Thursday, October 31, 2013

October Update

Happy Fall Ya'll!  We're only experiencing a "fall" here, but we'll take it.

  • I've been really missing volleyball this fall.  My sister Aly is playing at Snow College, my sister Lauren is playing for Skyline High School, and this is usually the time we got our BYU Intramural Volleyball team together and started playing.  
  • We started to observe a slight temperature change from "hot" to "a little less hot," haha!
  • I bought an apple cinnamon Glade wall scent.  It makes it smell and feel like fall in our house!!
  • Jared went to a job fair this month and had a great time.  He met a lot of possible employers and it makes us excited about the possibilities that are out there.  He will graduate this upcoming May 2014 and then it's crazy to think we could end up anywhere.  The possibility of leaving Orlando makes us sad...we have come to really love it here.
  • I love love love love love this talk.  

^Does this purple shirt (and yoga pants that you can't see) look familiar?  I wear this outfit all the time...Jared tells me I will be buried in it because I wear it so much...but I have to remind him I'll be buried in my temple clothes. :)  

Got together with Emma & Lindsey during Priesthood Session.  We made and ate egg-less cookie dough (why have I never done this before??) and made a cute Halloween door hanging.  I was the only baby-less one so it was natural that I just hold the cookie dough...

Enjoyed watching General Conference and eating pumpkin french toast.

Got out the fall decorations.  Yay!  They are quite limited...

Yummy pumpkin chocolate chip bread

One night Jared ran in the door from class and grabbed my hand and told me to follow him outside.  There was a random blue streak through the sky!  He said on his drive home it was a lot more vibrant and people were even pulled over on the side of the road taking pictures.

Aly finally came through on her promise to make a paper chain counting down the days until we see her at Christmas. :)  

Jared's family came into town!!!!!!!!  On our way to meet them at Disney's All-Star Resort...

One of the best parts of the trip:  Baby Florence!  This was Jared's first time meeting his first little niece.  Can you tell how thrilled she is? :)  She is such a beautiful and fun baby.  I loved seeing how Jared melted when he would hold her.  

It was so good to be reunited with them!!  I especially loved seeing Jared with his brothers.  They have such a good time together and are the best of friends.  After dinner we swam and played the funnest game of "how many times can we hit the beach ball with out it hitting the water."  We were laughing so hard that we had to stop the game multiple times!

Britney (SIL), me, Mary-Martha (family friend and "should-be-a-Reid"), and SIL Haley :)

EW.  Found this gross little guy in our laundry room right before the Reids came over for breakfast Sunday morning.  

Here we are making breakfast before Stake Conference.  After this we visited with President & Sister Berry at the mission home and then the Reids left on their Disney cruise.  We had to stay home and work and Jared had class.  

Precious moments during Stake Conference...

Visiting the Berrys at the mission home.  It is so beautiful!  And they are such good mission presidents.  Gardner and President Berry served in the bishopric of the EMC Single Adult Ward that Jared and I met in during that amazing summer of 2010!

One of the funniest parts of that summer?  The fact that a couple months before I moved home from BYU for the summer, my dad who was serving in the 9th ward bishopric at the time saw Gardner at some sort of stake meeting and, knowing that Gardner was in the SA ward bishopric, said, "Now you know my daughter is coming home for the summer, Gardner.  You need to find her a good man to marry!"  :)

Four days later we were able to meet up with them for the weekend at Disney's Vero Beach Resort! (pic)

So there was a "Halloween Night" on the cruise ship.  Soon after we walked in the door Ruth said, "Did you hear what Britney's costume was?"  We said, "No..." and then Ruth said, "Oh Britney, please go put your Halloween costume on for Jared and Carly!"

She walked up the stairs and.....

We had lots of fun playing sports, playing at the beach, the pool, eating, and hanging out.

The boys love the waves.  If you can believe it, yours truly even got out there in the waves...trying to be a good wife and sacrifice my dislikes for my husband's likes...ha ha
Oh and we swam with jellyfish...lots of them!  Yikes!

Loved spending time with Mary-Martha!

Run Haley, run!

Ah.  So cute.

 My cute sister-in-laws.  Look at Britney's cute baby bump!

Biking to Pelican Island.

7th place.  Why was golf invented?

I love that the Reids play volleyball!

It was so fun seeing them!!  Can't wait to see them at Christmas.

Back to the grind...

Said goodbye to these awesome girls. :(

The Wednesday night tradition:  passing Jared on the road as he's going to class and I'm coming home from work.  

I have loved running (maybe I should say "running") at night.  The temperatures have been a lot lower and the sunsets (and sunrises) are so beautiful!  Here is a sunrise on my way to work.  

On 10/24 it felt like a real fall!!!!  We celebrated by putting on sweaters and eating deep dish pepperoni pizza from Little Caesars outside in the cold!!!

Went to SeaWorld's Halloween Spooktacular.  Saw the Shamu show and collected candy like little kids, yes we did!!!

You're never too old to buy a glow in the dark pumpkin bucket. :)

On our way home we did more fall celebrations and got pumpkin muffins and pumpkin donuts, yum!!

The ward trunk or treat was so fun!  The Pokipalas are so awesome.

Our friends the Benches.  Aren't their costumes so cute?

Our "orange and black" Halloween dinner with pizza, oranges, carrots and witches brew (apple juice and dry ice).  Jared dared me to breathe in the dry ice smoke.  Can you tell I grew up with no older brothers?

Back at home.

Happy Halloween!  Yes I wore this to work and yes people didn't know who I was and yes boring people who didn't dress up thought I was crazy and yes I loved an excuse not to wear normal work clothes.  

Bring on the holidays!!!