Friday, August 30, 2013

August Update

Dear future posterity,

     Here's what your parents were up to this month!
  • Shark Week!!!!!
  • Jared finally agreed to walk around Costco with me and sample the samples!
  • We were invited to the High Priest End of Summer Party, and it was SO FUN. 1) the fact that we got invited and we are in the Elder's Quorum... 2) we were the ONLY young couple invited 3) we all were supposed to bring a wedding picture and then guess whose was whose 4) the entire party was eating and going around the circle and saying how you met your spouse - we left that party with our cheeks hurting.  Such a great time.
  • “Three toes” & them (from the TV show Mountain Men)
  • Lots of afternoon & evening rainstorms
  • Finished P90X!
  • Lauren made the Skyline Volleyball team!  My mom has now been a Skyline Volleyball Booster Mom for what, seven years?  She is so dedicated. :)
  • Loren & Britney are pregnant!!!!
  • The Peabody (where Jared works) was sold to Hyatt
  • Jared started his second and final year of school.  He will graduate in May!  WOOOO!
  • THIS is hilarious.....Mormon humor.  

^^Family picture at Wendy's...

^^Went to Magic Kingdom for the last time before our annual passes expired.  Walked in, saw the billions and billions of people invading our precious Magic Kingdom, saw the beads of sweat forming on our foreheads, took one look at each other and said in unison, "Wanna go?"  And back to the car we went... 

^^Checked off an item on our bucket list and fulfilled one of Jared's dreams ever since his mission...went to a stock car race!  It was so fun!  It was in Ocala - a beautiful, horse-countryish town two hours away from Orlando.

^^Lemme tell ya......this was my first real. southern. experience...and it didn't disappoint ;)  Oh and we got there at 6:20pm or so...and the track was really muddy from the rain they'd received that week, so we sat there, for THREE HOURS, as a bunch of hillbilly trucks circled the track OVER AND OVER to try to pat it down.  

^^Loved all the boiled peanut trucks...

^J was in heaven!

^^Babysat for our friends the Swains so they could go on a date.  I was in heaven!Bayleigh was so cute - she wanted to play Spongebob Operation with Jared but was SO terrified of when it would buzz, so she would instruct Jared and then stand back 10 feet.  When we were asking Bayleigh what game she wanted to play, she and Jared were standing at the game closet with the door open, and Bayleigh kept saying “Jake game, Jake game, Jake game” and Jared had nooooo idea what she was saying, and as I was watching from a distance, I saw him look at the game closet and then look at her, back at the closet and back at her, with an extreme look of confusion on his face...

^^Had an Elder's Quorum Party at our house.  In each picture, the Swains are on the left and the Benches are on the right.  The Swains just moved back to Utah :( and the Benches have become good friends.

^^Helped our friends the Barwicks move out of their apartment... :(

^^Went to the dinner show "Arabian Nights."  

^^Little Caesars & Jurassic Park date.  Jared could not believe that his wife had never seen the very first PG-13 movie he was ever allowed to see, and has loved ever since, so I humored him for a little while...and then I asked if we could watch a different movie once the creepy dinosaurs started getting to me...

^^Sister Hart!!!  Her dad was my boss when I worked at Aspen Grove the summer of 2009.  She was a tiny little 14 year old and now look where she is....serving a mission in my Orlando ward!  

^^Helped the Barwicks with some housework.

Friday, August 16, 2013

This is how all Friday nights should be.

I love nights like these.  Went to Wendy's with our coupons (is it sad that people at work know how much we love Wendy's so they give US coupons they receive in the mail? ...Actually, don't answer that) and got two meals (burger, fries, and drink) and chili fries all for $6.35.  YES!  Originally I had planned to come home and make enchiladas, but let's be real, who wants to cook on a Friday night?  So I convinced reminded Jared of the coupons we had and off we went.  So yummy.  Then we got home and Jared had a half hour before he had to go to a church meeting (on a Friday night!  But yes we will sacrifice) and I wanted to show Jared this amazing video I saw:

We were dying.  Isn't she so good?  She looks just like Jaclyn Davis and acts just like Taylor Warburton.

Then Jared told me to type in "Frank Caliendo" in Youtube.  I don't know where I've been living all my life cuz this guy is hilarious!

The best is his George Bush impersionation and then the Obama one (2:13)....followed by the Bill Clinton one liner ("You bet it is....").  Hahahahahahahahaha.  We were laughing so hard!  He is so good.

Then Jared loooooooooves the NFL commentator John Madden (and how obvious he is) so he especially loved this impersonation (0:24) :

Now I am relaxing on the couch doing absolutely nothing while Jared is at his meeting.  It's interesting how my idea of "fun" has changed ever since getting married and especially due to working full time.  I used to feel weird if we didn't get out and do things on the weekends, but tonight, driving home from work I got SO HAPPY at the thought that we have absolutely nothing planned tonight, that we're going to eat out, I'm going to catch up on things and relax while Jared is gone, and then we will sit on the couch and laugh and relax together once he gets home.  It's this time together that matters most!  Everything else can wait.