Thursday, December 19, 2013

December Update: Prior to SLC

What a fun month December was.  Here's what we were up to before we went home for a magical week in Utah!
  • Pinterest led me to the best Christmas activity called the 25 Days of Christ.  Before I discovered this I really wanted to not focus on the commercial side of Christmas and this website really helped me.  I also enjoyed using THIS scripture chain and THIS one too.  Next year I want to try THIS.
  • We went to Sea World a couple more times to see their Christmas shows.  My favorite show there is O Wonderous Night and ever since I discovered that it is posted on Youtube I have watched it many times.  It is so amazing!

^^Setting up Christmas!  This was the same night that it took me 2.5 hours to get home from work due to horrible traffic.  Ugh.

And of course this gem:

^^The Pickle!  When the Jepsens were visiting Orlando last April they bought it for us at Epcot at the German part of the park. The Pickle is a German tradition where whoever finds this ornament on the tree first on Christmas morning gets an extra present (our family altered it to opening the first present).

^^Thank you dear mother and dear mother-in-law for the adorable Christmas decorations!

^^Went to Hollywood Studios to see the Osbourne Family Lights.  Soooo amazing!

My favorite song they do:

^^We finally got screens for our doors and windows.  It was an exciting time :)

^^We went with some ward friends to Disney's Grand Floridian resort to see the life-sized gingerbread house and huge poinsettia Christmas tree.

^^There was even a store inside the gingerbread house where you could buy Christmas treats!  

^^We went to downtown Celebration which was super cute to walk around, and we also went to see their falling "snow"!!!!  (soap suds)  It was the closest we could get to the real thing ;)

The plastic ice skating tink :)

^^A cute home in Celebration.

^^Went to the Cheesecake factory.  We've had gift cards there forever but the time we tried going before it was so crowded and they don't take reservations and pretty much we turned around and went home.  This time we got there at 5:30 and beat the rush!

^^This was....amazing.

^^The pretty Christmas tree in the mall.

^^Look at that beautiful creation!  Oh and the snowflakes too.

^^We went to Epcot's Christmas Processional.  I would describe it as the Motab Christmas concert on a much smaller scale.  Unfortunately it started raining really hard while we were waiting in line so we gave up and ran for cover (our one umbrella and one blanket for 5 people wasn't cutting it) so after the rain died down we decided to not even get seats but just stand from the very back (it was an outside event).  They do a great job!

^^Afterwards we went driving around looking at Christmas lights in the Barwick's neighborhood.  Tayli is so cute!

^^A cozy December night.  Just kidding...we were airing out our muggy place.

^^Had a really fun time making my Great Grandma Kramer's delicious apple cake and delivering it to people in the ward.  You better believe I wore those dollar store antlers as we delivered them!  
Jared did not...

^^My visiting teaching companion came over and and when she came inside she held something huge behind her back.  I said, "Monica..." and she said, "So, I remember about a year ago at our very first visiting teaching appointment when you joked about how you and your husband only eat oatmeal because it saves you money but you really miss cereal but don't buy it because you would go through it so fast and spend lots of money...well MERRY CHRISTMAS!"  She held out two huge Costco boxes of cereal and I screamed!  I said, "Monica....I LOVE YOU!"  Jared and I are STILL in heaven about this.

^^I love this series of pictures of Jared watching one of the Home Alone videos.  He laughs like a little boy when he watches those :)  It is the cutest.  We wish all movies had good, clean humor like that.

^^The gingerbread house started sliding apart so they decided to let Jace demolish it.

^^Cute Jace & dad skiing.

^^A couple nights before we flew home we went to the temple.  After we got out of the temple I really wanted to drive around and see the Christmas lights in Windermere which is one of the nicest communities in Orlando.  We at the temple after work which meant we were in two cars...but that didn't stop us!  So we just talked on the phone as we drove by the homes.

A few days later we flew home for 9 glorious days!!  Stay tuned!