Saturday, April 30, 2016

April 2016

April was a great month.

Here's an article I loved.  It brought back warm fuzzies of my five years there while growing up.  It also brought memories from my incredibly awkward teenage years and reminded me why I came back to the states unaware of many people and events (think Britney Spears, etc, you know, important things ;)) that happened during my crucial teenage years spent in our innocent bubble known as Germany.

Always running!

Discovering "knock knock"

15 month check up


Pet store

Love our playdates with friends.

Four of our five playdate friends are pregnant or have delivered a baby within the past few months.  
I'm the 1/5 not currently doing either :)

He discovered how to climb onto his motorcycle.

Throwing :)

Brevard Zoo


We fed a giraffe!!!


Love this pic of my man

When you decide to make your own tomato basil soup because you miss Zupas so much 😩

Started teaching piano lessons on April 12!

So grateful for my friend Emma (not pictured) who helped me with the lettering...(it is so not my forte), and for Beth who helped me create the bulletin board.

Love him!!!
He loves parks and being outside.

Grocery buddy

These were yummy.

Loved reading this ^

Suckers at a hair salon very smart.

Toddler time at the local gymnasium was so fun.

Love this birthday present from G&G Stephenson!

"Where's my ball?"

Jared taught him how to "hi-ya!" the bushes :)

Lots of trike rides with his trusty water gun in hand

Explored Animal Kingdom Lodge

A former missionary serving in our ward, Sister Bowman, stopped by to visit!  

A face swap my cousin Matt did with Donald Trump's face
Ethel Stephenson is my 80-year-old grandma 😂

Youth temple trip

Jared's cousin Lisa passed away from brain cancer.  :(
Love this pic of the Grant Family.  I'm so lucky to be a part of this family.
Everyone was able to be present at the funeral except our little family in Florida 
and a cousin on a mission.
So grateful for the restored gospel of Jesus Christ and the knowledge and peace it brings!!