Wednesday, October 31, 2012

October Update

I am half asleep as I post this.  This past week has been an absolute blur.....and I'm not even exaggerating!  Let me explain via bullet points:

  • This past Monday went to clinic to get flu shot, received phone call about temp job while at clinic, wait 2 (3?) hours to get shot (!!!!)
  • Running around town trying to put our Halloween costumes together
  • First day of work---CRAZY.  And on top of everything, the girl who was training me was gone most of the morning on my first day, and the afternoon of my second day.  Nothing like being thrown to the sharks in order to learn everything!
  • Car won't start after first day of work. Thank goodness for AAA.
  • Jared and I drive all around town trying to find an open store to buy a car battery--finally found a place right before it closed after saying many prayers.
  • Was somehow able to get time off from my NEW job for me and Jared to fly home for Christmas Dec 17-27.  
  • Somehow able to accomplish everything for the Halloween party 
  • I set my alarm for 5:55 AM and 6 AM, woke up to both of them but then fell back asleep, divine intervention woke me up at 6:09 AM.....said a big thank you prayer for that one!  Learned my lesson: hop RIGHT out of bed once alarm goes off!

So like I mentioned above, I was able to get a temp job with Orange Lake Country Club & Resort (a Holiday Inn Vacation Club) as a receptionist in their deeding department....and it's been crazy.  Absolutely crazy.  There's been so much to learn as well as keep up with the daily 150 calls (between me and the other receptionist), emails to be sent out, forms to be mailed, voicemails to be written down, voicemails to be called back...yada yada yada I sound like I'm complaining!  I am so grateful to have finally got a job.  I am grateful.  I am still looking for a "better paying and in my field" job.  I come home from work with a desire to eat, get in my yoga pants and favorite purple v-neck t-shirt (Jared can attest I change into it every night...oops), and sleep!  It will be an adjustment but I am just grateful!  The Lord answers prayers.

Jared and I were glued to the TV all sad.  We love you Mitt!  Here is our October update:

General Conference with the Barwicks--yummy pumpkin french toast for breakfast!  PS.  Conference was AMAZINGGGGGGG!

Jared entertaining Tayli, haha

Saturday afternoon (of Gen Conf) the Reids came into town for their Disney trip!!!!!!  Here are the Reids in front of us driving to Old Key West where they (and us for some of the nights) stayed.  So many memories there!

Later that night, the boys went to the Priesthood Session and the girls went to the house we are living in, which we are renting from Jared's parents.  This was Jared's parents' first time seeing the house that they bought so it was so fun for them to see it!!  Here are the men talking in the backyard.

Beautiful Old Key West

Eating at Downtown Disney
Visiting Jared's school before the water park
We then spent the next few days at Disney with the Reids.  Ruth broke her foot a couple weeks before the trip so she got to drive around this awesome motor/wheelchair.  Here's Jared pretending to be sweet and helpful...

Yummy yummy yummy Dole pineapple float I'd been waiting forever to have!

Another day on our way to Hollywood Studios.  Please note Britney's shirt--it made me laugh all day long!
The Reids flew in Oct 6 and then I flew to Las Vegas the morning of Oct 12 for Tay's wedding.  Then, after the wedding on my way back to Orlando, I had a 4 hour layover in Salt Lake and was able to see my FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Oh it was so incredible!!!

Missed all my mom's cute fall decorations--one of my favorite things about fall

Typical Sunday afternoon volleyball

I love them!  We get to see them Dec 17-27....YAHOO!!!!!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch..........

I came home to Jared and it was so good.  So so so good.  No more being apart, please!  Somehow a little tiny frog got into our house...

The following weekend we drove to Tampa for me to take my CHES exam on Oct 20.

On the way to Tampa

After my test, I felt like a liberated woman.  No more school related tests or assignments ever!!  We celebrated by making pumpkin sugar cookies.  We used Halloween cookie cutters and frosted them with cream cheese frosting.  Pretend I'm super crafty and made the pictures (and cookies) look all pretty.

A tombstone, dracula teeth, and bat

Remember what I told you to imagine here about how crafty I am...

A couple days after that we used up some mini-golf passes at Disney's Fantasia Gardens Mini Golf that Jared's family wasn't able to use before they left to go home.  It was SOOOO fun!  And I won, which never ever happens.

We had some Wendy's coupons so we "splurged" and ate at Wendy's after.

I wanted to point out how hilarious I think it is that when I went shopping at Walmart two weeks before Halloween, there was Halloween decor and candy on one side of the store...

...and Christmas decorations on the other side of the store.  

Our trusty white noise fan gave up the ghost after a 1 year lifespan (disappointing, Target).  We were sad to see it go, but it was replaced by a $15 ghetto fan from Wally's world

The cute Barwicks as Peter Pan, Wendy, and Tinker bell

The Swains

We went to a super cute but overly priced pumpkin "patch" we walked around and admired and then went to Walmart and bought cheaper pumpkins. :)

I finally got my maiden name printed on my childhood scriptures.  It made me so happy.  I have my married name on my new set of scriptures but I still use these scriptures from my childhood and have been wanting to get my maiden name on them forever.  

Hurricane Sandy brought LOTS of wind and.........FALL TEMPERATURES!!!!!!!!!  Oh it was so incredible.  I even made chili "Mexican Scramble" (below) because it was so cold!

For some reason, the jello that I made was hard at the bottom of the bowl, and I had to include this picture of Jared tasting the hard part of the jello.....haha such a candid moment.  It obviously was not too tasty.

Made yummy pumpkin bread...recipe HERE.

Watched the World Series....can't believe the Giants made such a comeback!

It's been so fun watching Sunday and Monday night football--makes us miss watching it with my family back home!

Where I work

We threw a Halloween was so fun!  Here is the tooth and tooth fairy.  LOVE IT

Who are these crazies?  Wally and Thelma.

'Arry Potter

We played the "guess what you're touching" game with lights off and spooky music (the flash lit up the room)

Haha who is that cute grandpa in the bottom of the picture

The cast of characters:  tomato as heart, spaghetti as hair or intestines, steamed cauliflower as brain, dried mangoes as ears, and frozen grapes as eyeballs.  

Then we played some Minute to Win It games--so fun!!!  Here is the "get the cookie to your mouth from your forehead using only your face muscles" game.

Yummy witches brew in a cauldron!

Orange in nylons on your head--hit the water bottle with the orange

Vaseline on your nose--pick up cotton balls with nose and put on another plate

Donuts from a string--we totally did this wrong--we should have hung them instead of lying on the ground--way too easy!


"Guess how many pumpkin candies are in the jar" game

So grateful for Jared's help cleaning the house and putting up streamers.  I was SO impressed with his streamer skills!!

Such a fun month!!!!!!!