Monday, June 30, 2014

June 2014

Another wonderful month!

Because we were no longer students….we had to grow up and turn over our Utah plates.  But we love Florida so we got used to it quickly!  

Had a fun Mutual night showing the youth my trek DVD from 2005 to get them prepared for trek the next week.  

My cute hub in his work getup.  

Summer BBQ!  
Jared with friends Chris Bench and Ronnie Barwick

Cute Emma (and baby Seth) and James
Tayli & James being adorable
The grub!

Ruth mailed us this…..and little did she know we were eleven weeks pregnant!  Don't worry we told her the next week :)

Had a little scare (okay big scare) with cramping that lasted 24 hours and had to visit the ER.  Everything turned out to be fine, and we got to see our baby! Below is Baby Reid at 10 weeks 5 days.

The YM & YW sang "Come Come Ye Saints" in our trek clothing in sacrament meeting the Sunday before trek.  

This is what the youth gave the Bishop for Father's Day.  The biggest Hershey bar you've ever seen!!

Fun girl's night out dinner with RS sisters.

TREK!  What an amazing experience.  Jared helped with supplies and I came down at night to be with the youth.  This is the youth crossing the Nauvoo river with their wagons.


The beautiful Nauvoo temple.  Our stake leaders built this!

Love this pic.  Jared and the guys look like they belong back in that time.

Some of our cute YW (Meryjein & Gabriella) and my counselor Beth Allred in their trek family.

The setting was perfect.  We set up camp, had dinner, a fireside with Joseph & Emma while facing the Nauvoo temple, and then once we went back to our families we heard gun shots...

We were forced out of Nauvoo by angry mob members!

And then they burned our beautiful temple.  Although this was obviously planned (the youth didn't know its was coming though), it felt SO real and the Spirit was so strong.

About to go home for the night.  Oh and Jared was a mob member.  I went up to him (while he was in character with a gun and yelling and all) and said, "Hey hub I found you!  When do you want to head home?" and he turns around and says, "Get away from me you filthy Mormon!"  My heart broke! I felt a small part of what oura ancestors must have felt.

The next night we played some fun pioneer games - handcart races...

And tug of war...

The next day, welcoming them to Zion!!

Way to go!!!!  You made it to Zion, sister!

Beth & Meryjein

Riani & Beth

Liberty & Riani

Cute Allred family

Then I drove to Wild Florida for their grand re-opening of the park!

Florida's smallest horse, named Tinkerbell.  

They just opened the new restaurant and it is doing so well.  So proud of them!

Jared's office :)  

The Barwicks came!  It was raining and one of the nice employees gave us a personalized tour of the animal park in a golf cart.

Feeding the birds

Her smile!

Hung this up for one of my favorite holidays!

Skyping with the fan to tell them we're pregnant!!  Oh my I need to post that video.  And the one when we told the Reids.  Hysteria.  Good hysteria.

Mutual night about our Individual Worth.  We cut out pictures to represent qualities we presently have and qualities we want in the future.

 Made mom's famous "Chicken Peanut's Ding" - a childhood favorite.  It was way too much work though so I don't think it will happen again…haha!

Ate while watching the World Cup and Wipeout!!

Went to the dinner show "Medieval Times."  

Mutual activity learning more about the 4th of July and our nation's flag.

Another ward volleyball night!  I totally forgot I was pregnant this night and dove on the ground for the ball :-/

How I announced to my YW that I am pregnant….I need to post this video too!!

Finally announcing our big news!

 The most delicious homemade Oreo cookies.

Big day!!

And now for the best part:

6/2/14 - 10 weeks pregnant - baby the size of a prune

6/9/14 - 11 weeks - lime

6/16/14 - 12 weeks - plum

6/23/14 - 13 weeks - peach

6/30/14 - 14 weeks - lemon