Sunday, August 31, 2014

August 2014

Renewed our annual Sea World passes.

Got to see my sweet friend Natalie Allen and her husband

A. Jared finally finished off the Nesquik chocolate milk we got for our wedding three and a half years ago.  :)
B. Listening to Christmas music in August and getting so excited for baby to come!
C. Had to buy some attractive compression socks to help my swollen ankles.
D.  Did a fun service scavenger hunt for mutual.

Emily & Evan Romrell came to visit!  Making homemade strawberry ice cream here.

We of course had to take them on an airboat ride.  Also, the small Mormon world just gets smaller and smaller - the owner of Wild Florida (in the top left pic) was roommates with Evan's dad when they went to law school at the University of Utah and are still good friends to this day. 

Fun 80's stake dance!

Best friends

Love this faithful missionary, Sister Salveson.


This was the day we were going to find out if baby was a boy or girl.  

I get butterflies just looking at this picture.

Our sweet baby boy!!

Celebrating at CiCi's!  Before this though (after the ultrasound) we went straight to Babies R Us to register.  I was flying to Utah in a week for Mikele's mission homecoming and my sweet in laws wanted to throw me a shower, but needed to first know the gender and I needed to be registered!

Going back to register on a different day and loving all the cute clothes.

Babies + fall time = love

Had a great mutual activity on budgeting.

Hollywood Studios

Lauren with her driving permit!

Mikele is home!!!
And Lauren's 16th birthday

And then I came home. :)  Nothing like coming down those escalator steps to see your family at the bottom

Family selfie at City Creek.

Love my temple and sibs

Ate at Kneaders and loved all the fall decor
Mikele skyping with (and seeing for the first time since their missions) her pre-mission boyfriend.  
Ooo la la :)

New puppy, Bella

Loved seeing the Reids!
Yummy peaches from the fam's peach tree.  Really, they were better than store bought.

Baptisms as a family at the Jordan River Temple.

The top right photo - Wipout laughs :).
Lots of tummy feeling while home.
Stopping for goodies on the way home from the temple.

Selfies from the hub

Seeing Hillary Olsen!!! Love you, Hill.

Our second family, the Bryans!  (Sister Bryan is taking the pic)

Went maternity clothes shopping with my mom and I was laughing when she had me try on the "bump" to see how the shirts would fit when I was bigger.

Lauren's volleyball tournament
Visiting Great Grandma Kramer's grave with my momma

Some baby gifts...this is getting real!

Sweet baby Violet!!

Best friends from college!  I'm so grateful they were able to come to my baby shower.
Katie Taylor, Taylor Fonbuena, & Ally Mullen

Amazing diaper cake made by Britney

Amazing baby shower put on by the Reids.  It was so fun to have Stephensons, Reids, 9th ward friends, and college friends there!  

The adorable "Up All Night Survival Kit" the Reids made for Jared.

Loved going to the temple with Mikele.

Sweet best friend, Mary-Martha Jackson.

Long leg party

Some family pics

Mikele's homecoming luncheon

These girls <3

Basically siblings <3

Family pic before the airport

Bye to my sweet fam

Camp cooking certification night at mutual.

Jared finally got to fulfill one of his dreams:  gator hunting!
The baby and I feasted on Wendy's while he was gone.

His catch

Dream come true!

End of summer water games for mutual.

8/4/14 - 19 weeks - mango

8/11/14 - 20 weeks - banana

8/18/14 - 21 weeks - carrot

8/25/14 - 22 weeks - spaghetti squash