Saturday, October 31, 2015

October 2015

Our favorite little boy turned 9 months old.  I desperately wish I could make time stop!

Too funny

He has become my oatmeal buddy in the morning.  He always wants to help me eat my morning bowl and even turns around in my lap when he knows it's time to eat momma's oatmeal after I nurse him.
  I love it.

He recently learned to sit up in his zippy (it's kind of restricting) and it's sooooo cute to watch him on the monitor and hear him babble and do his "happy belly dance."

Learning from dad

I desperately wanted it to feel like fall on General Conference weekend, so we made pumpkin french toast and plugged our fall-scented Glade into the wall.  It kinda worked. :)  

Two of my favorite missionaries.  Sad to see the one in the middle, Sister Simpson, get transferred!

The management team at Jared's work went kayaking for a team bonding day.  He Facetimed us from his kayak.  We were loving his cute Asian rice-picking hat :)

His favorite toy.
9 months in, 9 months out

The cutest home all decked out for Halloween!

I love our weekly playdates with friends.  
Ayden & Ollie, two months apart

I love him!

A fun Halloween craft we did at play group.  Holidays are SO FUN with children!!!!!!!

I love walks with him.  He loves being outside.  He doesn't make a peep and his face is so relaxed and serene as he takes everything in.

Because I miss fall so dearly, as do my friends here, we planned a few weekend activities that involved fall festivities.  Here we are at Old Town Halloween.  As you can see below, it was completely decked out for Halloween and somewhat satisfied my fall-itch.

He started to become more mobile…and get onto his knees…and into things.


Annual fall craft night with friends!  Love these girls.  I am so grateful for them.

But of course with "hard work" (crafts = not really my thing) we must have treats!

I asked Jared to watch Ollie for a few hours that night.  He took him in the car and later texted me this picture.  He said they drove to Downtown Disney, got out of the car for a picture, and drove back home.  Haha!  He said it was fun to have that one on one time with Ollie boy.

The finished product - a fall feather garland

The wreath was from last year's craft night.

Loving fall decorations

A great personal progress mutual with Sis. Cedeno.

Oh the days of switching off in the temple!

I "attended" an online conference for moms and I absolutely loved it!  I learned so much.


Morning snuggles on Jared's day off.  Ollie often does this "hand raising" thing that makes us laugh.


Teaching him to love food at an early age :)

Ollie went on his first airboat ride, but at Jared's company's competitor.  Oops!
The owners wanted Jared to go undercover to see how they compare and how Wild Florida can improve.  It was a great experience and very eye-opening.


I finished P90X3.


Another fall activity with friends - Oktoberfest at Disney's town Celebration.
  Look at this cute Cinderella carriage!

And Celebration does the cutest thing each year for both fall and winter - "falling leaves" in the fall and "falling snow" in the winter at certain hours of certain days.  (Very fake but oh so fun)

Pics from the Reid School Carnival back home - Florence as Ana and Tate as a vampire.
Do they COME any cuter?!?!?!

Another fall activity - pumpkin patch/corn maze!!!!

Mastering that pincer grasp

Ruth mailed us a book she and her children read each Halloween, Big Pumpkin.
Loving starting new traditions!

Made dinner in a pumpkin.  It was fun and yummy!

Halloween 2015
Presenting…the cutest basketball player and his #1 fans

These sisters of mine :)

My sister sent me this - so cute!!

Oh how hard it is to nurse a distracted/busy baby - give him anything in sight to keep him eating



Christmas jammies!!!

Halloween night was so fun.  Just our little family and doing fun traditions.  Ate orange food - pizza, carrots, oranges, and had homemade root beer in a cauldron with dry ice.  I love my boys!!

I tried a new pizza.  It was sooooo good!