Tuesday, July 31, 2012

July 2012 Update

We were able to take a quick weekend trip to Florida to check out Jared's school and to look for housing.  It was really fun!
 Arriving in Florida.
 Wooooooooooooo!  Disney!

 The beautiful Orlando Temple.
 Our rental car at the hotel.
 We drove past Jared's school.  It's beautiful!

 The next morning we had an appointment with an academic advisor for Jared.


We were able to go to Downtown Disney.

 The next 5 images are things that are built out of LEGOS!

 It was a great trip!  It was good to see Jared's school and we were able to look at a lot of apartments.  We narrowed it down to two apartment complexes and the whole situation was really stressful, and then things totally changed and we are now renting a house.  We love it.

Once we got back to SLC, we had a couple weeks before we had to move.  My sister Aly and I went shopping a couple times.  Two 6 foot girls in a small dressing room makes for lots of elbow bumps and funny times.  Haha!

 The 4th of July Millcreek Parade!!

 Lauren with her volleyball club.  Way to advertise!
 Neighborhood Circle Party that night.  I love this tradition.

 Dad and Momma.

 My dad loves fireworks........as you can tell.

 We were able to make our annual trip to the Oakley Rodeo.  This is where our first date was two years ago.  We love this place!!!  It holds a special place in our hearts.

The circus clown.  He wasn't very funny...

Jace and I went to McDonalds.
 I was able to get together with some high school friends.  It was so fun!
 Jared and I drove up Cottonwood Canyon (Big or Little? can never remember...) and drove past his grandparents' cabin.  He has lots of great memories there.
 We were able to go to his ranch again for the Grant Family Reunion!  (Jared's mom's side)
On the drive up.

We got up to the ranch late, due to work, so we are not in the above ^ picture, nor was I able to take very many pictures.  But it was a really fun reunion and we love this family!!

 At the Fruitland LDS Branch!  This is where he and his siblings went to church each summer while they were working at the ranch.

 Jared and his siblings have great memories of this branch.
The Bountiful Temple.
 Also, we were able to go to the AMERICAN IDOL CONCERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gah it was amazing.  My favorite performance was (and will always be!!!!!!!) Joshua's "It's a Man's World."  WOW.