Saturday, November 30, 2013

November Update

Another month has come and gone!  In 12 days we will be in UTAH!!!!!!!!!!!!

Some memories:
  • Jared saying, “Que?  Co-mo?”  
  • “It’s darky outside.”  -Carly
  • Jared pulled out gray hair from my head and said, “Sorry, it looked like fishing twine, I had to.”
  • We had the Primary Program and it went so well.  I love being in Primary!
  • Jared loves Wheel of Fortune.  And I’m still trying to figure out the rules?
  • Jared has eyes like a hawk.  We will be talking and then all of the sudden he’ll stop, stare, and go kill a bug, cockroach, spider….it's hilarious.
  • Jared had to write a paper and it had 31 sources……………….YUCK
  • Unfortunately, my debit card information was stolen and three different large purchases were made by someone other than us.  The purchases occurred at gas stations, one of them being Wawa.  I got home and guess what we had received in the mail that day?  WAWA COUPONS.  Oh the irony.
  • Jared’s Uncle Dave was in town for a conference at the Peabody/Hyatt Hotel and we had him over for dessert and visiting.  It was fun to see him!
  • The most hilarious woman at work, Rose, told me one day how her daughter was supposed to pick her up from work.  Her daughter had worked the night shift and then her phone died while she was sleeping, resulting in her alarm clock not going off and not picking up Rose from work.  This resulted in Rose having to walk home, which took about an hour.  Upon entering the front door, Rose saw her daughter asleep on her bed.  She shook the bed, and while dramatically wiping the sweat off her forehead and snapping her wrist so the sweat would fall on her daughter, (picture Taylor doing her black talk) she said, “Ask yo mamma how she got home??!!”  I was lololololololololololing………….
  • Jared applied for a leadership internship at Sea World and…………….he got it!!!  We are grateful that Heavenly Father hears and answers our prayers, according to His will.  It will be from January-May and then he graduates May 1st.
  • A couple months ago we were challenged by the sister missionaries to set a date to pray to be led to someone we could invite into our home to teach them about the gospel.  We chose the date November 4th, 2013.  We prayed for months and eventually felt prompted to invite our neighbors.  They accepted our invitation and came over on November 4th!!  It sounds like it happened so easily but this was after many prayers, fasts, and nervous stomachs.  It has been an experience that has really strengthened our faith.
  • My friend at work randomly texted me one night and asked if I wanted to start having a bible study with her during lunch each day.  I stared at my phone with my jaw on the floor.  We have been praying for more missionary opportunities and look……..amazing.  They have been such cool experiences!!
  • Good advice about motherhood!

Welp, all of my college roommates are pregnant!  WOOOHOO!!!!!!  Taylor (on the left) is pregnant (WEIRD), Katie (in the middle) is expecting a little boy (ahh!), and Chelsie is also expecting a boy and is due in a few weeks.  SO FUN!  
^^One of my besties, Kenna, tagged me in this on Pinterest.  HAHAHAHA proof:

(The day we decided to "do each other's hair" before going to Mutual hahahaha)

LUCKILY we don't look like that anymore....?

We went to Sea World and saw this amazing show.  It is soooooo good!

After the show we checked out the new Antarctica exhibit.  Real penguins and real snow.  So cool!

^^Then we tried out the famous Bubalou's Bodacious Bar-B-Que.  Jared got catfish and I got pulled pork.  Look at all the different kinds of hot sauce!
Some beautiful Orlando skies.

^^I texted my little brother Jace on my dad's phone and said, "I miss you buddy, you should text me a picture of you without your boot on" (he had hurt his foot and recently had his boot removed) and this is what he sent, along with the message "#swag #yolo" (you only live once)
Hahahahahahahahaha where has my little 10 year old brother gone? 

^^Went to Outback Steakhouse and all we really wanted was the Bloomin' Onion :)
^^I really really want a ton of decorations in our house but I have to remind myself that they are expensive and it took my mom 25 years of marriage to accumulate all the decorations she I have sorta made a deal with Jared that I'll only shop for decorations on after-holiday-sales, and look at my finds!  I went into Michaels wanting a cornucopia and boy did I find it!
^^You know it's time to go to the grocery store when all you have to eat in your house are boxed or frozen foods...
So when I finally did go shopping I splurged and bought some gingerbread cookies for Germany childhood memories sake.
We finally went to GATORLAND!!!!!!!  It's pretty much a zoo filled with animals that are indigenous to Florida (and gators being the main attraction).  We live 10 minutes away from it and finally checked it off our bucket list.  It was really fun!

^^The albino alligator
^^The dead alligator
^^The nasty smelling petting zoo (and if I, the woman with the worst nose, could smell it...)

^^Panthers!!  Who knew they were indigenous to Florida?
^^Mini alligators

^^The gator wrestling show

^^Sooo.....two funny things about this picture...I was given a double patty hamburger by accident at Wendy's and Jared had already intentionally ordered a double patty burger, so I gave him my extra patty...which resulted in a three patty hamburger for him, and what is he pointing at?  A MUSTACHE.  It didn't last long :)
^^We went to Sea World and saw the amazing Christmas shows there.  Soooo good!
^^The Shamu Christmas show
^^Before the show they had the most amazing saxophonist playing songs in the audience.  WOW he was so good.

^^See how much fun you can have without alcohol? Ha ha

^^We had the Barwicks over for simplified caramel apples.  I know they look like poop but they were delicious, okay? :)  We cut up apples and put caramel, butterfingers, snickers, etc on them.

^^On Thanksgiving morning I made my first pie.  It turned out a success!  Despite the fact that I forgot there were still stickers on the bottom the pan (since it was my first time ever using it) so I had to hold it upside down while Jared used Goo Gone on it and my pie crust got all messed up oh and then I forgot to turn the oven on so it sat there for 40 minutes...
^^We headed over to a potluck with our veggie tray and pies.  It was a very fun night with lots of good food and fun friends.  Oh and, I got to hold a baby most of the night. :)

^^Once we got home we enjoyed some football.

^^We watched the Grinch a few days later, and Jared was very opposed to it because it was only November 29th and not December 1st.  But don't worry, within a few minutes he was on the couch glued to the TV. :)  Who can resist Christmas?
^^Went to Tayli's two year old "Magical Party in Neverland" birthday party.  She is SO CUTE!
^^Look at her adorable Tinkerbell cake.

^^Tayli loooves Princess Sophia so we got her some Princess Sophia dress up shoes.  Ha ha look at her cute "cheese" face.
^^The Benches gave her the cutest sunglasses and bracelets.  She was all set!

^^Cute little James didn't want to keep his Peter Pan hat on but I was able to snap a quick picture :)
^^And who is this guy wearing Tayli's Princess Sophia shoes??? 
^^The Barwick's neighbors had the cutest Mickey wreath.  
^^The Barwick's new home.  It is a beautiful home in a really cute, quiet neighborhood.
^^Went to Sea World again.  Can you tell we love Christmas time there?

^^My dad texted me this.  See you soon UTAH!!!!!!!!