Sunday, December 31, 2017

December 2017

We love Sea World at Christmas time!


More Christmas fun outings

All of this is ice!

Decorating the tree.
Love my little Rudolph

Love this little family so much.

I wish I could describe the chaos that was going on in this moment.  Baby, phone, Christmas music, Ollie choking on the "hotness" of the peppermint...haha man

Our ward had a really amazing opportunity to serve a road home this Christmas season.

Cutest little sunshine!

Ollie and sticks again.

Making molasses cookies...maybe the best cookie ever!

Really love this and needed to be reminded of this. ^^^

And this:

Each birthday my mom sends oldie pics to our family group text.  Love these!

Love this tradition of making Great-Grandma Kramer's apple cake.


Christmas caroling with the youth

Late-night grocery runs.  Aldi is my favorite because it's the cheapest and because they check your groceries out soooooo fast!

Loved seeing these Kindereggs at Walmart - we used to love those in Germany.

Christmas piano recital!  It is so rewarding to see these cute kids progress.

My kids are so little yet I'm already so worried about technology.  I feel like I'm constantly taking notes from others.

YW Christmas party

Four months of sweetness!!

Love this old pic too!

And family came to town for Christmas!!!!
I don't really even have the words to express the joy it brought me to have them here.
But I'll try...

Seeing aunties hold your babies equals = bliss!

We stayed at an amazing Airbnb house twenty minutes away from our own house.  
It was so fun to stay in one big house together!

There was a walk-in closet under the stairs and Ollie loved playing in there.
Thank goodness for phone flashlights too because he loved turning the lights off :)

Love this pic of Jace and Carter

And Lo and Carter:



After church

Melting my heart

As is this:

And this:

Love our tradition of watching White Christmas on Christmas Eve 

Sadly the pool heater was broken the entire time, but that didn't stop Ollie from having fun throwing toys in there and asking people to get them as he batted his beautiful lashes :)

The best parents in the world!
Wish I had adequate words to describe my gratitude to them.

Mom and dad surprised us Christmas Eve with a bunch of German chocolate!!
Oh man it was heaven and I ate my weight in that good stuff.


Our Christmas :)
Love the humble Christmas tree.

It was quite the ordeal getting everyone on the stairs for a picture and poor Ollie just really wanted to go see all the toys...
This pic breaks my heart but also I can't help but laugh:

Love my Christmas boys!!

How we spent Christmas:

This game!  So funny

We had a blast going to Animal Kingdom!

The Lion King show is so amazing.

Lola the baby-whisperer

Then we tried going to the Chocolate Emporium at Universal City Walk but everyone else had the same idea and so we found some yummy BBQ and then went back to City Walk (but not the Emporium) and mom got a tip from someone about a Universal resort to check out...and boy are we glad we did!  It was gorgeous!  

We went by ferry boat to...

This!!!  So beautiful!  "Little Italy"

Eating gelato

Ollie LOVES Seth!

Love seeing my loved ones love on my loved ones.

Love these

The next day we went to Wild Florida!  Oh how I love that place.

Later that night we had a combined birthday party for Ollie and Dad.

It had been a long day for Ollie :)

The next day while the bigger kids went to Universal Studios, the "older/tired" kids went to the mall and walked around :)

Love sweet Aly

Then we said goodbye to the rental house.  I love this sight of all the shoes.

Headed back to our house, rested a bit, headed to Cicis...

Then said a tearful goodbye :(
The boys and I stayed outside for a good two hours because I couldn't bear to go inside and get back to real life.
I love my family!!