Thursday, January 31, 2013

January 2013 Update

January was great!  Here are some funny moments worth remembering:
  • At work, a nice, respectful African American man called in and at the end of our conversation said, "Aight, have a great one, peace and blessings..."  HAHA.  If anyone's seen that youtube video...
  • Driving to the temple and Jared trying to guess his birthday surprise (which turned out being a NBA Magic basketball game) it was so funny
  • Jared pretending to teach me how to drive stick shift...hahah so funny, laughing so hard
  • Our favorite show right now is Shark Tank.  We also like Pawn Stars (especially Jared) and our favorite character is Chumlee.  HAHAH.  Oh and Rick's smoke/wheezer laugh
  • Jared saying, "We have no money!" and then moments later saying, "We have no food!" even though I'd just gone grocery shopping, hahaha
  • We were leaving to go to breakfast for Jared's birthday and I reached to the side of my bed to turn off the fan but ended up hitting my index finger against the wall really hard, so hard that my nail bruised big time!  Although it hurt like the dickens, the best part was when I showed Jared my finger and the first thing he said was, "Did you scratch the wall?"  HAHAHAHAHAHAH.  Which he then immediately followed up by saying, "I mean, how is your finger?!?!?"  Oh a man's mind, hahahaha

We went and walked around the Grand Floridian, Disney's most expensive resort, it was CRAZY.  A girl can dream, right?

The inside looked like the inside of the Titanic!
We then went and ate at the Polynesian Resort's restaurant 'Ohana....wowwwww

So handsome

Yuck!  It was still moo-ing!

Look at all the meat.  Jared was in heaven!


BEST PART OF THE NIGHT.  I don't even know how describe this piece of heaven!  Caramel, bananas, breaded goodness...

Where all the meat is cooked.  The servers come here to get all the different varieties of meat and bring then around to you.  It's just like Tucanos.

Some beautiful Florida sunsets.  Our house is on the right w/ the lights on

On our way to the temple I wore socks with my church was nice and warm! :)  Jared made me take the socks off before we went in the temple...haha poor guy ;)

The entrance to Bay of the most beautiful/expensive neighborhoods in Orlando, located right next to the temple, Tiger Woods' home is in this area, and at the back of the neighborhood is a PGA golfcourse....yeah wowie

Went to walk around Disney's Boardwalk w/ the Barwicks.  Felt like Louisiana or something like that!  Fun environment

A fun street performer

For Jared's birthday I surprised him with NBA Magic basketball tickets (the cheapest ones that were offered ;)).  He was SOOOOO happy!  He loves NBA basketball, especially the Utah Jazz.  The Amway center was recently remodeled and it is NICE.

To continue the birthday celebration, the next day we went to the Polynesian Resort again to Kona Cafe and ate their Tonga's like a churro on steroids!  (see below)

Went to Disney afterwards to walk off the calories and enjoy the sunshine and happiness of Jared's bday!  

The new Fantasyland 

Swiss Family Robinson treehouse.  I loved that book and movie growing up!

Made an oreo ice cream cake for Jared's birthday.  SOOOO yummy.  Recipe HERE.

Jared's favorite dinner.  My cousin Anna gave me this recipe.  Cream cheese chicken chili and sour cream/creamed corn cornbread.  SO GOOD

Three of my favorite things in this world:  my hub, Anna's yummy recipe, and Shark Tank!

The birthday boy!  I love you!!!