Monday, November 30, 2015

November 2015

I read this on a Sunday and had my eyes opened to the importance of the Holy Ghost.

Love this quote. (via)

My friend Monica gave me these beautiful drawings and we hung them in Ollie's room. 

Haley came to visit!  We had so much fun visiting her at her Universal Studios hotel and going swimming.

10 months.  Love this boy!!

It has been so hot here.  I know, we live in Orlando and it's supposed to be hot, but I remember last year we were wearing coats this time of year.  It's at least in the low 70s by now.  I'm writing this on December 27th and it's still in the 80s.  

I took Haley and her friends to Downtown Disney and we had a grea time walking around and checking out all the new stuff they've recently added.

The cutest Mike Wizowski

Blurry picture to testify of his busyness!

Tis the season for pumpkin cookies!!

My handsome hub.  I am so grateful for his love for me and Ollie, his desire and willingness to work hard to provide for our family, and that he honors his priesthood and lives worthily.  I recognize men like this are few and far between and I am very grateful for him.

Jared's mom emailed each of us this talk by Brother Todd Parker and asked us to read it and reply back with our thoughts.  I am so grateful she did because I learned SO much.  I challenge you to read it!

Ollie has become a pro at standing up!

Love the playdates we get to have with our friends.  I love all these babies!!!

We had fun visiting Jared at work.  He works at the best place!!!

"Uncle" Eric 

Made a pumpkin pie shake!

See all the random items on the couch on the right?  As I mentioned earlier, Ollie has become so so so busy and it takes the great art of distraction to have him nurse.

My dad sent me this picture from Temple Square.  

My friend Emma sent me these recipes and I'm so glad she did because we tried the "Baked Oatmeal" one and it was so delicious!

YW in Excellence/Girl's Camp Certification Award Night

Such cute decorations!

I love this picture of Jared's mom, Ruth, and her siblings and parents.
Top row:  Bruce, Ruth, Dave, Steve, Susan, Janet, Karen
Bottom:  Grandpa Bill and Grandma Helen
November 2015

Becoming a pro at pulling up onto things.

There was one random night when it was so cold.  We were thrilled!  It felt like the holidays!  We went to Downtown Disney and walked around and enjoyed the Christmas decorations.

Jared introducing Ollie to his favorite candy - chewy Sprees.

Oh and we bought a shake from Ghiradelli because...they are so good :)

Loved getting this in the mail!!

Love this pic of them

We enjoyed Thanksgiving morning by watching the Macy's parade and relaxing.

I made a homemade pumpkin pie for the first time.  It actually turned out ok!  

My contribution to our friend Thanksgiving potluck.  Pumpkin pie, sweet potato casserole, sour cream potatoes, and rolls.

We love the Benches!!  It's so fun having another young family our age that we can do things with and relate to.  We missed the Barwicks this day.  They were sick :(

11 MONTHS.  I am learning your capacity to love just keeps growing and growing.
I love you, Oliver!