Sunday, April 30, 2017

March 2017 - the first part

Started out the month with New Beginnings!  
Welcomed sweet new Beehives who will be turning 12 this year.

One side of the room was how we can learn secularly

The other side of the room was how we can learn spiritually

Most adorable cupcakes made by our Personal Progress leader
(Thin mint cookie for chalkboard, white Mike 'n Ike for chalk, red skittle for apple)

The pencils 😊
(Bugles, cheesesticks, wafers)

Had fun visitng Wild Florida with Jeremy & Alisha

Love the awesome green screens they use for photos now

Love this

A toddler lives here

This was an awesome mutual activity

So proud of my mom!!
This is her at her piano recital :)
She is a great example to me of learning new things throughout life.

A Sunday family walk.
(You can't really see, but my Zika-virus-paranoid-self was wearing yoga pants and bug spray under that maxi skirt :))

I made crescents and they turned out!  
There is hope for the future :)

So delicious

This was a really special moment.
Jared came home from work and grabbed the mail and brought these to me.
Upon opening them, it felt like manna from heaven.  
This is how our Christian health share works.
You pay your medical bills and then you're reimbursed by other SMI members around the world sending you their monthly share ("premium").  
They also include a note.
I am blown away at the love and support they show, but mostly their love for God.

Easter is coming!

This is his favorite toy.  :)

Waiting for daddy to arrive to the temple so we could switch off doing initiatories.
I am so grateful for my eternal family!

A temple trip wouldn't be complete without mac n cheese.

Two more notes/$ came in the mail

He loves the M&M store at the mall.
Sometimes he is able to bat those long eyelashes and the sample lady will give him another :)

Loved this pic from my mom.  
They were able to get together with their besties, the Bryans!
They have known each other since before I was born.

Slowly updating our 72 hour kits.

Love that scripture

Usually I take Ollie to Great Clips every six weeks for a haircut.
The last time, I realized they would buzz the sides and then cut the top with scissors but I would always end up asking them to go shorter on the top and so they'd whip out the buzzer.  So it dawned on me that Jared could do the same thing at now he does. :)

"Momma, pants, head?"

This book is amazing 😭

Oh how he loves being outside

Fun cinnamon roll mutual activity

Loved this

We had a great Relief Society activity celebrating the 175th anniversary of the Relief Society.
Truly a program inspired of God!

Love these valiant youth

They went to Cici's afterward.
Naturally, Jared sent me a pic of my favorite dessert in the world...

A ward mission plan we want to follow

3/5/17 - 16 weeks!  Baby the size of an avocado.

3/12/17 - 17 weeks!  Baby the size of an onion.