Saturday, February 28, 2015

February 2015

Cute cousin Tate being the watch guard with his buddy, Annie back in SLC

1 month old

Bringing him to mutual for the first time :)

That pouty lip :)

Where's Ollie?

One of the first times he smiled!

First family walk

Aly's mission call!

The park with friends

Watched his eyes drift off to Neverland one evening on the couch

His face was starting to change!

YW Camp Valentines Fundraiser

President & Sister Berry
He was our bishop when we were dating in the singles ward and now they are the 
Florida Orlando mission presidents and we get to see them often.  We love them!

Our kind of Valentines Day.

Beautiful quilt from Aunt Pam

Starting to look so adorably chunky

The prisoner 
My grocery buddy

Fun missionary game night for mutual

Surprised dad at work!

Love St. Cloud sunsets

On Friday February 20th we were so lucky to have Jared's parents fly in for Ollie's blessing.  They arrived on a red eye at 8am Friday morning.  This was their first time meeting Ollie and they were so excited!  As soon as they came in the door they raced to Ollie's room to see him.  He was sleeping so it was so cute to see them stare longingly at him and of course we said to wake him up.  Seeing Ruth hold him for the first time made me so happy! Jared and I loved watching them interact with and hold Ollie. Then Ruth took nap, the guys went to Home Depot for home improvement projects and then they did our 2014 taxes. We ate lunch, hung out, went to Downtown Disney, and it was sooooo cold. Ate at Earl of Sandwich, and then went to the Disney store and they got Ollie his first Disney stuffed animal, a Mickey Mouse!

Saturday we had a nice slow morning.  I loved watching Ollie sleep on Ruth's chest in the rocking chair.  Ruth, Gardner, and Jared were awesome and did some yard work, the boys did some house stuff, we played with Ollie, went to Steak and Shake (a place full of hilarious family memories for the Reids), went to Target and bought wire shelves and blessing socks for Ollie, home to feed Ollie, dropped him off at Fields who would watch Ollie while we went to…the Pokipala's Hawaiian dinner show!  It was so so so fun.  It was my first time being away from Ollie and I really missed him.  It was so weird to be away from him.  We got home and Ruth gave Ollie a bath. She is so sweet and interactive with him.  I love observing and learning from her. 

Gardner got pulled up by Sister Pokipala to shake it.  Haha!

"Ollie is doing great" text from the Fields :)

Sunday was the big day!  It was so sweet to spend time dressing him and being together as a family before church.  We invited non-member friends from work to Ollie's blessing so seeing them in the parking lot of the church and realizing that they actually came was so special!  Jared said a beautiful blessing and the Spirit was so strong.  Everything was so surreal to me - that we were blessing OUR baby and I am sealed to such an amazing man and that we are an eternal family! It was a moment any young woman dreams about and that moment came to pass.  I am so grateful.  We spent time talking to Lisa, Michelle, Susan, & Eric and his wife afterwards and explained more of our church to them.  After church we ate lunch, the Berry's came over (the Reids were in the bishopric with the Berry's when Jared and I were in the ward and they are great friends), took a walk outside, soaked in this time with them, ate yummy cornbread and chili, and then Jared drove them to the airport.  :( I had a good cry. I am so grateful to have such amazing in-laws who show us so much love. 

Wearing Jared's blessing outfit

I guess he loves books!

Under daddy's watchcare, can you tell? :)

I was able to write my testimony is some Books of Mormon and give them 
to friends at work before I officially resigned the end of February.