Tuesday, June 30, 2015

June 2015

5 Months!!

While Ollie & I were in Utah Jared had to do a gator demonstration somewhere which meant the gator had to sleep at our house the night before. :/

Doesn't know his own strength :)

A wonderful PP Good Works mutual night singing hymns and sharing 
scriptures with a woman in our ward who has cancer

Not facing the same position I originally put him in…
On the move!

My fam visited Grandpa Steve & Victoria at their ranch in Durango.  

It was a little cold :)

Splash pad dates with friends

Without his carseat he looked like he was ready for takeoff!

Oh dad...

Love that title

Mutual night learning camp songs

Babysitting duty while I did initiatories.
He is eyeing that mac n cheese!

Father's Day 2015

Sea World

Fun mutual activity playing water games
This was dodgeball with water balls

A game balancing water on your head while wearing flippers

Throwing a frisbee through water floaties

Trying to get a frozen t-shirt apart

Beautiful sunset

Finish a tub of ice cream with your team

Our strategy when Ollie has blowouts :)

Loves his walker

Favorite holiday

Loves my cup

Had to document our favorite pie at Cheesecake Factory
is delicious.