Sunday, September 30, 2012

September Update

September was good to us!  I'll let the pictures do the talking.

Started out the month by making my Grandma's famous granola....yum!
On the counter to cool off

Went to Ward Temple Sealing Night.  Love it!

Woke up early to go to a job interview, looked out the window and saw the sun peeking through the tree.  Beautiful!

LET THIS MOMENT IN TIME BE DOCUMENTED IN HISTORY.  Ha ha ha.  Jared, bless his heart, had to read a lot as a child and now doesn't have the greatest love for it, but he has found an interest in the Hunger Games books...Ruth, look at your son!!!!!!!!  :)  He's reading!!

Went to Epcot with the Barwicks.  We sat with Tayli while her parents went on Soarin'.  SHE IS SOOOOO CUTE.

The Epcot ball.

We had 5 other couples over to our house one Sunday for dinner and games!  It was really fun.  There are many young couples in our ward and we all want to get together so it just took someone to organize it in order for it to actually happen!  Leave it to "Carly the over planner" to get the ball rollin.  These are pictures from after everyone left; you can't see very well but it's just the mess from after a successful party!

Lots of BYU football, as well as NFL football throughout the week.  I really didn't care about basketball or football before I got married to Jared, but now it is such a fun thing to do together--watch sports.

I still can't believe I witnessed this.  I was innocently folding laundry, when I looked out the bedroom window and saw this devil cat (there are like 3 cats that live in our backyard--gross) carrying a DEAD SQUIRREL in its mouth...just dragging it along the grass as he walked.  I couldn't believe my eyes so I had to document it in order to believe it.  SICK AND WRONG.

Meeting up with the other cats to share the feast...

I have been studying for this dear exam.......and I'm taking it October 20th.  Can't wait to get it OVER with!!

In celebration of the first day of fall, I made my mom's yummmmmmy pumpkin bars/cake.  We went over to the Barwicks' that night and made pizza, ate the yummy pumpkin cake, and watched Sherlock Holmes (the first one).  I had never seen it and I really liked it!

I read this was so incredible.  Sad,  yet incredible.

I finished this book a couple months ago and it was also incredible and life changing.  I really really recommend it.
Here's my cute man before he went to school and led a 3 hour class discussion with two other group members.  He was excited for it and even came home smiling.......CRAZY MAN!  Wish I was like that.

Can you believe this sky???

I signed up with and found some coupons to go to CiCi's Pizza buffet for FREE!   I was soooooo excited!  When I was growing up in San Antonio, our bishop owned a couple CiCi's so we would go there every once in a while.  I LOVE pizza so it was so fun for me and my siblings to choose from many different pizzas and eat til our hearts were content.  I definitely acted like a giddy child when Jared and I went this weekend....ha ha.

After CiCi's we went to Downtown Disney to walk off our bloated-ness, I mean, just walk around.  

I'm sure you have no idea by now that I love fall.  ;) I am missssssssing fall colors...I will continue to see green grass, and only green grass, for a long long time...

All the cute fall decorations...and there was a German band playing.  Look at that cute German woman in her traditional clothing dancing around.

This past weekend I got my fall decorations out.  I don't have very many, but what I do have makes me SOOOO HAPPY.  

Love love love

Love love love.  Hannie...did you give these to us for our wedding...? :)

Fun cookie cutters to use and a scarecrow to put outside

And my personal favorite, and coupon purchase at Walmart (gasp!), Glade wall air fresheners.  I put the apple cinnamon one in yesterday and the house smells like fall goodness!!

I also participated in my first Primary Program as a non-primary child (?).  I'm the Primary Pianist so it was fun to play for the program we had a couple weeks ago.  I love those kids!!  Music + little kids = joy.

I've also continued to apply for jobs each day......125 job applications, job fairs, temp agencies, only 4 interviews, and 2 months later....I'm still looking, but I know God has a purpose for this and that a job will come when ever the time is right.  RIGHT?!?!?!?!  I am trying my hardest and I know it will come soon.  I have a job interview this Friday so I am CROSSING MY FINGERS!

I fly to Las Vegas for this girl's wedding in 11 DAYS!


Then on my way back to Orlando from Las Vegas, I have a FOUR HOUR LAYOVER in Salt Lake!!!!!!!!!!  Could the planets have aligned better?!?!?  I get to see my fam!!!

And these incredible people come here in 5 days!!!!!!!!  Minus Kurt and Heidi :(  Party time!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

11 things

1. I love Wednesday and Thursday nights.  X Factor.  Sitting on the couch with Jared.  SIMON.  So good.  Britney's major cleavage, not so much.  DO YOU REALIZE HALF YOUR BODY IS HANGING OUT OF YOUR CLOTHES.

2.  Just finished Stephanie Nielson's book, Heaven is Here.  INCREDIBLE.  Also made me want to cry each night that I read it.  In fact, Jared joked about something last night and I burst into tears.  HAHA.  Oops.  It really puts things into perspective though--LOVE and hold the ones you love close to you.

3.  I hate "the waiting game" when it comes to jobs.  Supposed to have an interview this week.........waiting.........

4.  I'm lovin' Andy Grammer's "Fine By Me" song right now.

5.  Jared and I are so similar in some ways--I know Heavenly Father is a match maker.  However, one way we are not similar is that he loves presenting.  He had to lead a 3 hour discussion tonight for one of his classes and he loved it.  3 HOURS.  Came home smiling--excited to tell me all about it.  I would have had to been dragged to class and would have come home crying.  Okay that's too dramatic.  But you get it.

6.  Although I always have to drag myself to the gym, I love the feeling of walking out of the gym after a good work out.  I find pride in keeping my body healthy and feeling good.  Now if only I had superwoman self-control and didn't eat chocolate at night.

7.  I love babies.

8.  Aren't THESE the cutest?  I am in love with them.  Did you know that I love fall?

9.  Want to see the most beautiful Utah Fall pictures ever?  Go HERE.  Can you believe those colors?  GAHHHHHH

10.  I love life with Jared.

11.  And because these make me so happy:

Oct 2010 Yellowstone trip with the Jepsens and my boyfriend-not yet-fiance-not-yet-husband.  One of those trips where you feel so much joy you think you'll burst.  Fall time + staying in a cabin + feeling "love" develop for someone for the first time + being with my family + being with best get the jist.