Thursday, February 28, 2013

February Update

February was great!  Some bullet points of moments not in pictures:
  • Going to Disney Quest at Downtown Disney with the Barwicks.  The boys having fun with all the video game stuff and me and Lindsey talking about motherhood/babies!  
  • I got a job!!!!!!!  I've been working as a receptionist for Orange Lake.  I'm a temp through a company called Vaco, and they've contracted me out to work for Orange Lake Resorts.  Well, a couple weeks ago an Admin Asst II position came up and my manager asked if I'd be interested in switching to that.  I said yes!!!  I have to wait until April until my contract hours with Vaco are completed before Orange Lake can hire me full time, but once April 16th comes I will be an official Orange Lake employee with benefits and all!  I'm already in the new position but I'm still a temp and will become officially hired with Orange Lake in April.  Click HERE to see their website.  
  • My sister Aly got an offer from Snow College to play volleyball there!!!  Also, she got accepted to BYU!!!!!  Woo!  Way to keep the tradition alive!  Now she just has to decide where to this Tuesday.  The coach needs to know by then.  We will be happy for her wherever she chooses.

Our friend Joey came into town and it was so fun!

After they rode The Hulk at Universal Studios/Islands of Adventure

Harry Potter World!

Honestly, the butterbeer tasted like a horrible watered-down vanilla flavored 7-11 slushy.  Haha.  

In one of the candy stores.  All the fun Harry Potter candy!

Right before we took Joey to the airport. :(  We just love Joey!  He was one of our good friends the summer of 2010 when Jared and I met.  The three of us along with a couple other people all hung out that summer.  Joey is such an amazing guy, and ladies, watch out!  He is single and awesome!

I like to stare at Valentines Day candy...doesn't it just make you happy?

Here's what you do for your Valentine when you have no make heart shaped hamburgers for your Valentines Day dinner!!!

...And you buy each other a 1 pound Reeses to share.  YUM!  Look how big it is.  I put my phone to show the size relation.

Two of my favorite things!

A couple weeks later I wanted to be fun and creative, so we made pizzas, built a fort, and watched Shark Tank under the fort.

However, within seconds we were both dying of heat and the blanket was falling on us. 

"Mr. Wonderful" - our favorite investor on the show

Got together with the Barwicks and made some shakes.  Yum!

We finally got another couch!

Some friends gave us Magic basketball tickets and the Orlando Magic were playing the Sacramento Kings!  Jimmer!!!


Jimmer!  You better believe we yelled his name all game! 

My dad sent me this pic of him and my bro.  Jace got to skip school to go skiing with dad.  So fun!

We are going home in 4 days for Mikele's mission farewell!  Woo! (This feels like de ja vu...I wrote the "We're going home in 4 days" in our November post because we were about to go home for Christmas, haha)

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Thoughts On My Savior

I wanted to keep this poem somewhere I would be able to find easily.  I had never heard this poem before until we went to a Christmas Jubilee Concert at Epcot and it was read there, and then I heard it again at our ward Relief Society Christmas night.  It is so amazing!

One Solitary Life

He was born in an obscure village, a child of a peasant woman.
He worked in a carpenter shop until He was thirty,
Then became an itinerant preacher.
He never wrote a book.
He never held an office.
He never did one thing that usually accompanies greatness.
He had no credentials but Himself.
While still a young man, public opinion turned against Him.
His friends ran away.
One denied Him.
He went through the mockery of a trial.
He was nailed to a cross between two thieves.
His executioners gambled for His only piece of property - His coat.
He was laid in a borrowed grave.
Nineteen wide centuries have come and gone.
Today He is the centerpiece of the human race.
All the armies that ever marched,
All the navies that ever sailed,
All the parliaments that ever sat,
And all the kings that ever reigned put together,
have not affected the life of a man upon this earth as powerfully as that
One Solitary Life.

Also, when we went home to SLC for Christmas, we attended my family's ward Christmas program the Sunday we were there.  One of my favorite singers and neighbors, Camille Smith, a girl I admire and respect greatly, sang this song with her sister Vivian while their sister Eliza played the piano.  This song brought me to tears.  The words and music together are absolutely touching, and the thing that touched me the most was that Camille and her sisters were the ones singing it.  They lost their mom a few years ago to cancer.  They are my family's next door neighbors and are some of the most gracious and humble people I've ever met.  The fact that they have carried on after their mother's passing, with so much acceptance and good attitude has really impacted me.  You can tell how much they love their Savior by everything they do.  I feel like if I was in their position I would be a mess all the time and would be SO not happy and nice to other people because I would always feel bad for myself.  They are people I am trying to become like and people I have learned so much from.  This song is not Camille singing it (I wish I somehow had a recording of her singing it), but is a similar version I found on Youtube.  I love my Savior!!