Saturday, November 26, 2016

October 2016

Soon after arriving home from my SLC visit I heard about the approaching Hurricane Matthew.  I was already in need of groceries from being gone on vacation, plus we were not as prepared as we should have this was the scene I was greeted by upon arriving to Sam's Club.  It was pandemonium!  Never have I seen food and water flying off the shelves faster than I have that day.

Luckily the city handed out free sandbags for the previous hurricane in September (which was smaller than what they predicted this hurricane to be), so we already had those and felt more secure  and safe because of them.

Jared wanted to go buy his own "food storage" he returned home with Cheese Its, pop tarts, chocolate covered bluberries, and thin mint cookies. 😂

Ironically read this while anticipating the storm.  Very comforting

Enjoying being outside before the huge storm...
At this point, we had been hearing about the storm approaching for so long/been watching the news constantly...and I was emotionally drained and so nervous.  Especially because the news was covering the damage the hurricane was doing in the Carribbean, and the storm was Florida-bound.  

Luckily, before we went to bed we saw that the intensity of the storm had decreased a little bit...

But when I was awakened at 4am to that last text, my heart was racing as I looked out the window and saw the palm trees swaying way more than they ever have before...and just wondering if the storm would hit us directly, and how bad it would be.  

Look how close that eye of the storm was to Orlando. 😱

But gratefully, at the last minute, Heavenly Father guided the storm a little further east/out to sea, and although it still hit the coast and caused some damage (but not as bad as predicted, and people on the coast had been evacuated), little to no damage was done in Orlando.  
At our house we only experienced rain and some wind.
So grateful!!

The mayor had also enacted a mandatory 24 hour curfew.
Ollie and I are used to staying home, but, Jared isn't and so he was going a little stir crazy 😊

Later in the week I was out jogging and this was the worst damage I saw.  
Not good, but could have been much worse.  


This is amazing:

Love these ^^^ thoughts from this talk from the Ensign that my sister sent me

A few years ago I heard someone bear their testiony about this song...
and never before had I thought about the lyrics.  

Our little friend group had a fall girl's craft night.  I love being together with these girls.  Not only are they fun, but they are real, down to earth, dedicated wife and moms, and rooted in the gospel.  They love their Savior.  I learn so much from them.
I also love forcing myself to focus on my two years old scrapbooking for a few hours.  
Or else it won't ever get done. :)
(Hailey, Emma, Anabel, Lisa
Me, Lindsey)

I love these bats on Emma's wall

I love this shoe stage 💛

Love these thoughts about social media.
It's been a tricky one for me to navigate.

We saved and saved and bought Disney passes :)
Also because we were going to be going to Disney with Jared's family the next week, and to go to Disney for two days for both of us would have half of what our annual passes cost.

I saw this online.  How cool!

It was such a special night to do family name baptisms at the temple with 
these sweet friends, the Meras.
They are receiving their endowment on Dec 16 and getting sealed on Jan 5!!

The most adorable dental hygeniest ever

Loved receiving this pic from my mom!
Longtime friends from the BYU and San Antonio days,
Dad, Mom, Sandra & Mike Bryan, and Scott & Rhonda Ford

We were so excited that the Reids came for a visiti Oct 15-22!
It was so fun to stay at Old Key West with them and go to Disney for a few days, and then go south to Disney's Vero Beach and stay there for a few days.  I love the Reid family!

Haley, Loren, and Jared were adventurous and tried crab 

Cute snack sharers 

Fall at Disney!! 😍


Loving the safari ride

Loren is a fun uncle!

He is hilarious

This custodian was doing this with just his broom and water!

A rare, rare occasion...falling asleep in the stroller

Jared's best and my worst game/ride

Next day, Animal Kingdom:

The spectacular Lion King show at Animal Kingdom

He kept his hand on her leg throughout the ride 💛

Next stop - Epcot!  
Pointing out Jared and his family on the wall of fame :)

To the beach we went!

Love these girls.  Missed Heidi :(
(Melinda, Haley, Carly, Britney)

Anyone remember these from our childhood?  So delicious.

Jared's boss was so nice and took Jared, Ryan, Loren, & Haley gator hunting!!

Meanwhile, I LOVED seeing this pic of faithful members in our ward at ward temple night.
I love our ward!

Lots of frisbee & football

Mini golf standings

We love you, Reid family!!!

Bella could sense something...
That Lauren was leaving for college soon... :(

Sweet Lola received her YW Medallion this month.
I am so proud of her.
I am also so proud of my mom, who faithfully helped four daughters achieve this goal.

This talk by Elder Bednar gave me an entirely new light on understanding God's will.

I loved meeting up with this friend, Lisa, whom I used to work with ❤️
She has a special place in my heart

Loved recieving this pic from my mom.
The lady in the middle is Julie, a long time friend of my mom and Kathy (right).
Julie has terminal cancer and knows she will die soon.
So an incredibly thoughtful, sweet, and loyal friend asked Julie if she'd like to have a party and sleepover with all her best friends.  She said yes, and my mom said the whole night was like a giant testimony meeting and was just so sacred, tender, and fun.

Love those two quotes

Those cookies are delicious!!

Ollie is talking so much these days.  He loves this book and loves saying the names of the animals.
Jared is especially good at practicing the names with him.  It is so fun watching him grow up.

We watched this movie for a YW movie night and it was amazing.

My favorite quote from it:

And another favorite quote: 

“You either roll with it, or you get rolled on. You get rolled on, you get flat.”  😂 – Angela


Their adorable treats 😊

And my favorite little pumpkin:

Loves his "Big Pumpkin" book from "Namma" Ruth

While I was at a jaw appt Jared took Ollie to Animal Kingdom 😍

My parents and brother dropped Lauren off at BYU-Hawaii.
I can't beleive she is old enough!

Have to end on this honor of Halloween 2008 aka the funiest Halloween in the history of ever, I invite you to watch this: