Thursday, July 31, 2014

July 2014

At the beginning of July we had a fun Personal Progress Mutual activity where we wrote our testimonies in Book of Mormons for the missionaries to give out, wrote favorite scriptures and quotes on pillowcases for the missionaries, and put everything plus Swedish fish ("Fishers of Men") in gift bags to give to the missionaries.
One of our Laurels was sick with mono so we made her a candy poster.  Which we knew would help cure her. :)

We had a fun 4th of July at the Steinagel's house with lots of fun families.  I brought a salad with strawberries and feta and then a jello pretzel salad.  I was pretty proud of that jello salad. :)
They brought out the traditional water balloon launcher which the kids loved.  And the husbands!

Played games like "stick pull" and other fun ones they played back in the good ol' days.

Proud of our tiny baby bump!  I was 14 weeks here.  We told the world this week! 

So proud of Rosemary, Anthony, and Ashley for getting baptized.

Loved the lesson Beth Allred taught in YW this Sunday.  She taught with a timeline of pictures on how ever since the creation of the world Heavenly Father has been preparing the USA to have the gospel restored.  It was so good!
You can also see Gabby wiping her forehead because this was the Sunday when the AC was broken in the church!  

Cute 4th of July crafts from YW.
Bottom pics:  A Personal Progress mutual activity on Knowledge.  We learned what to do in case of a hurricane, learned how to prepare and what supplies you need and then acted out what we would do in the event of a hurricane.  You can see Sis Reisner pretending to wash her hair in the rain, haha!  Then we turned off the lights and sat on the floor and the leaders told hurricane stories (we must live in Florida).

Our favorite activity together:  eating out!  This time at Olive Garden.  

The Allreds invited us to the Professional Bull Riding Rodeo.  

The boys loved the fire :)

I had to wear this shirt to work for an event I was helping host and I was horrified because it was a size SMALL (which is not my size) and I hadn't told people at work I was pregnant yet and I was so scared someone was going to notice my bump.  :)
I was about 15 or 16 weeks here but didn't tell anyone at work until I was 18 weeks.

The night before that our dear friends the Barwicks came over to tell us they were pregnant!  Our babies would be about a month apart!  They called us that night saying they were in the area (Really, on a work night?  When you live a half hour away? :)) and just wanted to say hi.  I knew something was up but they weren't giving into any of my prying.  Then finally once I gave up and forgot about it Lindsey turned to me and said, "So Carly…I think you have a direct line to heaven because after you said you were praying for us to get pregnant, well, we're pregnant!"  

For this Mutual we had a family history night where we told about our ancestors in our PJs and ate pop corn.  It was so cool to learn about everyone's history and where they came from.   

The crazy presidency

Dayse and her cute girls taking a temple tour!

We went to Hash House A Go Go with the presidency and were amazed by their food (and portions!)

For Mutual we did some camp certification and went to the firehouse to be trained on CPR, first aid, and safety.  And as an added bonus the firemen showed us all the cool firetrucks and let us spray the firehose!

Our ward did a "Trek to Zion" to index names and take family names to the temple for their ordinances to be done.  Jared and I were leaders of the Winter Quarters team.  It was a great experience and we know there is much more to do!
Jared got this hill billy case for his work phone. Very fitting for Wild Florida!
We participated in the Worldwide Indexing Event.  
As I was taking down our 4th of July star I had a heart attack once I saw what was on the back.  

We missed out on the annual Grant Family Reunion.  Love all of these wonderful people.

Loved getting these announcements each Monday from the "What to Expect" app.

7/7/14 - 15 weeks - plum

7/14/14 - 16 weeks - avocado

7/21/14 - 17 weeks - onion

7/28/14 - 18 weeks - sweet potato

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Ho Ho Ho!

Ho Ho Ho!  Merry Christmas!  

Santa is bringing us the best Christmas present ever on December 29, 2014!!!