Saturday, January 31, 2015

January 2015

Mom on an organizing streak…can't be stopped!

Blast from the past

Hilarious text from our stay at home dad back home :)

So grateful my mom could be here!!  She was a lifesaver.  Physically, emotionally, everything!

Every mother of boys should invest in Pee Pee Teepees!

Daddy duty

First doctor's appointment

Jared as a baby
So much resemblance!

Love my little dino

After dropping my mom off at the airport
So. Hard. :(

Sweet friend from work and church, Michelle

My little burrito

The antenna Jared bought to ensure we would have coverage for the Super Bowl...

Beautiful quilt made by Ollie's Florida grandparents, Brien & Merry Field

Daddy was here, can you tell? :)

Biggest surprise ever when Loren, Britney, and Tate showed up on our door step!!!!
Loren was in Miami for business & Britney & Tate flew out to spend some time with him and then decided to drive to Orlando to surprise us.  The BEST surprise ever!!   I cried.

Drunk and passed out

First outing with stroller!  
Downtown Disney

Ollie got a "First Visit" pin :)

Perfect timing text from a friend

Finally mustered the courage to go grocery shopping

Love this pic :)

First real bath

Jared's blessing outfit Ruth mailed to us

The big 3-1 for my sweet husband!!

Ollie was a champ and slept the whole time at Red Robin

Baby shower for Lindsey and her baby boy
Love my Florida best friends!
Lindsey & Emma