Sunday, March 31, 2013

March Update

Well, this month is definitely goin' down in the books.  What a fun month!  One fun thing after another.  I was able to go home for Mikele's mission farewell, then I got to see my friend Ally Spjut, then our best friends the Jepsens came in town, and then my FAMILY came in town!  It was the best.  I'll write about my family coming in my next post.  We also were able to squeeze in some fun nights with our friends.  Life is good!  Some things to remember that are not in pictures:

  • My sister Mikele is in the MTC for 2 more weeks and she couldn't be happier.  I soooo look forward to her emails each Tuesday.  She is such an example to me and I love her!  All of her emails and pictures I post on her blog:
  • I was able to meet little baby Florence, Heidi (Jared's sister) & Kurt's new baby girl.  She. Is. Adorable.
  • Our friend Jane was baptized March 23rd.  It was beautiful and we are so happy for her!
  • Going to Wendy's with the Barwicks after Jane's baptism.  Me being a coupon freak and having so many coupons/planning things to where we only had to spend $3.50 on our whole meal and Jared totally being embarrassed of me.  Hahahahaha.  Does the couponing soul good!!  That night was so fun!
  • A new couple, the Benches, moved into our ward and we invited them and the Barwicks over for dinner.  Fun fun times.

Going home for Mikele's farewell was joyous!  It was such a blast.  Jared was supposed to come but was flying standby and the flights were too full so he wasn't able to come.  Gah.

When I first got to SLC my mom told me Jace wanted me to come have lunch with him, so Mikele and I went!  That lunch was, uh, chaotic?  Hahaha.  4th graders are the busiest little bees!  I think they all ate their lunches in 3 minutes and spoke a million words a minute.  I was worn out! Haha

At recess aka crazy time

I yuv my house

Watching "A Cinderella Story."  We love Hilary Duff, even though she's a horrible actress.  New favorite quote in the movie: "She's the worst!"

Driving up 33rd.  So many good memories!

Went and visited my and Jared's old apartment complex.  So many memories there.

Making apple cake with Mikele.  My dad's German leiderhosen apron.  Me and my "mug."  "In heaven there is no beer (no beer!)"


Zupas with the fam

Tomato basil soup.....yum

Watching Remember the Titans after Zupas.  Mikele was the only one who stayed awake.  Hahaha.  Mom, Theo, Jace, and me

I came down the next morning to see Jace reading Harry Potter, wearing my mom's apron and my dad's glasses.  Haha what a weasel

Prepping food/cleaning the house to get ready for Mikele's farewell luncheon.  I now realize how much work there is to do to prepare for something like that!  Wow

That night Aly returned from a vball tournament in Vegas (excuse the immodest woman on her hoodie, hahaha) and my best friend TAY TAY came up from Provo to visit!

So of course we had to do a "photoshoot":

Bahahaha Taylor

Good night nurse!

HAHA Taylor's eyes!

Okay, so we then watched the most hilarious Youtube videos:

HAHAHA.  I can't get over them.

The next day was Mikele's farewell.  She did such a good job.  I am so proud of her!   

I was able to see so many friends, including my birth bud Kenna Bryan!  She just got back from her mission to Ecuador and I hadn't seen her since the summer of 2011.  Birth buds forever!
 Last sister photoshoot for a year and a half..

Oh boy.  Hahaha Aly's face.  And all of us but Lauren have driven that van.  We got it in Texas in like 1997, took it to Germany, drove it all around Europe, brought it to Utah, I drove it all throughout high school, Mikele drove it, Aly drove it, and now Lauren's next. :)

Dropping me off at the airport

Then once I got back to Florida, my friend Ally Spjut came in town and I was able to see her!  It was so fun catching up with her.  She and her parents did a marathon Disney day the next day - they did all 4 parks in one day!  I love the collage she put together:

 And THEN, our good friends the Jepsens came in town for Spring Break!  Here's us on the Safari ride at Animal Kingdom:

Then on the Everest roller coaster:

Going to Texas Roadhouse that night with them is DEFINITELY worth noting.  Haha we love the Jepsens!!

Macy's Yoda backpack was hilarious.  So many people thought it was a baby!

At Germany at Epcot.  Brought back such fun memories of living over there with them!

Me eating dried squid.  Uh, yuck!

Jared eating dried squid.  Yuck?

Saying bye after a fun week.  Been friends since birth!

Jared doing home teaching assignments.  Haha he was being so funny.  Looking down one second, looking at the TV the next, etc.


Driving to work.  Beautiful sight!

My new desk at work

My "I love family & friends so much more than work" wall

Tayli!  AH!  My favorite little girl!  She does the cutest thing where she squeezes her muscles and makes her body shake.

She also has a cute fascination with Jared's arm hair...hahaha

It was fun to eat at CiCi's Pizza with the Barwicks (I loooooooove that place) and then we watched our favorite TV show together after: Shark Tank!

I bought an Easter wreath from Target and am in loooooove with it

Aaaaaand, I got bangs.  Surprise!