Tuesday, September 30, 2014

September 2014

For Labor Day we saw "How To Train Your Dragon 2" at Downtown Disney and then went to Cocoa Beach.

23 weeks

A fun cinnamon roll making mutual night

Afterwards we took a "thank you" to the firefighters who taught us safety and CPR last month.  Beth is amazing and made her famous carrot cake.

The TV ads always sell us...this was an interesting and yummy try!

My cute parents back home making peach jam 

Our Disney annual pass was well worth it...

Girl's Camp YW fundraiser.  A dessert night!

All the yummy desserts

When you only have 100 days left til your due date...!

Lunch with my work team

Disney in the fall - my favorite!  So many memories of going to Disneyland Paris in the fall when we lived in Germany.  The decorations are my favorite.

I had been wanting a caramel apple from the Confectionary forever!

Sweet Riani worked hard and earned her Honor Bee.  She is such an amazing example!

Sweet friend Dayse's baptism!

So much fun registering for baby boy things, and loved sending one of my favorite childhood books "The Little Engine That Could" to Florence for her 2nd birthday

Love trying new holiday candies :)

Love these

The Reid vacation is here!!!  Jared's grandparents got here before Jared's parents and siblings because they were stuck in SLC for another day due to a fire in the Chicago airport...

Journal: Reid trip:
Saturday: checked into the Contemporary, so beautiful, whenever we go to Disney we always wish we could stay here and now we ARE! Ate dinner at The Wave 
Sunday: woke up, sat on balcony, talked about life and baby, so fun! Breakfast, went home to get ready for church, got grandparents settled, passed out baby shower invitations, Monica sat by us, Reids get off plane and arrive to church right after sacrament! So fun to see them, hold Tate all sacrament, love it!!! Jared asking for binky bc he's not used to noise haha, Jared hasn't seen his family since Christmas, love seeing Ruth see Jared again, ate lunch in kitchen, handing out invitations with Beth, talk with Britney during Sunday School, all of them come to YW!! So fun to look at them as they would comment and realize they are really here and I wasn't seeing them in a video. Ruth and Grandma Reid had really nice comments that they shared. After church they went to the Berry's and I went home to pack. Then we went to the Contemporary and they got settled and then went to eat at Port Orleans. So fun to sit with Loren Britney and Tate and observe what our life will be like soon! Little Tate is so cute. He makes me so excited to be a mom! I want to be the best wife and mother. I love Jared and our baby so much already. I am also so grateful for a healthy pregnancy. It truly is such a blessing. It was so fun to see and hear Jared tell Wild Florida stories (gator hunting and when the gator got loose) to his siblings and see them laugh so hard and love it. I love seeing Jared reunited with his siblings. Then we went home and watched the water music show from the balcony and played with Tate on the bed (Ruth was so fun with him and wound him up like crazy) and then we went to bed. A great day!
Mon: I had to work :( they went to Universal Studios, then I met up with them for dinner at Downtown Disney's Paradiso 37.
Tues: I worked while they did Epcot and Magic Kingdom
Wed: I worked, had the Fall Carnival at work, met them at Grand Floridian for dinner, watched Shark Tank
Thurs: Wild Florida! Then drove to Vero Beach, ocean, pool, tried to catch up on hank you notes, dinner, shark tank, early bed 
Fri: slept in
Such a fun trip!

Stayed at the Contemporary...so beautiful!

Love seeing the fall decorations at Michaels!

Love seeing this family reunited.  

Tatey boy is so CUTE!

Eating at the Grand Floridian.  Inside reminded me of the Titanic!

Wild Florida!!


The only reason they go on the "It's A Small World" ride at Disney is because they can sit down and it's air conditioned...

Butterbeer at Harry Potter World

Cute Uncle Ryan with Tate

The Reids love the ocean...and I am content to sit on the beach :)  Why can't the ocean be fresh water and have no dangerous animals??

Traditional game of mini golf

Loved our little cottage

I put hours and hours (and more hours than I want to think about) into a Fall Carnival we put on at work...
Luckily it was a success!  I was most excited about the treat bags we handed out to people. :)

My OB's office decorated so cute for Halloween

A fun canoeing activity for mutual

9/1/14 - 23 weeks - papaya

9/8/14 - 24 weeks - ear of corn

9/15/14 - 25 weeks - eggplant

9/22/14 - 26 weeks - scallion

9/29/14 - 27 weeks - cucumber