Friday, August 31, 2012

August Update

Well, August was a great month for us.  We made it safe and sound to Orlando on August 5th, got all unpacked, looked for jobs, and Jared started school.

We've been able to squeeze in a lot of fun too.  We bought Disney season passes, because, well....we are in Orlando for at least two years!  We've already gone 6 times and if we go 2 more times the pass will have paid for itself.  So worth it!!! We have lots of memories at Disney so it's been fun to be back here.  I came here with Jared and his family while we were dating and we came here on our honeymoon.  Jared also worked at Disney for a year.  So it's been fun to re-live all these memories and create new ones.  We made friends with another couple in our ward, and the husband works for Disney as an accountant, so they get in free.  We have been going with them every weekend.  I cannot believe we get to go to Disney for our weekly date nights.  They have a cute little 9 month old girl named Tayli.  Baby hungry, yes.

Jared was able to get a part time job at The Peabody Hotel, and school and group projects are in full swing, so he's been busy.  While he's been gone, I've been looking for jobs (ugh), doing stuff around the house, studying for the CHES exam, and have had fun cooking and baking!  I have been trying to do everything I can to get a job...signing up for websites that let you know about jobs that match your profile, going to the LDS employment center, networking with people in my ward, going to job fairs, calling and following up with people, etc.  I know it will eventually work out, it's just hard to wait!  I also was called to be the Primary Pianist which I am SO excited about.  My parents and I have always joked about how that would be the perfect calling for me and I think my sister Aly would love it too, because we just love playing the piano, and primary is so fun.  Jared was called to work in the Elders Quorum Presidency so he is excited about that.

Here are some of our Disney adventures:

 Right after we bought our season passes: haha...pure JOY!

 Many memories at Old Key West with the Reids...can't wait for them to come soon!!!

 Yeah....never again!

Air conditioning + candy + baked goods + pretty things to look at = heaven

 Cute little Tayli

One night Jared and I went to Bay Lake Tower where we stayed with his family back in Oct 2010.  This night we watched the fireworks that could be seen from Magic Kingdom.  So many memories there!

 Handsome husband

Halloween decorations are out!  This reminds me so much of the times we would go to Disneyland Paris in the fall with all of our military friends and all the Halloween decorations would be out.  Such fun times!!

 Jared said this guy below has been writing things in the sky for the past like 10 years.  Crazy and cool!
 Went on the Safari tour at Animal Kingdom!

Other fun things we've done:

Skyped with family--here's my cute bro with I think he called it his ninja headband...cutie.

 Home improvement projects ^ peeling fingers from some sort of project
 Sanding down the door and setting up furniture

 Jared mowing the grows SO FAST here.
 Went on evening walks and evening drives.  Florida has amazing sunsets!!  It also rains here about every afternoon, and those rainstorms have been amazing.

So pretty!!
This drive below was a drive down International Drive, which is a street with many many hotels, convention centers, etc.  It is a pretty famous street.  I love all the palm trees too!  Jared's new job at The Peabody Hotel is also located on International Drive.  Luckily his school is only about a mile away from where he works.  It worked out perfectly.
Watched the Olympics.

 Watched Russia beat Brazil in the men's volleyball gold medal comeback ever!!!!!!!

This is a common sight: our two laptops on the ottoman

 We've been checking out movies from the local library.  Why have I never done this before??  Free stuff!
 Gone to the gym together in the mornings (well, now it's just me since Jared has to leave so early for work), and I've been able to wear my new tennis shoes that I love!  You can't see very well but they're gray, neon green, and neon pink.

We were able to visit this beautiful place:
While at ward temple night, Jared and I were able to talk to people from our ward, and we also let them know we were looking for jobs.  To make a long story short, one of the ward ladies that we talked to works at The Peabody and recommended Jared for the job he now has.  He was up against 20 other candidates, and so who knows if he would have gotten the job without her recommendation.  Total blessing of going to ward temple night.

Watched the Republican National Convention...go Mitt! 

And while we were watching the RNC, we heard this really weird sound, it sounded like a loud, really fast frog-croaking noise, so we went outside, and in the meantime found this little guy sucked onto our sliding door...gah!!!!  
 Hahaha look at him!!!  So tiny!! Cute and yuck!!

 Then we watched the BYU game!!!  But since we now live on the east coast, the game started at 10 PM and didn't end til 1 AM....I went to bed at like 11:30...sorry Cougs!

We've also had a lot of fun watching our favorite TV shows at night.

I've had fun making some new meals and new treats:

My family has a tradition of pizza & movie nights on Friday nights, so I've tried to carry that tradition on (and hey, pizza is my favorite of course I'm going to carry it on...he he) so we've been making BBQ Grilled Pizza's on Friday nights.  I got the idea from my cousin Chelsea Stephenson on her blog!  You can find the recipe HERE.  Thanks Chelsea, they are so good!!

 I made dinner one night and unintentionally made it into an "all green" meal.  Green jello, green salad, and yummy pasta with cilantro-peanut pesto.  You can find that recipe HERE.  I thought the recipe was really good, I would just reduce the amount of cilantro used.
 We had some gummy worms that someone gave us in a bag of goodies to drive across the country with, so I decided to use them up in a childhood treat of dirt cups!  Remember those???
 I made Crockpot Chicken Enchiladas one night for good.  You can find that recipe HERE.

And lastly, my personal and Jared's favorite, I made Pioneer Woman's Pecan Pie Muffiins.  Think of the inside of the pecan pie, all of that yummy goey stuff, into the form of a muffin........yeah.  So good!!!  You can find the recipe HERE.