Monday, September 30, 2013

September 2013 Update

Dear Future Children,

Your parents had quite the month of September!

  • I realized I am finally a grown up once I received my first paid day off (Labor Day).  It was a beautiful thing!
  • My sister Aly was contacted by a D1 school about playing volleyball for them!!
  • Chicago boys 9/3/13 three person jump rope - (go to 2:20) was really cool!
  • One of my best friends, Macy Jepsen, received her mission call to Cambodia!
  • My amazing BYU friend Stephanie Banks came to a convention at Disneyworld and I got to see her!  

I made homemade lasagna.  Don't think I've ever done that before.  We ate it as we looked out our backyard windows and the rain fell.  

^^For a long time we have been meaning to go to The Peabody Hotel together.  Jared works there and they are famous for their duck march.  On October 1st The Peabody Hotel was sold to Hyatt and anything "duck" was done away with so we went in September and Jared showed me his stomping grounds and I saw the duck march for the first & last time.

^^The Duck Master in the top left corner.  Right:  the stairs (not collapsed) that the ducks march up on and into the water.  So crazy!

^^View from Jared's favorite hangout spot on the 21st floor.  Can you spot the Orlando temple in the top left corner?  People at work ask Jared about it a lot.  If they only knew......(one day!  We are working on that).  Oh also, people at work call Jared "Utah" and someone at work called me "Ms. Utah" today.  We love Utah!

^^Can you see the Epcot ball in the top left hand pic?

^^Bottom left:  where Jared hangs out a lot when his shift assignment is to roam the hotel.  Pics on the right:  the ducks live in a marble suite.......(it was being cleaned at the moment)

^^Went to Sea World with the Barwicks to see the new Antartica section of the park.  We didn't go on the ride but apparently as you progress in the line the temperature gets colder and colder to prepare your body to be around the penguins!

^^I was asked to be on a Single Adult Conference planning committee.  Those asked to be on the board were a diverse group - married people, single, old, young, etc.  Our stake was aked to plan a single adult conference for pretty much the southeast region of the USA (but mostly just for the 6 stakes in our area).  Single Adults are ages 31 and older, and honestly there's not a lot of enthusiasm for it down here.  In fact, one of the single girls on our committee said she'd rather eat glass than go to one of these activities.  Because of the lack of enthusiasm and attendance at past conferences, we were asked to plan a conference that's never been done before.  Luckily, after many months of planning, and with the Lord's help, we were able to plan exactly that.  I can't even begin to describe the Lord's hand in it.  And, we are seeing so many fruits from it today!  One example:  a single girl in our family ward met someone there and is dating him quite seriously.  That was not the only objective of our conference but it was definitely one of them so it makes me HAPPY!  And the girl who said she would rather eat glass, well, she retracted her comment and couldn't stop talking about how amazing it was. :)

One really special experience:  A couple weeks before the conference, the member of our Stake Presidency who was our committee leader (Pres. Farnsworth), asked us to pray that people will feel impressed to come to the conference.  Jared and I did just that and had faith it would work.  On the Saturday of the conference I was talking to a girl who drove from Ocala to come.  She is so awesome.  She attended BYU, got married, had a baby, sadly got divorced, got her master's degree in nursing, moved out to be by family in Florida, and has just been doing the best she can for her situation and her 15 year old daughter.  She told me she typically doesn't come to these things because they are just (in her words) awkward, and she said as she was deciding whether or not to come, she just felt impressed that she should go.

That was all I needed to hear.

Heavenly Father is aware of each of His children who attended this conference, and, He answers prayers!!  The night the conference ended I just prayed and prayed and cried tears of gratitude.

^^Had to take a picture of the church where it was held and all the cars that were there (you can't see them all).  Our goal was 200 people and over 300 came!!  People from all over too - Alabama, Miami, Texas, Georgia...

Friday night was a Progressive Dinner (BBQ) with a speaker
Saturday was an excursion day and a dance
Saturday night was a speaker and then Polynesian Luau 
Sunday Sister Linda K. Burton spoke!!!

Friday Jared and I chose to go on the Airboat Ride excursion.  A family in our stake owns "Wild Florida" and the man in the blue is one of our high councilors who is one of the owners.


^^This boy has been wanting to do this his whole life.  Miracles happen in Florida.

Saturday night Luau decorations.  So cute!

We may or may not have run out of food Saturday night...this was our desparate dash to Subway to order 20 footlong sandwiches.

Before we ran out of food.....
(and only 5 of the 20 committee members) - Sister D on the right.......she is hilarious!!  My cute friend Emma is to the right of me and it was so fun planning this with her.  

Part of the committee with Sister Burton after she spoke on Sunday.  She is so amazing and I want to be just like her.

The day the conference ended.  So tired.  Felt like we were in college again!  All fun and no sleep.

From our employee rewards program at work I ordered a new blowdryer...and look where the gifts come from!  OC Tanner in the good ol' SLC.

Many beautiful end-of-summer nights.

On our bucket list we have wanted to attend a high school football game.  We went with a man that Jared works with.  It was such a fun night!  Made us feel like we were in college again with the pep bands, etc.  As we were buying our tickets I looked to my right and beheld.......Harry Potter World!

So handsome!

^^The BYU Alumni Orlando Chapter had an End of Summer Beach Day.  We were hesitant to attend at first but it ended up being so fun!  And let me tell you, this mountain-lover-beach/sun-hater found how she can love the beach:  go around 4 PM when the sun is going down!  Seriously, the temperature is perfect, the water temp is perfect, and the sun is setting.  PERFECT!

^^Our good friends the Steinagels also went.  They are sweet and invite us over for Thanksgiving, 4th of July, etc.  I just love their little girls!

^^Okay.  In my next life can I be a party planner?  We love the show Shark Tank and a new season started September 20th.  
Aren't these "blood-filled" shark cupcakes so cute???  The whole time I was making them I kept telling Jared, "You can't come over here!  Don't look!"  I love planning things and surprising people.

^^And isn't little Tayli bug even cuter??

^^I made everyone wear party hats :)

^^The itchy straps were uncomfortable so every took their hats off except for my faithful husband.  I looked over and saw him still wearing his and said, "Hub, you don't have to wear yours anymore!"  And innocently he looked at me and said, "But you wanted us to wear them, didn't you?"  So cute.

Right after the SA Conference, Emma and I were roped into helping plan our ward Heritage Night.  We were in charge of the USA group (there were many other groups - we have a diverse ward - Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Samoa, India, Honduras, Sweden, etc) and we had fun decorating and Emma choreographed the cutest Cotton Eyed Joe dance!  The best part is at 2:05.  It was my "solo," okay? ;)

Sadly said goodbye to Sister Bowman (one of my favorites) but gladly said hello to Sister Hart!

Love this time of year!