Wednesday, April 30, 2014

April 2014

April was a great month!

Loved watching General Conference.  
Also started a new tradition of monkey bread during conference time!

Saying goodbye to some of our favorite missionaries.  
Elder Socorras on Jared's right and Sister Lowry.

Went on a run past our church building and the sunset was so beautiful!

Delivering cookies to some YW.  I love these girls!

Our friends Rafi & Monica are cooks at the Marriott and hosted a cooking class date night.  It was such a blast!  Also, I touched a raw whole chicken for the first time and learned how to prepare it.  :/

We had the incredible opportunity of going with the youth in our stake to the Ft. Lauderdale temple open house.

The beautiful laurels

All our incredible YW

All the youth in the stake

Me and Stephanie Erbiti, our laurel's president

Are these two college buddies not the cutest??

For a combined mutual activity we had a giant Jenga game.  Each block you pulled out had an activity on it - do the chicken dance, do the crab walk, etc.  In the bottom left picture you can see Meryjein doing the chicken dance.  So fun!

Flying kites before Easter dinner at the Barwick's house.
Can you tell I think he looks really good in his church clothes? :)

Jared, Ronnie, Tayli, Lindsey, and Jane Kelley

Playing the hot cold game to find our Easter basket.

On our way home from the Munns' house after our final interview with them…….!

Last graduate class!

Celebrating Jared's last day of class…..EVER!!!

General Manager of Wild Florida.  His dream job.  Heavenly.Father.Answers.Prayers.

Gave this Book of Mormon reader to a co-worker's granddaughter.  And she is still reading it!  Yay!

Ward temple night with Donnie.  Such studs!

The laurels went to LDS Prom.  So beautiful!  They even got picked up in a limo.


And then, April 30th, 2014……………….
We found out we were pregnant!!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

March 2014 - Stephenson Spring Break Day 7 - the last day

Thu 4/3/14:   Today we went to Sea World!  We saw the Clyde and Seamore show, got a slushy, went on Turtle Trek, went to Antarctica and the line was long but it was so fun waiting in line together and teaching mom how to use her iphone and Jace doing the fat app and talking to dad and then them loving the ride and then Jared surprising us as we came out of the ride (he had just finished a "ride-along with with Ecolab, a company he was interviewing with).  Then we saw the amazing dolphin show, then Jared, Lo, and Jace rode the crazy roller coaster Manta (I couldn’t believe Jace liked it!!!!), then we ate lunch at Voyagers (bbq food), then went to the Shamu Up Close show (the substitute while they’re replacing the glass in Shamu stadium) but we were all so tired so we then headed back to their condo.  It was so fun going home and relaxing and lying with mom and dad on the bed and watching House Hunters on HGTV.  Jared went to class for a few hours.  Then Jared and dad picked up Chick Fil A while I laid in bed with Jace and Lo and tried to soak up the last few moments I had with them.  Then I took pictures with each of my family members and we said bye.  :(  What a fun week this was!

The hilarious mime

Where Jared's internship is!

This show was awesome too.  Mom loved all the bright costumes and choreography.

Love this!

After the roller coaster

I had to include these because they woke up the family every single morning. Haha

My dad sent me this and I couldn't stop laughing!