Sunday, June 30, 2013

June Update 2013

We had a wonderful month of June!!!  Some memories that are not in pictures:

  • The hilarious night when I was so tired that I laid limp on the bed and J tucked me into bed completely moving all my limbs under the covers and tucking the covers over my body.
  • “Is crap the brand?” - Mr. Wonderful from our favorite TV show, "Shark Tank"
  • “Alright I’m checking out” - Jared, when we were babysitting Tayli, he was so helpful with playing with her and feeding her, and then soon after that he said that :)
  • Starting the TV show Lost!!  And then me having nightmares and not being able to fall asleep for three nights straight so I no longer watch it....Jared watches it alone and gives me updates. :)
  • The time when I went out to my car to eat lunch and there were 500 million ants climbing around in my car :/
  • Me realizing that my fave places in the world besides all the good and righteous ones are: Wendy’s and Target
  • Going to Aquatica
  • Twistee Treat after temple nights
  • Our new favorite Sunday night TV show: Mountain Men
  • Continuing with P90X.  So.  Hard.  And Jared.  Looks.  Amazing.
  • Kel's emails
  • My 14 year old sister Lauren going on pioneer trek as well as Jared's dad because he was filming it, and the fact that Lauren introduced him to all her friends as her "father-in-law."  Haha the cutest
  • The creation of our Florida Bucket List!

^^Something came upon me and I had the urge to be a greenthumb due to the fact that I received some free flower bulbs at work.  The picture on the top L is the before picture of the flower bed in our front yard, and the top R is the finished product.  Took foreverrrrrrrrrr!!!  The bottom pictures are of the POWER TOOL I borrowed from our RS president.  *Cue Tim Allen Home Improvement grunt* Haha what a machine!  Look at the teeth on that thing.  

^^The wildlife here is a little unnerving.....

 ^^My lil sis graduated from High School!!!  Now she's all grown up and just moved to Snow College to play VOLLEYBALL!

 ^^Jared's twin cousins, John & Buffy, came to visit!  We went and took a tour of the LDS Church Ranch about an hour away.  It is the largest cow-calf ranch in the United States.  The cutest senior couple missionaries gave us our tour.  They live on the ranch and the husband does maintenance work on the cowboy houses and the wife does humanitarian work.  I absolutely loved being there!  I loved being in the country and being around something familiar/LDS again.  It felt like home!

^^On the rickidy tour bus.  Above are John & Buffy!

 ^^There was lots of wildlife to see.  Haha love that cow.  There were alligators too!  Then we saw these crazy trees whose roots grow curved under the water and then stick up above the water.

 ^^The name of the ranch is Deseret Cattle Ranch.  It's also where all the girls camps and stuff go.  Above are pictures of the tour reception house, that long board of wood is the skin of a rattlesnake, and also a stuffed alligator - an alligator they found on the ranch.  It's huge!  Also, we got gator jerky on the way home.  It tasted like cardboard...

^^Had a fun date night to Downtown Disney.   

^^Okay.  This is the best!!!  We babysat Tayli one night and after cleaning up dinner I walked into Tayli's room to see this moment from heaven.  

 WOOOOOOO!!!  My sister came down to compete with her club team in the Junior National's Volleyball Championships.  It was soooooo fun to see her!!  

 Overpriced burgers and shakes, mixed with Aly's brace face, haha it was a fun night :)

 ^^I was able to get a couple hours off work to see Aly play.  Luckily she was playing at Disney's ESPN Wide World of Sports which is right down the street from where I work.  Let's forget the fact that it took 40 minutes to get there due to the traffic!

^^Got together with the Barwicks one night to watch Lost.  I forced them to make oven s'mores with me.  They turned out yummy!  On mine I put pretzels, chocolate chips, butterscotch chips, marshmallow, and Reeses.

^^Let this moment forever be documented in history:  Jared got a library card!!!!!  Also, I got a Wilson volleyball from work.  Dream come true! Except whenever I drag Jared outside to play with me we are sticky and sweaty within one minute.  Oh Florida...

