Friday, October 31, 2014

October 2014

Some memories not in pictures:
  • General Conference Saturday felt like FALL! (rare here)
  • We love watching the World Report together in between Conference sessions.
  • Loved seeing Meet the Mormons and that it was in major theaters!
  • GIRL'S CAMP - it was on a ward level which equals so much work and complete exhaustion for the ward leaders…but we DID it and it was amazing!!!!  Heavenly Father is so good to us.
  • We were invited to the High Priest's annual party (even though we aren't High Priests, haha) and it was the night I came home from Girl's Camp.  I was exhausted and my ankles were the size of Texas, but we went because the last one we went to was such a blast and we wanted to be respectful of the invitation.  Needless to say, we again left that party with our cheeks hurting (just like last year) and during the "two truths and a lie" game that night I found out that my sweet, conservative 60 year old visiting teachee was arrested for drag racing when she was younger.  Haha!
  • For an FHE we watched Elder Tad Callister's Oct 2014 General Conference talk "Parents:  The Prime Gospel Teachers of Their Children" and felt the Spirit so strongly; I also felt it confirm again to me why I married J and that he holds the best qualities in the regard that we share the same values and goals for our future and how to raise our children.  Love feeling that unity! We pray often for Heavenly Father to prepare us to be parents. 
  • We went to the temple and who sat down next to us in the session?  Jared's boss and his wife.  Is there a better place in the world to see your boss?? Amazing!  It's confirmed to us over and over again that Heavenly Father truly led us to this job and really has a plan for each of us and the plan is so good when you are obedient to Him.
Spent lots of time at this place…with registering for baby stuff and attending new parent classes.

Good friend from work, Tasha

BYU vs. UCF!  Can't believe we barely lost…
It was so fun to be around lots of Mormons again.

Fall craft night with friends!  I really stretched myself this night…
And look at all those yummy desserts.

My sweet sweet friends Lindsey Barwick & Emma Bench

Now begins my speechless-ness…
The baby shower my dear friend Monica Noda-Ruiz threw for me:

Sweet Monica

I mean really…are there any words?
Monica, I will forever feel like the luckiest girl alive!!  You spoiled me.  I felt so much love this day and am so grateful for all the good good people in my life.


Jared setting up the crib…! 

Our neighbor across the street was throwing this beautiful mirror away.  I saw it on the curb awaiting the garbage man as I pulled out of the driveway for work.  I called Jared and teasingly asked if he would go grab it because I would love it in the nursery…
To my surprise, he did!

Mikele's hike up Y mountain.  Beautiful Fall foliage and my beautiful Provo in the background!  And my cute sis <3

A camp certification night for Mutual
Knife safety



Preparing the house to receive new carpet!  The house looked pretty hilarious.  

The Halloween Spooktacular at Sea World!  Yes we went to each booth and got candy like children. :)

Adoring our new carpet.  It made me so giddy to prepare our home for our baby.

Bye, hubby!  Wish me luck at girl's camp!  
...Actually just pray for me!!!!!!

Setting up camp
Our theme was "Diamonds in the Rough - Come Unto Christ & Be Perfected in Him."  We camped at Fort DeSoto, right outside of Tampa.  We are diamonds!


Sister Cedeno introducing the theme

Learning the song "This Mormon Girl Is On Fire"

Amazing sign made by Sister Allred

Hamburgers and hot dogs for dinner

Pazookie time!  (Giant cookie baked in dutch oven)

The awesome covered pavilion we met in for all devotionals, etc
And to get a break from the rabid raccoons!!!  

Beautiful view while on top of the actual fort of Fort DeSoto.  We explored it before heading to the beach.

Beach time

Our fearless watchman, Brother Pokipala

Getting into the "Mormon boy song" 

Anzli & Meryjein

Sis Reisner, Sis Allred, me, Sis Cedeno

I love these girls!!

Wonderful pamphlet made by Sister Allred with daily schedule, hymns, etc

At the back of each pamphlet was an envelope to place handouts, etc

My favorite handout from camp

Ward trunk-or-treat!


Cute cute Charlie Brown family!  The Benches

Our Halloween night - witches brew and an orange dinner!
And cute Ruth as a witch :)

10/6/14 - 28 weeks - cauliflower

10/13/14 - 29 weeks - cabbage

10/20/14 - 30 weeks - butternut squash

10/27/14 - 31 weeks - bag of navel oranges