Thursday, April 30, 2015

April 2015

3 months!
And a backwards "3" :)

Getting out of his swaddle

Love that cute profile

Faithful General Conference watcher

Easter 2015

Loves books

There is nothing better

Cute friends!
Seth, Oliver, & Ayden
All within 8 months of each other in age

Ollie selfie

Love that crab haha

Smokin hot in his new suit!

Haha!  Of course, in dad's watch care...

Chili's Molten Chocolate Cake…YUM.

At dad's softball game


About to roll over for the first time!

Mr. Popeye

Germany memories!

A visit from Grandpa!
Gardner & Ruth were in D.C. on a Reid School trip and Gardner was able to fly to 
Orlando very last minute on their way home to ordain Jared to a High Priest.  Very very special!

3 generations

I took this picture and thought to myself, "He looks like a toddler.  Ah!"

Love the time right when Jared comes home

Total twins!

Ollie's first time at Aquatica

Hash House A Go Go
And a teething boy :)


Double yum

Ettiquette night for Mutual by Sis. Buys

Wild Florida with Emma

Gators in the background!

Love that bald spot

Love our sweet boy.
Wearing his amazing Zipadee-Zip - I recommend it to everyone!!