Tuesday, June 30, 2015

June 2015

5 Months!!

While Ollie & I were in Utah Jared had to do a gator demonstration somewhere which meant the gator had to sleep at our house the night before!  Gah!

Doesn't know his own strength!

A wonderful PP Good Works mutual night singing hymns and sharing 
scriptures with a woman in our ward who has cancer

Not facing the same position I originally put him in…
On the move!

My fam visited Grandpa Steve & Victoria at their ranch in Durango.  
Love it there!

it was a little cold :)
Beautiful scenery

Fun splash pad dates with friends

Without his carseat he looked like he was ready for takeoff!


Oh dad...

Lots of afternoons spent on our bed

Loved that quote

Mutual night learning camp songs

Sis Cedeno is so good with Ollie

Babysitting duty while I did initiatories
He is eyeing that mac n cheese!

Father's Day 2015

Sea World

Cute hunter on the verge of hysteria

So exciting buying sippy cups for Ollie!

Fun mutual activity playing water games
This was dodgeball with water balls

A game balancing water on your head while wearing flippers

Throwing a frisbee through water floaties

Trying to get a frozen t-shirt apart

Beautiful sunset

Finish a tub of ice cream with your team

Our strategy when Ollie has blowouts :)

Loves his walker

Favorite holiday!

Loves my cup

Thought this was interesting

Had to document our favorite pie at Cheesecake Factory