Sunday, November 30, 2014

November 2014

Mikele ran a half marathon!  You are amazing, sis.

Cute blasts from the past:
Me, Aunt Marjean, and Aly 
And my cute dad!! 

A friend of mine was due with a baby girl...or so we thought...until her dad texted me this...
can you imagine?!
Cute fall decor from garage sales
Enjoying Orlando's "trying to be fall weather" outside and planning our upcoming weekend trip

Steak and Shake...

A fun YW service activity writing letters to missionaries and working on a baby blanket

We were able to have one last getaway before we became a family of three!  We were craving to feel any sort of fall weather which we miss so desperately here in Orlando so we went to Georgia and South Carolina and were giddy about the weather we were able to experience there.

On Friday we arrived in Savannah and drove around to orient ourselves, saw the city trolleys, drove by the Olde Pink House that the Munns had told us about, Mrs. Wilkes dining room (both places serve authentic Southern food which was what we were in search of), ended up eating at.....Wendy's for lunch :), drove up to Beaufort, SC which we were told was a cute, quaint "southern" town which we really were wanting to see, parked and looked at all the adorable southern, plantation-style homes, walked up and down main street, ate at a yummy restaurant called Plum's, and then drove about 45 min to our hotel in Bluffton, SC where our hotel was.  And we of course continued our Friday night tradition of watching Shark Tank!

On Saturday we ate a yummy continental breakfast, explored a beautiful Civil War-era museum house, walked down to a breathtaking dock, walked around the grounds of a pretty church, drove around and saw more gorgeous homes, on our way to Savannah stopped at Hilton Head's Disney Resort, ate lunch there and walked around, and then arrived in Savannah!  We explored the river walk, their deliciously amazing candy stores and honey store, watched the large boats go up and down the the river, and because I love my husband I sacrificed my pregnant, swollen ankles and walked a few miles to the park that's in the Forrest Gump movie (Forsythe Park)....only to find out the famous bench there has "been moved to a museum"..., walked by the Olde Pink House again and admired its quaintness, and then drove back to Bluffton.  Stopped at Target to buy lunch for tomorrow's drive home, ate dinner at a yummy pizza place, and then saw the musical Annie Get Your Gun!  My childhood favorite.  We walked into the (small) theater and discovered that Bluffton, SC is definitely a retirement town...we were the only couple below 60 in the theater. :)  And then I did what I do when it hits 9pm and the lights go out...I zonked out on Jared's shoulder for the majority of the play.  Thank you my sweet hub for obliging my request to see a play you probably could have cared less about and for letting me bob my head on and off your shoulder the entire time.

And we're off!

Driving past the ghetto "Knight's Inn" we stayed at when we went to St. Augustine for our 
2nd wedding anniversary

So excited to see fall foliage!!!  
Cute barn house
The Olde Pink House


Main Street in Beaufort, SC


Loved these swings along the river front

Cute shops along main street

Jared got his shrimp and grits!
I definitely did not and stuck with a safe choice - nachos

I LOVE how anytime you got to a Disney resort they say "Welcome Home!"

Love the historic feel of Savannah

River walk shops

The top right picture - that brittle was delicious
Also tried some yummy fudge

It was so fun to watch how taffy is made!  

Cute Christmas decor

Jared pretending this barge was from the movie "Captain Phillips"

Paula Deen's restaurant!

There is a small sign in the left pic that says "Paula Deen"

Forsythe Park...

....with no Forrest Gump bench.  Haha

Fun but shouldn't be true :)

Olde Pink House

Driving up the huge bridge...

Bye, Savannah!

Back in Bluffton, SC for the play!

Heading home on Sunday...seeing beautiful foliage

Attended church at the Savannah ward.  People were so friendly and the church is so true!

Home sweet home.
Our baby pumpkin  
(We have both discovered neither of us like carving pumpkins)

A 3D pic of our baby boy!
My OB said I was measuring small at my last appointment and wanted me to get an ultrasound to be sure baby was on track with his weight.
Well not only did we find out baby was just fine, but we found out he was a little ahead of schedule with his weight and his head circumference.  
He was born at a healthy 8 pounds and my doctor later said I just carried him small due to my height.  

Having another "last hurrah before baby comes" at Texas Roadhouse in Orlando
We love the Bloomin' Onion!

They give you SO much food, and sadly baby must have been on top of my stomach the last half of my pregnancy because I really would get full after about five bites of anything I ate! :(  Boooo

Each month leading up to baby's birth we would say "this may be our last time for a while..."

Baby prep class at Winnie Palmer Hospital, where baby boy would soon be born
Such a beautiful hospital!

Swollen ankles...

A scare in the night thinking I was having contractions but luckily they went away!
It really made me get in "this is real" mode - I didn't have any bags packed, there were baby items left to buy, no baby clothes were washed, presents were still in bags...!

Watching the Macy's parade
Eating at the Steinagel's with other families
Stopping at the mission home to eat pie with our favorite mission president and his wife - the Berrys!

Facetiming with sweet G&G Stephenson while my fam was there for Thanksgiving

Much to be thankful for.

Where my laptop rests these days

Another last hurrah at Sea World, enjoying the Christmas decor and shows which we love!

Buying up the last of our baby gear

11/3/14 - 32 weeks - pineapple

11/10/14 - 33 weeks - celery

11/17/14 - 34 weeks - five pound bag of sugar

11/24/14 - 35 weeks - and no cantaloupe to be found anywhere!