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January 2017

January was a month of birthdays for my two favorite boys!

This cute little one turned two years old on January 1st.  

"Presents, mama!"

It made me so happy to have both families on Facetime so they could be involved.

Our Elmo-loving boy.
Happy birthday to our sweet two year old!!

I love his little toy-trails he leaves

Well, we may or may not have gone to Cici's three weeks in a row.
I have officially found my favorite dessert - their (basically undercooked) brownies :)

Love this picture of Jared :)

A little Valentines decorating, to help slow-January go a little quicker.
My mom calls holidays "the spice of life."  
They add a little spice and excitement to the normal, sometimes mundane, parts of life.

Facetiming with Mikele.  He loves to wear his firefighter hat backward :)

I wanted to post this picture from to remind me of a really special day we had on January 5th.  We were able to attend a sealing for an incredible couple in our ward, Chris & Mariel.  Mariel joined the church probably about 8 years ago.  Chris was baptized a year ago, and they both went through the temple to receive their endowments in Dec 2016.  The beautiful day came in January when they were able to get sealed to each other, AND their 7-year-old daughter was able to be sealed to them too.  I have never witnessed a sealing where children are involved.  I wish I was better at describing things...but suffice it to say I am so very happy for them and the joy and spirit that was felt in that sealing room was no doubt witnessed by angels and I know God was proud of them that day.

I love watching him line up his toys

I was going through old pictures and came across these sweet ones of baby Ollie and my mom.

One of my favorites.

It got cold (for a day) in Orlando!

Little British boy

Our YW president gave a great lesson on the new mutual theme and she made these awesome plaques with the theme on them.  

Jared took Ollie to Epcot while I went to a few appointments.  Ollie was quite uneasy in the moment, but he constantly talks about "Mickey," "Minnie," and "Gofey" and how "Gofey" gave him a high five. :)

The time came to turn around his carseat...such a big boy!  
Still makes me nervous though.  Being backward is so much safer.  But his little legs were so scrunched and he met the age and weight limit to turn around.

Jared had a fun time golfing with friends.

And we had a SUPER fun time seeing Wicked!!  It was amazing.

Love seeing mom and dad's Christmas present hanging on their wall

Fun mutual activity!  Sister Allred made cookies in shapes of letters and then after decorating them we held up the letters (in multiple pictures) of words creating the new mutual theme.

I finished reading this book and it was so good.

My cousin Julie and her husband Scott flew out here for a cruise and they got to stay with us for a night and go to church with us the next morning.  I just love both of them!!!  They are such incredible people and are such examples to me.

Our YM president had a great idea to take the Priests (16-17-year-old boys) in our congregation to the temple grounds every few Sundays.  Jared has joined them and has said that the spirit felt there among those boys is palpable and incredible.

These were so delicious.

Had our first ultrasound of baby #2 and it was SOOOOO amazing to see that little heart fluttering and to see its little numb arms and legs moving around. :)

Loved this insight

That step stool and couch arm rest are his happy place.

My view every Wednesday & Thursday morning.
"Mama?  Truck?  Trash?"

While out on a walk we saw this little construction site.  He sat still for a solid 20 minutes.  I loved watching his face as he watched everything.  

"'Baby Sign Time', mama?"

I had to run and errand to the hospital we'll be delivering baby at (same hospital Ollie was delivered at - we love it there!!) to get some paperwork and I loved reminiscing of Ollie's birthday.

Love that quote

Ward temple night with such wonderful ward members.
And two cute temple workers photo bombing :)

^^So, I really love these things, and I rarely have pregnancy cravings but definitely had one that night 😂

Love these cute pictures a YW took while babysitting

She was babysitting so I could take Jared on his surprise birthday date...
A food tour!!

For two hours we walked around a 1-mile circle in downtown Orlando to five different restaurants.
The first was an adorable French bakery where we sampled (smaller than we had hoped, hehe) a savory crepe and delicious macarons.

The next place we didn't partake in the sampling, as they served coffee tequila. :)

This place was so good.  It's an old train station converted into a bar-type restaurant.  
They served buffalo chicken, nachos, and oysters.  

This place was even better.  The way the chef cooked the brussel sprouts made me a fan forever!  He said ingredients along the line of soy sauce, bacon, green apple...mmmmm.  We also tried tater tot casserole and mac n cheese.

I was super excited about this place because I love breakfast food...but they ended up serving a Middle Eastern tomato sauce with vegetable concoction with a somewhat fried egg on top with some toast.

BUT, overall, it was such a fun afternoon.  I loved spending time with my man.  
We both love to eat and try new adventures was a win in our books. :)

I love verse 3

This is powerful.  And motivating.

When we start driving down a main street in our neighborhood Ollie keeps saying "Nemo!"  I had no idea what he was talking about until one day I saw a billboard with fish on it, advertising a local aquarium store.  So one day we stopped in there and Ollie loved it.

We had our first Personal Progress mutual night with Sister Buys as our new Personal Progress leader. The whole night I was just so darn happy!  She is such an incredible woman and inspires me so much.  She plans plans plans, works hard, and executes gracefully.  She is going to really help our YW be motivated and complete their Personal Progress.  Sister Allred has called many new leaders into YW recently and I am SO excited about them!  They all just truly get the gospel and want to serve and love.

We had a fun Valentines FHE involving writing ways we have served others recently.  
It's been fun to have little FHEs with Ollie :)

I wish I had taken a picture with Lisa, but had to snap a picture of Orange Lake to remember the day. I just love this friend and that our friendship has still continued after me quitting.  She holds a special place in my heart.  We had lunch at Chik Fil A and then I went back to Orange Lake with her and got to visit with people I used to work with.  Being a full-time employee of a corporate company may not have been my favorite thing in the world, but I do know I was supposed to be at Orange Lake for those two years during that time of my life.

Celebrating Jared's birthday!  He turned 33 on January 26th.

He requested these burritos and this cake.

I also love finding Ollie's imagination manifested in little moments

I've slowly been trying to add to our food storage.  After talking to a woman in our stake who is so knowledgeable on the subject, and asking her basically how I should get started, she asked if we have any water storage and I said, "Well, we have a few cases of water..."  She said, "A few cases of water?!?!  You have NO water!!"  😂  So basically we needed to get working on that quickly.  Last April we purchased and purified water for three 55 gallon water barrels (she has an awesome purification process that I've typed up if anyone wants it) and then this month we did these 5-gallon water barrels that can be transferred into your car if needed.  I feel a lot more peace of mind with our water storage in place.  Now I just need to keep working on the food storage part...and I REALLY need to go through our 72-hour kits to evaluate them.  (Oh and make one for Ollie.)

I love these girls!  We had a fun girls night where we each brought our own craft and enjoyed eating brownies and talking.  Women really do need women.  I am grateful we understand and support each other.  I always look forward to these nights.  It also feels so good to work on the scrapbooking that sits in my room and stares at me!

My sister Lauren just so nonchalantly sent this picture of a sunrise on the beach in Hawaii.

Sister Mabey taught an incredible lesson about how we are daughters of a King, which makes us princesses.  She helped us better understand our divine nature, that we are destined to be queens, and the importance of living worthily to one day obtain that joy and glory.  Many of the girls described "aha!" moments and the Spirit was very present.

And so the bump pictures begin!  11 weeks.  Baby the size of a lime :)

We finished off the month by going to Magic Kingdom with some friends.  It was a beautiful day.  I love that we can just go for a few hours and just go whenever.  It's a fun family activity we enjoy.

And a few hours mom arrived for a fun visit!!