 ^^...But then Florida makes up for it by giving us sunsets like the one above.  I love the sunsets we see here.  Florida is so beautiful.  So top R pic, we have been making lots of homemade ice cream and it is so good!  Below that is a pic of the Reid Ranch that Ruth sent us.  The new deck coming off the cafeteria looks amazing!  We miss going there this summer.  Below that is an amazing recipe that I made thanks to Pinterest.  It's called Holy Yum Chicken.  (PS. If you make it, don't put as much cornstarch as it calls for or any at all; it makes the sauce grainy).  Next to that is a Relief Society activity I went to.  We played a bunch of Minute to Win It games.  Sooooo fun!  The game in the picture above is where you had to balance three golf balls on top of each other.  It semeed totally impossible and then one of the sister missionaries finally got it!  And lastly, the picture on the bottom L is of a bird that flew into our sad!!!!

Here are the MTWI games we played.  I totally want to do them again!
  • Race to take tissues out of tissue box with one hand
  • Blow cups across a table with a straw
  • Attach a empty tissue box to your bum/lower back with a ribbon or a belt.  Put golf balls inside and have a race to shake them out!  
  • Unravel streamers with one hand
  • Stack three golf balls on top of each other
  • Cookie on forehead and get into mouth using only face muscles

That wraps it up for June!!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Summer. A new kind of summer.

FINALLY!  Oh my I've been trying to write this forever.  But whenever I finally sit on the couch to write it all I want to do is lay my head back on the couch and stare into the TV until my eyes melt.  This whole working full time thing is not for the faint heart.  I've kind of been going through an adjustment recently.  I write most of my personal feelings in my journal and usually only document photos on our blog, but...recently I've had such a hard time working full time.  All I can think about is one day finally having a baby and staying home with him/her, loving them, teaching them, and serving them.  I want to be a mother so badly!  I really don't enjoy going to work.  I think it's been a combination of a lot of things.  a) I don't always have a lot to do.  b) I'm the only Mormon at work. c) 8 hours is so long. d) it's my first summer where I'm working full time and have no time off for vacations and also this is our first summer away from SLC.  e) you know what I'm saying?  OH!  And then I start feeling bad that I complain about working because I prayed for a job for SO LONG and SO HARD!!!!!!  I really am so grateful to have a job...

I've worked during the summer before.  I think I've just never had to sit on my bum all day for 8 hours in an office and not have a lot to do and be the only Mormon and not have any time off and only do stuff on the weekends but I'm too tired then and I miss all our SLC summer activities and activities with our families like 4th of July Millcreek Parade and swimming and the annual Circle Party and wah wah wahhhhhhhhh.  But, I've learned a lot from this experience and I know that it won't be like this forever.  I've had a lot of talks with myself and with Jared about sacrificing and looking for the positive and choosing to be happy even though things aren't exactly enjoyable.  I am sacrificing for me and my hub by working full time and I am so grateful that Jared is going to school for us so we can have a bright future.  I love him!

But today was a wonderful day.  A perfect summer day, just like I've been craving.  We woke up and went to Sea World's water park Aquatica with the Barwicks, rode the FUNNEST slides, came home and did chores around the house, then came to the Barwicks to watch Tayli so Ronnie & Lindsey could go out for their anniversary.  Jared and I have had such a fun time tonight playing with her, feeding her, and just adoring her.  We fed her spaghetti and green beans, sat and stared at her and tried to picture what our future children will look and act like, Jared rubbed her cheeks like he does his sisters' (and learned soon into our marriage to not do that with me...ha!), chased her around, read her books, watched a couple episodes of Lost (another post in itself!), fed her bottle, changed her into her jammies, read her scripture stories, and put her down to sleep.  Now Jared and I are sitting on the couch, him sitting and me laying perpendicular to him with my feet on him, Jared's watching the Stanley Cup Final and I'm on my trusty Mac.  It has been a good day.

We can't WAIT to be parents, you see!  But it's just not the right time yet.  It will be soon! But not yet.  Jared and I have other purposes right now and I know one day soon we will be parents and we will be parents for the REST of our lives!  But right now is a time for us to grow TOGETHER and build our foundation as a COUPLE and (the part we didn't see coming so full force but which has been JOYOUS) to serve God's OTHER children before we welcome our own children into the world.  It has been an experience I can't even describe and has brought blessings and experiences we never even dreamed of having.  This experience in Florida has been amazing.