Tuesday, March 31, 2015

March 2015

2 month appt

YW Personal Progress activity on Divine Nature

Jib jabbering while reading books

Goodbye, Elder Bagshaw

The day a turkey lived in our backyard, and then our roof

New Beginnings
"O ye that embark"

My little missionary

Transitioning to crib from bassinet

Our little George Washington :) :) :) :)

March 18-26, 2014 Ollie and I were able to go visit family in SLC!
Wed: Loved coming down escalator and dad and mom and jace standing there, dad and jace first time meeting ollie, at home jace making up song "hello mr Oliver how are you? Are you gonna go, #2?" So cute. He also was able to get Ollie to smile so much while we were there. Went to shivers with Lo, skyline to pay AP fee, saw Tay and Katie!!!
Thurs: Visited grandma, saw Reids!, G&G Grant came over, then G&G Reid, FaceTimed Jared with Reids during dinner
Fri: Reids, visited with Ann, Heidi and Brit, cousin pictures, dinner, laughing with Aly in bed
Sat: saw Emily Erickson & Becky, Linda, ate at Dickeys BBQ, went through temple with Aly!!!, chapel with Kel and dad, greeting Aly in room, standing in celestial room with fam, Aly questions, giants, long lashes, cafe rio, watched return to me, Kel and aly talking in Lauren's bed, talking about temple, laughing 
Sun: so fun fam all home, church, Jace Aaronic Priesthood ordination, RS, stephenson relatives over for family dinner
Mon: dad with Ollie, getting to laugh and smile, dans, grave Bruce and gma, Payless, cooking show, jace vball, watched the funny parts of miss congeniality 
Tues: mom bday, mnm, dentist, zupas Kel and kenna, martha, gma, bro Anderson, talked to Jared, Sjaanie, Ann Bezdjian, Natalie hicks, subway, million dollar arm
Wed: OTC w/ Aly & Lo, Ruth, Andersons, Ally Mullen, American Idol and cuddles
Thu: dad blessing, left, sweet mom and son I sat next to on plane and sharing testimony of temples and being sealed to Ollie, she said it brought tears to her eyes, loved being home!

My airplane buddy
He blew out soon after this :)

First time meeting grandpa!

Alma mater

Best friends!
Taylor w/ Violet and Katie w/ Jason

Cute little fox

Love those mountains

Lewis & Ollie!  
3 weeks apart

G&G Grant

G&G Reid

Aunt Haley

Little cherub

Jace was SO cute with Ollie

Aunt Britney & Cousin Tate

Sweet grandma Ruth

Meeting Aunt Aly for the first time

Uncle Bud

Emily & Cobi

So many memories!

Meeting Aunt Mikele

I love you baby Bruce!

Sweet great grandma Kramer's grave

Sweet birth bud Kenna

Mom's birthday
Good food + comfy surroundings + a baby to love on

The newlywed days!!!! <3

College friend Ally

Such a fun trip!!

This is how you decorate in Florida

Kevin & Lisa Foster were in town!  It was so great to visit with them.

Ollie <3

So many Aspen Grove memories here!

Love him!!