Sunday, September 27, 2015

September 2015 - Yellowstone with the Reids Sept 19-26

Where to begin!  This was SUCH a fun trip!  To me, my ideal and favorite vacations always involve:  family + mountains + cabin + crisp air.  (The beach and heat of Florida is totally wasted on me - so sad!)  Well, that's exactly what this vacation was.  It was perfect.  We stayed in a big cabin in Island Park with Jared's family.  We had a few down days at the cabin and a few days where we drove into Yellowstone to see the beautiful sights.  A perfect combination!

This was an ironic occurrence because it would be about the only time Oliver would ever fall asleep in his carseat the entire trip!

On our drive to Yellowstone we were able to pass by two temples:  The Idaho Falls temple & Rexburg temple.  We also drove around Rexburg and BYU-Idaho's campus because Ruth attended there 35 years ago and hasn't been back since!  

Idaho Falls temple

Rexburg temple

Sunday morning I loved opening the windows and seeing all the trees and the sun peeking through!  I loved attending church with my two favorite boys in the crisp, fall mountain air.  I learned so many things from the talks and lessons and I am forever grateful that the church is the same wherever you go.  Later the boys played horseshoes, Ollie and I went on a walk, Jared witnessed someone almost get his leg chopped off by a saw (!!!), we went on a walk with Loren and Britney and Tate, and had a yummy dinner. 

See the snow capped mountains in the background? :) :) :) :) 

Ollie's first time meeting snow!

LOVE this face!

Monday we drove into Yellowstone.  We saw Old Faithful, some beautiful water falls, the Paint Pots, and later that night watched the Cokeville Miracle (amazing movie!).  Ollie reminded us the entire day how much he hates his carseat and how much he wanted his crib during nap times.  This meant lots and lots of whining all day long as we drove.  (PS.  It's interesting, when Ollie's upset he never cries, he just whines.  Very loudly.  Good thing he's cute!)

Paint Pots

Love how much she loves him!

Tuesday we vegged at the cabin alllllll day long and I took almost no pictures!  It was so relaxing.  We went on a bike ride, played many rounds of badminton, and played horseshoes.  At night we had a fun campfire.

Wednesday we drove to Mammoth Springs.  There was a LOT of construction on the roads in Yellowstone so there was definitely lots of time to look out the window and take in the views. :)  On our way back we stopped at the Midway Geyser Basin which was so fun and brought back memories of my family & the Jepsen's trip in October 2010.  On our way out of Yellowstone we stopped at a cute, rustic candy shop and ate dinner at Arby's.

The cutest little cousins!

It was so fun to reminisce about when we visited Yellowstone when we were dating.
Boy, how things can change in so many good ways in 5 years!

Oct 2010

Thursday was another glorious day to relax at the cabin.  Jared played a game of Risk with his dad and siblings, we watched movies, played badminton, ate a yummy dinner, watched football, the brothers enjoyed the hot tub, and I loooooved relaxing and watching the Food Network once Ollie was down for the night. 

He looked so cute in winter clothes.

Friday we went to an Idaho state park in Island Park and saw some beauuuuuutiful waterfalls.  When we got home we watched Ephraim's Rescue.  WOW!  I am so grateful for the pioneers.  So many stories of faith and courage for me to learn from.  Later that night we went to see some natural springs and the most adorable cabin built by a 4' 11" German immigrant many years ago.  That night was the night Jared and I had looked forward to for a long time - the start of a new Shark Tank season!!!!!!!!  

Changing leaves!

Ollie!!! (crying laughing emoji x10000)

A tinier version of the cabin

Shark Tank!

Sadly, Saturday was the day to go back to Salt Lake. When we arrived back to the Reid's house Heidi and her family (who were sadly unable to come on the trip) and G&G Grant met us at the house.  It was so good to see them!  Then we took all our stuff down to my parent's house and while Jared watched the U football game I went to Zupas with my mom and Aly and Kel.  We laughed so much as we reminisced over childhood Germany memories.  When we got home we watched the General Women's Broadcast.  Ollie was so content to roll around and play with toys.  He hadn't been that content to sit and play for a whole hour the whole trip!  A few times he fell straight back from a sitting position onto the carpet in the funniest way and we were laughing for a long time.  Once Ollie was down I relished in a few last moments of sister time as we laid on Aly's bed and watched hilarious Facebook videos and laughed.  The next morning we flew back to Orlando.  

I LOVE FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

Love this family!

Our friend picked us up from the airport and Ollie sat in a big boy carseat!