpa didn't attend due to his health and the oldest son wasn't there because he was sick, so my aunts asked my dad (second youngest in the family) to conduct the night.  They suggested he take a few moments to welcome any new spouses, babies, etc, as well as take some time to talk about Uncle Spencer who passed away a year ago.  The spirit was so strong in the room and I know Uncle Spencer was with us.  We then said a kneeling family prayer and I never want to forget how special that was.

Then there was a dance party :)

Such a sweet aunt

The last day of the reunion we gathered at my grandparents' house for brunch before heading to church and then driving home.
I love them!!

Their view

Love my sissy

Their house on the ridge


Once home, Ollie was thrilled to be reunited with Bella.

Aly works where I used to work (BYU Salt Lake Center)!
It was so fun to go by and say hi to my old boss, Becky, and other people I grew to love so much.

I loooooved being able to go to Deseret Book and buy some things for Sundays.

We celebrated Mikele's birthday at Zupas and the park!

The mountains <3

Jace trying out the new depth effect on the iPhone 7.  

Aly looking smokin' hot before a date!

It was SO FUN to get together with Katie & Taylor and their kids.
I miss them!!
Those college days sure were fun.

Love my bro

Love those cheeks

Had to get a Bob's Brainfreeze with cousins!
I want them to come visit FL again. :(
I think they should make it a tradition every September.

Ollie loved it and kept asking for everyone else's once his was gone :)

We were able to have a few playdates with cousins!
I love seeing all the little cousins play together.
And I really lucked out with sister in laws!

Grandma Ruth and her kidlets :)

The next generation playing with our old toys.  So crazy.

How some nap times are spent these days.

With Grandpa & Grandma Reid <3

With Grandpa & Grandma Grant <3

This is a great idea

Mikele initiating Ollie into Mario Kart

Missed him lots.  SLC isn't the same without him.
So many memories there together.


Loves his papa

We saw this at Hale Center theater and it was DROP.DEAD.AMAZINGGGGG!!

I love this fam for obliging my many food bucket list runs :)
The greasy ma & pa hamburger & shake joint - Shivers!

Cousin Tatey

Birthday girl!

Birth bud forever.  Love Kenna so much!

Ryan & Melinda came over to say hi.  Love them!

I have never been a co-sleeper or a co-room sharer but poor Ollie got scared of the sprinkler system when it went haywire and was making loud noises downstairs.  So I pulled him into my room and it was fun to have a little sleepover :)

Love GG

Ollie loves the Nemo & Dory fish at my grandma's place, and the birdies.

Sad goodbyes :(
Such a fun trip!!!
I am so grateful for family.

And we're home!

Jared had a fun day fishing with other WF management!
He went to bed at 8pm, woke up at midnight to pick up me and Ollie from the airport, went back to sleep at 1:30am, then woke up at 4am to go fishing.
Dedication?  Or crazy? :)

Fun volleyball mutual night

Youth canoeing activity!

Lover of dogs, even fake ones at Old Navy.

We had such a fun night going glow in the dark mini golfing with these amazing friends!
I am so grateful for the circle of friends we have here.

Ollie often requests the backyard view during meal time. :)
He loves looking for the kitty cat that lives in the corner of the yard, 
and the lizard that lives on the BBQ.

"Mama.  Stand there.  Kick ball?"
From Girl's Camp

6/4/17 - 29 weeks - baby boy the size of a head of cabbage.

6/11/17 - 30 weeks - baby boy the size of a butternut squash.

6/19/17 - 31 weeks - baby boy the size of a coconut.

6/26/17 - 32 weeks - baby boy the size of a head of lettuce.
Getting close!

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