Sunday, May 31, 2015

May 2015

4 Months!

Aly's graduation from Snow College

First bout of teething :(

Love his long lashes and chunky fingers holding onto his toy

We explored Disney's Boardwalk on one of Jared's days off

His FAVORITE candy - chewy sprees

We couldn't stop laughing at Ollie's little foot hanging out!

Many summer afternoons were spent lying on our bed

This box mix Tres Leches cake was amazing

Awesome mutual activity on Prophets & Revelation

YM Scout Camp Luau Fundraiser

YM doing the haka!

My birthday - a quarter century old!

He knows the way to my heart - food :)

Mother's Day 2015

Mother's Day back home

The BEST gift Lauren could ever give my mom :)

Christmas ornaments I finished six months after they were due to friends :)

Went to Cocoa Beach.  Fun memories of our Disney Cruise!

His new favorite friends :)

I love my boys!

So handsome

An awesome awesome fireside we watched with our youth

Postpartum hair loss kicked in around April and drove me 
bonkers so I chopped many inches off.  It felt amazing!!

Ah ha!  The source of the sadness!

After taking this picture I couldn't believe how big he looked!

Better Than Anything cake.  Delicious!!

Our anniversary - 4 years!

Choice & Accountability Personal Progress mutual activity