Friday, December 16, 2016

November 2016

Lots of fun things happened this month.

To start off, my sister-in-law Haley sent an email to our family about an inspiring story she came across.  I was so touched by this story.  True love really does trump all.  I loved what Haley said:

"This is his 10 rules for success. Incredible! What this man is burdened with is his strength and with that he strengthens us people who sometimes believe we are so unfortunate. He finds strength in Jesus Christ. 
#8, about having faith, is one of my favorites."

Jared & his boss Daniel attended a trade show in Pigeon Forge, Tennesse.
Emily (Daniel's wife), Benny (their son who is Ollie's age), and Ollie and I were able to join!

The colors in TN were amazing!  I was so happy to see fall colors and to wear a jacket!!

The best part about he trip was...the food.  
We tried so many yummy things...comfort food/southern, BBQ, Mexican... 

While the boys were gone each day, Emily and I and the little boys explored.  
We went to the adorable "Apple Barn & Cider Mill."

One night we walked around a fun little area and they had a Christmas music water/light show.

Ollie hasn't slept in our room ever since he was a newborn, so it was a party. ;)
Each morning he would wake up and, while still dark, say "Mama?  Out?"

Driving in the beautiful Smoky Mountains to Cade's Cove

Daniel, the hunter at heart, was so excited to see a buck

And even more excited to see a bear

Exploring old cabins at Cade's Cove

Yummy Mexican food.  In the backwoods of TN 😂

One day we went to the aquarium in Gatlinburg

We found a really fun park for the boys to play on

Cute dinner buddies

The most delicious meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and coleslaw

What a fun trip!

The priests and some leaders went to sit on the temple grounds after church on Sunday.
What valiant men!

I loved this girls night at Lisa's house.  We each brought our own craft and just talked and ate treats.  
Love these girls!

Meanwhile, my parents and Jace were dropping off Lauren at BYU-Hawaii!

Yay Lauren!  

Ollie got another black eye :/
He fell off a chair

Some of Ollie's favorite books currently.

Oh how I love you!

Can't walk past this place in the mall without Ollie reaching out and saying, "Nem-ih-nem?  Nem-ih-nem?"  He's taking after his mother's love :)

Cooking with momma

Love this sweet girl, and miss her :(
She's having a great time over there.

Slowly but surely adding to my fall decor collection

TMI but for family history sake - I've had right side jaw tension/pain for about three years, and it's gotten worse over the years.  It's been at about an 8 out of 10 on the pain scale for quite a while.  Over lots of praying and research, I was led to a jaw doctor here who fitted me for a splint (special type of retainer that holds your jaw in place) to wear at night.  
I am so happy to say that my jaw feels so much better!

Then he busted his lip...

Love our sweet Albie.  Got to facetime her on her birthday.

Isn't she gorgeous?

He used to sit in this little cupboard all the time, but had to really squeeze in there this time!  

Really love all these quotes:

I really loved this post my friend Ashley wrote, titled, "The good you do as a stay-at-home mother." 

I went against my normal "Must not listen to Christmas music before Decmeber 1st or else the December magic will lessen" and brought out this favorite in November :) ^^

Making a pumpkin cream cheese roll with mamma.
This is also about 17 seconds before he threw up all over the kitchen.

I really love this podcast series this person mentioned.
It has really helped me understand Ollie better and know how to react and talk to him.

Took Ollie to Hollywood Studios!

Had to recreate a pic from a pic we took when we were dating and went on this ride, but this time we have an addition :)

The new Star Wars show

Had to laugh instead of cry...

My sweet friend from college, Ally, visited!!  We picked up like we'd seen each other yesterday.  
Oh how I love best friends.

Went to the distribution center and then walked around the temple grounds with my boy.  ❤️


Me: "Ollie, who lives in the temple?"
Ollie:  "Jethus!"

My little walking buddy

I really loved reading this article titled, "2 year old not listening?  Try this tip."  Here are some screenshots of the info that really helped me.

Getting so big.

Loves Thomas now

This was the month that Ollie started saying, "Mom.  Mom mom mom mom mom."  So when I saw this header on a blog, I laughed and instantly related.

Loved ward temple night with these amazing people

Loved this story

This year the primary children have been learning about a different Book of Mormon character each month.  To celebrate the great job they did on their primary program, the Primary presidency threw them a pizza party and they were able to "meet" the characters (our youth who dressed up) they had learned about this year.  (Hailey took these amazing pics)
This is Nephi ^^



Brother of Jared

King Lamoni's wife


Samuel the Lamanite

Captain Moroni



Loved these thoughts from this article:

Christmas is coming!!

Enjoyed Cheesecake Factory

Then we went to Disney Springs and saw their amazing drone Christmas light show!
But by the time you get settled, it's over.  😂 It's about five minutes long.  Still worth it.  I've never seen something like that before.

All drones

Learning so much about toddlers ^^

Love this pic of my Great Grandma Marjorie (center) & and her daughter, my Grandma JoAnn (right)

Love this community

Thanksgiving!  Watching the parade.

Love these friends so much!!  Thank you Benches, for hosting!

The Christmas festivities began!  We went to Sea World to see their amazing Christmas shows:  O Wonderous Night, & the Shamu Christmas show.

Then Ollie met Rudolph 😊

My cool shopping buddy

This picture is on my "want" list!

Bought an early Christmas present....YAY!!  I love it!!

Went to the Grand Floridian to see their beautiful Christmas tree and real Gingerbread house.  
It is so enchanting!

Complete with a little store inside where you can buy treats 😊

We had a wonderful YW in Excellence

Love these girls!!