Saturday, May 31, 2014

May 2014

The best week of our life happened the last week of April/first week of May.  
In that week we found out we were pregnant, Jared got the job, and he graduated!  

We enjoy going to the Food Truck Bazaar every once in a while.  It's a night once a month where about 20 different food trucks park in a large circle with the windows facing outward and you can walk around and see all the many options.  It's almost as fun to walk around and see all the options as it is to eat them!  This was our second time attending, and this time I tried some yummy tacos and Jared tried a burrito.  

Now the day we had been anticipating since moving here a year and a half ago…….Jared's graduation day!!!!!  (Note:  I ironed his graduation gown for him.  Jared's mom is a smart smart lady and taught all her boys how to do laundry and how to iron so luckily Jared does all his own ironing…so this was a moment to document. :))

And here we go…… to graduation!!!

Sending selfies to each other to pass the time.  Attempting to FaceTime and it not working.  And then me reminding Jared that we are PREGNANT!

Top photos:  walking into graduation
Bottom photos:  after having walked across the stage receiving his diploma!  

The official graduation outfit.  The University of Central Florida has been very good to us!

I am so proud of you, Jared!  

The night we had been waiting for……celebrating Jared's graduation at Whispering Canyons Cafe at Disney's Wilderness Lodge.  

This is Jared's favorite restaurant in all of Disney.  They are known for their menu item "The Trough."  And their shakes are so delicious!

Celebrated my 24th birthday.  Carly + Target gift card + sweets = happy!

Ward volleyball night.  These two cuties were hilarious!

FaceTiming with my family while blowing out candles on my birthday donut cake.  

Skyping with Mikele for Mother's day!  And guess what the first words out of her mouth were?  "Carly, are you pregnant?"
Me:  "Um………no."
M:  "Yes you are!  I just know it!"
Me: "Um….ahh!"
Me:  "MIKELE!  How did you know?!"

Birthday dinner at Oliver Garden.  If it looks like I'm nauseous it's because I was…

More birthday celebrations at Aquatica!  I also forgot I was pregnant and went on all the water slides...

Fun mutual activity about Divine Nature.

My mom sent me the cutest shirt for Mother's Day, as well as some oven mitts my sweet grandma made me.
Jared bought some new work boots.
And a beautiful sunset.

Facetiming with my sweet G&G Stephenson.
Jared with John, a good friend from his old job at The Peabody.
The beautiful temple.
I loved this bumper sticker.  It's funny but also very true. :)

I present to you the handsome General Manager of Wild Florida!

Preparing for trek by watching my trek video from 2005 :)
1. Chris McKee - who Jared thought I was dating when I first met Jared the summer of 2010 and the first words out of Jared's mouth w2. ere, "So what's up with you and Chris McKee?"
Cutie Karissa.
3. Me and Emily Glauser…where the friendship began!
4. And then randomly shopping for a baby shower gift for a friend and standing in the baby food isle and being in disbelief that I will actually be buying these things for my own baby soon!

Celebrating our 3rd anniversary at California Pizza Kitchen.  
If it looks like I'm nauseous and bloated, it's because I was...

Jared pretenting to run like a stiff board, haha.  And then watching him run off in the distance since we run at much different paces…
Watching our favorite show Shark Tank!!!

Fun mutual activity with the youth.  Water balloon battleship!

Kaleidoscope of Culture at work went very well, thankfully.  
Our group chose the holiday "The Day of the Dead."  

We won!

Tried the yummiest Asian place.  Everyone at work talks about it.  

Afterwards went to Old Key West.  Oh the memories there!
Attempted to take a normal picture on the hammock…but then ended up laughing at our double chins.

Baby Violet was born!!!  

Fun fun baby shower for Emma and baby boy!!

Went to a park to eat our food and play a' game of Speed (anyone who knows and loves me knows I don't do well with strategy games…I like the quick games).

And now… bump pictures!!!

5/12/14 - 7 weeks along - baby the size of a blueberry!

5/19/14 - 8 weeks - raspberry!

5/21/14 - First peek at our beautiful, alive, adorable, sweet sweet (upside down) baby!!

Ecstatic parents!  Parents??  Parents!!!

5/26/14 - 9 weeks - grape!