Monday, September 19, 2016

Aly & Lauren's trip to Orlando

In August my sweet sweet sissys came to visit.  We weren't complete though because Mikele & Jace couldn't come. :(  We missed them!!  It will be even better when the five of us can partay together.

When they arrived on Monday we had some fun at Ikea (getting lost in the store--really, I love the store and especially how cheap things are there, but why is it a maze to get out of there???  Oh yeah, sales tactic), and Costco.  When asking a Costco mployee where the honey is, he replied, "Right here."  HAHAHAHA
Then we had fun watching the Olympics that night.

Aly struggling with carseat technique 😂

On Tuesday we went to toddler gym at our local gymnastics place.  It was so fun!  
One thing that I loved about their visit was that I was forced to relax.  1) they helped me so much with Ollie, cooking, and cleaning and 2) each afternoon during Ollie's nap we watched a chick flick.  Normally during Ollie's nap I just want to tackle my to-do list.  But I wasn't allowed to this week, and it was awesome. :)  We came home and watched "The Devil Wears Prada."  I looooooove that movie.  Then I taught my piano lessons, and then we headed to Downtown Disney to walk around and to eat at my & Jared's favorite sandwich shop, Earl of Sandwich.  I introduced them to my favorite "Holiday Sandwich" which is basically Thanksgiving dinner in sandwich form.  😋 While we were driving to Downtown Disney Aly & Lauren taught Ollie how to say their nicknames "Albus" and "Lola."  SO cute!!!

On Wednesday we went to Wild Florida!!  We had the treat of having Jared as our airboat captain. :)  It's still surreal to me that he is able to do that.  He did a great job on his tour and we saw some awesome gators including some baby alligators.  We watched another chick flick and ate french toast casserole, quiche, and fruit salad for dinner.  Then we played in the sprinklers outside with Ollie, watched the Olympics, and made a yummy smores dip.

But Mikele was really there in spirit, as her childhood favorite animal stared at us

Thursday we had a fun morning walking around the mall.  Then we watched Bride Wars after lunch.  I have never seen that movie and it was soooo funny.  Later that night I took them to the cutest little town called Celebration.  We walked around a beautiful lake and ate some delicious macarons.

It's hard to wake up

Friday was Lola's birthday!!  The big 1-8.  We went to the beach (true love = sacrifice), played in the waves, played in the sand, and got McDonalds' amazing $1.19 hot fudge sundaes on the way home.  We jammed out to music on the drive home and then ate at Longhorn Steakhouse to celebrate Lola's birthday.  Then Aly, Ollie, and I went on a walk around our neighborhood. 

Saturday we bought some groceries and walked around some other stores.  We watched Letters to Juliet in the afternoon, which was also such a cute movie!  For some reason we were having a hard time (the whole trip) hearing each other and/or not fully paying attention to each other and kept saying, "What?" to the point where it was so annoying we would laugh so hard each time.   We Facetimed our dear family members back home, made a cheesecake for Lo Lo, and took her to Menchies for a birthday treat.

Lo enjoying her new coloring book ☺️

Sunday was wonderful.  I loved introducing them to people we have come to love so much here in Florida, and vice versa.  It was so fun to have them in YW with me too.  They helped me make delicious mango chutney wraps for dinner.  

Aly: "Let's do a prom pose"

Happy birthday, Lo Lo!

Monday we made some banana bread, well actually I did because they both were so delirious and hilarious on the couch.  Also, Lola had a screaming fit with the vacuum and Ollie hesitantly watched from the couch (😅).  Then we watched some of "While You Were Sleeping"--our favorite movie ever!!!  Then I had to drive them to the airport. :(

I love family!!!  Long live Delta Airlines and eternal families!!!  Thanks for visiting, my sweet sisters.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

August 2016

August was wonderful!  Especially because my sisters Aly & Lauren came to visit.  That will be in a separate post.

A few things to start off...

These chocolate chip cookie dough bars were amazing.

THIS was amazing.

And this had us laughing/crying for days!

I taught the YW lesson "Why is temple marriage important?" on Fast Sunday and we ordered these mirrors to give the girls at the end of the lesson.  Etched on the glass is written, "See Yourself in the Temple."  I got the idea from this amazing talk by Elder Cook.

I'm so proud of my little bro for achieving his Life rank in scouts.  He is amazing.

As my dad calls Ollie's haircuts, "high and tight."  (like the military)
Just how I like them!

We ate at Disney's Ohana restaurant, and man, is it amazing.
Especially the caramel banana bread pudding with ice cream at the end.

A fun day at Wild Florida with daddy!

I used to dream of the day when my little boy would play with cars and make sound effects.
Man.  Dreams do come true!

My dear mother-in-law mailed me this book (I much preferred it over Visions of Glory which was a little too gloomy for me).  I really enjoyed reading it.

My dad found this gem.  😍
Kenna, TyRee, Lindsay, me, and two girls that I can't remember names of 😁

Fall/Halloween has such a special place in my heart.
And when it's combined with this sweet boy, man, my heart just wants to explode.
What is it about Fall??????

My mom loves "back to school time" and had the great idea to buy school supplies, give them to the floral/wreath lady at Michaels, and look at that finished product.  Love!!! 😍😍😍

These were probably in my and Jared's top five favorite desserts we've I've ever made.

I love a good deal!

When you're sick of being in your house but it's too hot (like really too hot) to go outside, you go to the air conditioned mall!

Candy corn M&Ms 😃😃😃😃

One of our YW spotted Ollie during sacrament meeting with my 
final desperate attempt to keep him quiet.


"Bone?" ("Phone?")

Desperately trying to learn how to parent
Babies are easy
Toddlers are, not

He wanted to wear my apron 😂

Love this from Jared's cousin, Kyle

It was raining.  We said, "Why not?"

Please stay little forever, Smallie

He did this all on his own. 😳

Love my boys
Twins, no?

My cousin 😂

Love these girls

Hungry hungry hippo - life size!

Okay.  I am SO PROUD of this girl and her sweet husband!  They graduated!!!
Mikele may be younger than me but she has been my example and motivator throughout my life.  She is so focused and driven and works hard to accomplish goals.  She makes me want to be better!  I am so proud of her.

It feels so good when you can relate to others!! 😂

Loren, Britney, & Tate were able to stay with us for one night before they caught a cruise the next morning.  We love family!!

Tate & Ollie

This was so scary. :(  I was pretty set on us buying an iPad to entertain Ollie for future flights (because he is such a wiggle worm and those four hours are...horrible), but after reading this article, I am so scared and don't know if/when we will do that.  I know technology is the future and by fighting it it's like swimming upstream...but it still scares me.  I want Ollie to play outside, read good books, learn how to use his imagination, perform service, learn how to work.  I will just have to learn how to balance technology with all of those things.  Anyone have any advice?? 😩

I love my little nursery boy ❤️

The bloomin onion...

Walking around Costco because 1) it was outside our four walls and 2) was air conditioned

We were supposed to get a huge I took advantage 
of the city giving away free sandbags. only drizzled. 😂

"Ollie, where's daddy?"
"Dadda, wuhk?"

Staying home with him makes me so happy.
I will always remember and be grateful for these (exhausting) sacred days.