Thursday, April 30, 2015

April 2015

3 months!

Starting to get out of his swaddle

Love that profile

Righteous little boy

Easter 2015

There is nothing better

Cute friends!
Seth, Oliver, & Ayden
All within eight months of each other in age

An Ollie selfie

Smokin hot in his new suit!


Chili's Molten Chocolate Cake…yum.

At dad's softball game.  He played on a Wild Florida team.

About to roll over for the first time!

Mr. Popeye

Germany memories!

A visit from Grandpa!
Gardner & Ruth were in D.C. on a Reid School trip and Gardner was able to fly to 
Orlando very last minute on their way home to ordain Jared to a High Priest when he was called to be a member of the bishopric.  

Three generations

I took this picture and thought to myself, "He looks like a toddler.  Ah!"

Love ththate time right when Jared comes home


Ollie's first time at Aquatica

Hash House A Go Go
And a teething boy :)


Double yum

Ettiquette night for Mutual by Sis. Buys

Wild Florida with Emma

Gators in the background!

Love that bald spot

Love our sweet boy.
Wearing his amazing Zipadee-Zip - I recommend it to everyone!!