Monday, December 31, 2012

December Update (2 of 2)

 Part 2 of 2 of our Christmas break.  It was so fun to go home to SLC!

Wipout w/ the fam! Favorite show
Theo's favorite place...the shoe basket
Shopping @ Gateway

SURPRISE!  Best surprise ever

Old Red was our trusty transportation
After Mikele's endowment

Great Grandma Kramer...still kickin w/ sass!
White elephant game @ Great Aunt Marjean's
Jared's cousin Ann's wedding 
Love the wall my mom has put together.  Each of the kids doing their thang.  Me and the hideous  blocking picture of me w/ my mouth open (hahah), Mikele and lacrosse, Aly and vball, Lauren and sledding (not sure what her thing is right now? haha) and Jace doing archery.
Best present/tape wrapper invention
Annual apple cake making!

Love lil Jacie :)
Looks like puke...takes like heaven :)
Meanwhile, while we were making apple cake...
Aly. Hahahahah

Go Ann!

Ann and Spencer's wedding reception @ the Old Meeting House.  Such fun memories of our wedding day!

Hunting w/ the bros!
Christmas tree decorating!

Hahahhaa Aly
Our favorite...the Venetian shoe!  We collected ornaments from all the places we visited in Europe

My cute hub

Family game night--Uno!

Christmas street. Failed attempt at Hogle Zoo
Aly's ears.  Bahahaha
Dying hahahahahaha

Our neighbor's beautiful

Aly ate all of this.  All of this, in her colon, and out.  HAAAAA
Mikele.  HAHAH
I love him!
After cleaning out Aly's room w/ her.  What. A. Piece. Of. Work.  Love you Al :)

Watching White Christmas on Christmas Eve. 

Christmas Eve at the Ehlerts.  Traditional piano recital.  My mom is too cute
Jace is a pro!
Special time

Waterfall braid by Mikele

Jace slept w/ me and Jared on Christmas Eve. 
Christmas morn

Mikele got us scarves from Turkey!

Running around from my fam, to the Reids, to grandparents,  etc. Busy day!

Retainer buddies
Hahahha.  I'm so sorry Aly. 

The Jepsens came into town!
Siegfried's deli in downtown SLC 

Best friends.  Our dads went to med school together

Caught mom in mid sentence :)  w/ her bestie Melinda

The stash
Mikele finding her gems at Saver's and sending me pics...hahaha

^^ He cracks me up. I can imagine him being 92 years old and doing this ^^

-When we got home, we spoke at our friend Donnie's baptism.  We are so happy for him!!
-Finished the Book of Mormon together 11:56 PM 12/31/12 to reach our goal of finishing it by the year
-Jared's sister Heidi had baby Florence on 12/31/12!  We get to see her soon!!